The return to normality after the summer holidays marks the beginning of a gradual transition from relaxation and rest to daily routine and responsibilities. After enjoying moments of leisure, travel and disconnection, it is natural to experience a sense of adjustment as you return to everyday life.

This stage can generate mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is nostalgia for holiday days, where time seemed to stretch out and worries were put on the back burner. On the other hand, the return to routine brings with it a renewed sense of purpose and structure. The feeling of resuming regular activities can be comforting, providing a sense of order and normality in the midst of a constantly changing world.

It is important to approach the return to normality with a balanced mindset. Reflecting on the positive moments of the holidays and taking that revitalising energy with you can help you face the challenges that come with returning to work, school and daily obligations. Drawing on holiday experiences and learnings can enrich the way you approach your daily life.

Planning ahead is also essential. Organising schedules, setting goals and managing tasks efficiently can make it easier to adapt to the routine. In addition, maintaining a balance between work and personal time is essential to avoid burnout and allow for moments of relaxation even in the midst of routine.

The return to normality can be an opportunity to establish new healthy routines. Incorporating exercise habits, a balanced diet and time for self-care can help maintain a consistent sense of wellbeing, regardless of the time of year.

Ultimately, returning to normality after the summer holidays is a process of adjustment that involves combining the positive aspects of summer relaxation with everyday responsibilities. Maintaining a positive attitude, planning ahead and finding ways to balance routine with moments of enjoyment are key to successfully navigating this period and maintaining a sense of wellbeing throughout the year.

Bibo Madrid, the prestigious restaurant of renowned chef Dani García, is celebrating its seventh anniversary with pride and excitement. Since its opening in the Spanish capital, this establishment has left an indelible mark on the Madrid gastronomic scene, offering a unique fusion of traditional Andalusian flavours with an innovative and avant-garde approach.

During these seven years, BiBo Madrid has captivated its diners with an exceptional culinary experience. Its elegant and modern ambience, combined with impeccable service, make every visit memorable. The restaurant has become a must-visit destination for both haute cuisine lovers and curious palates in search of new flavours and sensations.

Three Michelin-starred (2019) chef Dani García has been the architect behind BiBo Madrid’s success. His ability to combine Andalusian culinary tradition with innovative techniques and presentations has brought the restaurant’s dishes to unparalleled levels of excellence. Each creation on the menu reflects García’s passion and dedication to his cuisine, winning diners over with an explosion of flavours and textures.

For its seventh anniversary, BiBo Madrid has prepared special surprises for regular customers and those coming for the first time. A unique dinner on 23 August “From Madrid to seventh heaven” where diners can enjoy BiBo’s most representative dishes with an exclusive wine pairing.

In conclusion, BiBo Madrid’s seventh anniversary represents a story of success and dedication to culinary excellence. The restaurant has established itself as a benchmark in Madrid’s gastronomic scene and continues to delight its diners with exceptional dishes and memorable experiences – many more years of success and unforgettable flavours at BiBo Madrid to come!

Summer is a great time to enjoy your free time and do a variety of fun and exciting things. Here are some ideas for activities you can do during this time of year.

A popular choice for many is going to the beach. You can spend the day in the sun, swim in the refreshing sea and relax on the sand. You can also take advantage of water sports such as surfing, paddleboarding or scuba diving, which will give you an extra dose of fun and adventure.

If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, you can organise a picnic in a nearby park or take a trip to the countryside. Enjoying the outdoors, hiking nature trails and taking in the beauty of nature can be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Amusement parks are another great attraction during the summer. These places offer thrills and entertainment for people of all ages. From roller coasters to water rides, theme parks have something for everyone. Be sure to check opening hours and pandemic restrictions before visiting.

If you love music, summer is also the perfect time to attend outdoor festivals and concerts. From local band concerts to internationally renowned festivals, there’s a wide variety of music events to enjoy. You can spend the day listening to live music, discovering new artists and enjoying the vibrant festival atmosphere.

In addition to these activities, summer is also a good time to explore new places. You can take short trips to nearby cities, visit historical sites, immerse yourself in different cultures and try the local cuisine. Exploring new destinations gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and create lasting memories.

