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Booking Conditions for SMOKED ROOM

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our home, and making you feel at home, and will happily wait for you for a courtesy period of 15 minutes following the scheduled time so you can enjoy the Smoked Room culinary experience without having to worry.

The duration of your booking will depend on the duration of the tasting menu. If you have any queries or for more information, please call +34 911 086 277.

We remind you that your reservation is subject to our cancellation policy, so if you cancel within the last seven days of your reservation date the charge will be the prepayment of your menu that is made when you confirm your reservation. In case of a reduction in the number of diners, it would also be necessary to let us know a week in advance in order to accommodate them correctly, as Smoked has a very limited number of seats.

Remember, it’s all smoke.