In short, summer offers a wide range of options to make the most of the season. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, enjoying thrills at amusement parks or exploring new places, take advantage of this time to create memorable experiences and make the most of the great weather and summer fun.

Food, key to summer plans

Dani García’s restaurants are an excellent option for enjoying a delicious culinary experience during the summer. With locations in prime locations, they offer a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. Their menus are full of creativity and unique flavours, highlighting Mediterranean cuisine with innovative touches.

From refreshing and light dishes to more elaborate proposals, Dani García’s restaurants offer a variety of options to satisfy all palates. Enjoy fresh, quality ingredients in surprising combinations that will transport you to an unforgettable gastronomic journey in the middle of the summer season.

The festival of San Juan is one of the most popular celebrations in Spain and is held on the night of 23rd to 24th June. This date marks the summer solstice and the beginning of the summer season.

On this magical night, the cities and towns of Spain are filled with bonfires and people celebrating around them. The tradition of lighting bonfires on the night of San Juan has its origins in ancient times, when it was believed that fire had a purifying power and that by jumping over the flames one could eliminate negative energies and start the summer on the right foot.

In some areas of Spain, such as Valencia and Alicante, the festival of the Bonfires of San Juan is celebrated, where huge wooden and papier-mâché structures are erected and burnt on the night of 24 June, known as the “Nit de la Cremà” (Night of the Cremation). It is an extremely popular festival in which the inhabitants organise themselves into commissions to build and decorate these huge structures, which usually represent satirical figures or current events.

Another widespread tradition on the night of San Juan is that of bathing in the sea or in nearby rivers and springs. It is said that the water on the night of San Juan has healing properties and can purify the body and soul.

In some regions of Spain, such as Galicia, the “Noite da Queima” is also celebrated, with the burning of rag dolls representing popular characters and the setting off fireworks.

In short, the festival of San Juan is one of the most important celebrations in Spain, full of local traditions and with strong popular roots. The night of 23rd to 24th June becomes a magical night full of magic, in which fire and water are the protagonists and in which people celebrate the beginning of summer with joy and hope.

Happy anniversary BiBo Tarifa

From 2019 the nights of San Juan of Dani García Group are much more special since the arrival of BiBo Tarifa. Its opening was on the most magical night of the year. Next to Valdevaqueros beach, we enjoyed one more year the best atmosphere, gastronomy and landscape of Tarifa.

Happy birthday tarifeños!

Tarifa, a beautiful Cádiz town located on the southern coast of Spain, right on the southernmost point of the European continent. With a rich history, beautiful beaches, and delicious gastronomy, Tarifa is the perfect destination for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the opportunity to immerse themselves in Andalusian culture.

One of Tarifa’s biggest attractions are its beaches, which are famous for their beauty and for being ideal for water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. The beaches of Los Lances and Valdevaqueros are the most popular, while the small beach of Bolonia is famous for its impressive dunes and Roman archaeological site.

The town itself has a wealth of interesting places to visit, including its historic quarter which is full of narrow cobbled streets, historic buildings, and small craft shops. The Torre de Guzman, a 13th century fortification at the southern end of the town, which is also a must-see.

Tarifa’s gastronomy is a delicious blend of Mediterranean and Andalusian flavours, with dishes such as red Almadraba tuna, Tarifa cabbage, chicharrón de Cádiz and tortillitas de camarones (shrimp omelettes). In addition, the region’s wines are famous for their quality and unique flavour.

For those looking for outdoor activities in the vicinity of Tarifa, there are numerous options. For example, the Alcornocales Natural Park offers hiking trails and bird watching, while the Strait of Gibraltar is the ideal place to go whale watching and see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

BiBo Beach House, Dani García

Since 2019, Tarifa has the most coastal BiBo of all. Dani García’s beach restaurant with more rhythm brings the travelling cuisine to the beach of Valdevaqueros. A varied menu with his classics and top hits such as the oxtail brioche and the marinated whole fried sea bass. You can’t miss the “Nutella to Die For” and the delicious cocktails on the menu.

When lunch is over, the chill out area is the best complement to enjoy the most special afternoon. The most intimate and spectacular sunset in Tarifa is from BiBo with the sun falling over the dune of Valdevaqueros. 

In short, Tarifa is an ideal holiday destination for those looking for an authentic experience of Andalusian culture, beautiful beaches, delicious gastronomy, and outdoor activities. With so many interesting things to do and see, it is no wonder that Tarifa has become one of the most popular destinations on the southern coast of Spain.

Bluefin tuna is one of the most highly prized fish due to its flavour and texture, and traditional fishing tecnique uded. The Almadraba technique is a tradition on the Andalusian coast.

The Almadraba is a traditional fishing technique used to catch enormous quantities of bluefin tuna on their annual migration through the Mediterranean Sea. This technique consists of placing a labyrinth-shaped net in the sea, where the tuna is trapped and hoisted aboard the boats.

The Almadraba fishing season is usually in Spring, and during this time the famous “Fiesta del Atún” is held in the Andalusian towns of Barbate, Conil, Tarifa and Zahara de los Atunes, where A tribute is paid to this highly prized product.

Bluefin tuna is considered a delicacy due to its flavour and texture and is highly prized by haute cuisine chefs. This delicacy can be enjoyed in many restaurants in the area, where traditional dishes such as the tuna tartar. You can also assist the culinary ritual of the “ronqueo” of the tuna, wich consists of the cutting up of the fish and separating its different sections.

In short, bluefin tuna caught using the traditional Almadraba technique is a culinary delight that forms part of the gastronomic tradition of the Andalusian coast. Its flavour and texture are unique, and it is highly appreciated by chefs and lovers of good food.

30 tuna for 30 days

In the Dani García Group we once again pay special tribute to tuna this year with the 30 tunas for 30 days. 

In the restaurants BiBo (Marbella, Madrid and Tarifa) and Lobito de Mar (Marbella and Madrid) there is a special tuna menu with exquisite dishes from the 2nd to 31st May. 

Tasting this delicacy is a delight for everyone. 

Ronqueo BiBo Tarifa 2023

After Dani Garcia’s success in the 2022 ronqueos, this year Tarifa will have this art on the shores of the Atlantic. On the 25th of May at 18:30h Gadira will conduct a ronqueo of a wild tuna in the restaurant’s chill out area.

When it is over, Dani García will do a show cooking with parts of the tuna that you can cook at home. 

End of the evening tasting the product in a tuna-based cocktail dinner will be the finishing touch to a unique and unforgettable evening.

The good thing about the arrival of the good weather is that the days get longer. The outdoor get-togethers with friends begin. And the long weekends also begin, like the Easter long weekend. A perfect time to enjoy, travel and get out of the house with no curfew. 

In between plans such as going to see museums, musicals, shopping or spending a few hours on the beach, you always have to make time to eat. During these days there are many gastronomic options. Whether you are in Marbella, Madrid or Tarifa. You may fancy a pizza from Alelí, the best embers of Leña, enjoy the best Japanese cuisine at Kemuri, sail the sea at Lobito de Mar or the trips of BiBo Dani García. Cuisine and menus for all tastes and days of the week. There are no excuses, only desire. 

Tragabuches Marbella’s Andalusian late-night snack.

Togetherness is strength. And enjoying yourself with friends and family revitalizes everyone. These days of Easter with public holidays and a very special weekend, the terrace lounge of Tragabuches has prepared  the best after lunch or pre-dinner evening for you . 

Music, special atmosphere and the best company to enjoy a fun evening in Marbella. 

By the way, don’t forget that you can also have breakfast in Dani García’s most Andalusian space from 9:30am to 11:30am from Monday to Sunday. 

Thursday and Friday start the day with brunch in Madrid

Holidays are for enjoying and celebrating. Go for a walk, go to the cinema or have a drink with friends. In the Dani García Group we don’t forget the start of the day and we suggest you start the day in style, with brunch at Leña or BiBo Madrid.

The first of them inaugurated just over a month ago and with embers as a nexus of union throughout its menu. For €45 per person, enjoy Leña’s best-known starters, choose a New York-inspired main course and finish with the sweetest touch. A unique and fiery experience for an unforgettable long weekend. 

BiBo is well-known in Madrid. A success that every week makes the people of Madrid enjoy the start of the day in style. For 39€ per person, very BiBo starters, a main course to remember and the best ice cream in the world for dessert.

In spring the leaves sprout, the temperatures rise, and the flowers open tinting the atmosphere of colour and joy. Likewise, BiBo has returned to Marbella treading hard and eager to create a magical atmosphere on the Costa del Sol. The most travelled and cosmopolitan concept of the Marbella chef has returned to the place where he was born; the emblematic brand of the chef, who has managed to get the heart of different cities, including Madrid, London or Doha, has returned to its premises of Puente Romano with a proposal of a more exquisite elaboration, but maintaining as always, its seal.

The coast of Marbella, which dreamed of BiBo’s return, can finally enjoy its cuisine from Saturday, April 1 with the successful restaurant that launches new image and some change in menu. As a main novelty, the concept will also be present in the epicentre of Puente Romano; diners can settle into La Plaza de Puente Romano while tasting the BiBo universe through a menu with some of the most emblematic bites of the Marbella chef. In a magical place located next to the Mediterranean and a lively atmosphere, this proposal will be available from Monday to Sunday from 19:30 until midnight.

Dani García also renews BiBo with a novel formula that maintains its essence thanks to a menu that offers a wide variety of cuisine. Elaborations that are the fruit of their trips and that are inspired by different culinary cultures such as the pulled bull tail brioche with sheets of mushrooms, arugula and the famous DG sauce; Robuchon crispy prawns from Sanlúcar wrapped in fresh basil or Nutella to die, a dessert made from Nutella ice cream covered in popcorn and hazelnuts with creamy caramel, coconut cake and lemon jam. Also, creations such as the three fillets of La Cónsula with its three sauces, consisting of Iberian acorn tenderloin with pepper sauce, venison with Malaga wine and veal roasted with mustard, or rigatoni stuffed with chicken, truffle, and foie. The chef wanted to bring together in this way his most adventurous creations in a new menu that discovers the most special flavours and defends the essence of the concept.

In parallel, on the coast of Cadiz, where the smells of nature and the sea are mixed with a fun atmosphere, a new season begins the summer version of the Marbella chef, BiBo Beach House in Tarifa, which also comes with some new features. The beach of Valdevaqueros will welcome again the proposal of BiBo, which will put rhythm and flavour to the days of beach and heat from the beginning of April to September so that visitors can enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere while watching the sun set over the Atlantic.

To top it off, in this paradisiacal environment BiBo Beach House offers the possibility to practice water sports at the Ion Club BiBo Tarifa School, located next to the restaurant. It is a water  sports school in which its customers can start in typical water sports of the area such as surfing. The ideal option to complete a day at the beach on the coast of Tarifa with good food, relaxation and sport. 

Dani García’s projects continue to sprout and transform, just as flowers do in spring. It is a reality that BiBo has become the most international concept of the Andalusian chef, the proposal that has replicas in other cities has managed to bring around the world a level of dining experience with a relaxed and traveling style that is reflected in the most unexpected and unique flavours and products.

“It’s addictive and that’s why I dream of everyone being able to try this sauce”. Just a few years ago, Dani García shared his impression of Bull Sauce with his community of followers, a condiment that has made some of his most emblematic dishes recognizable.

Firm in his desire to take his flavours and creations to all parts of the world, the Marbella chef has taken another step towards the democratization of his cuisine, and on this occasion, the secret is in the sauce. In collaboration with Carrefour, Dani García is bringing his Bull sauce to everyone’s fingertips for the first time. From now on, it will be available in more than200 of the companies’ supermarkets in three versions: original, gluten free and vegetarian.

Salsa Bull

Fundamental in its restaurants

Also known as Dani García’s “secret sauce”, this dressing forms part of some of the Andalusian chef’s most iconic dishes and meat bites. These include the oxtail brioche and the Bull Burger from BiBo, his most travelled concept; the burger that made sense of it all from Leña, his concept inspired by embers and smoke; or the Rossini burger from Dani Brasserie, his cosmopolitan and casual proposal at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid. 

As of a few weeks ago you can not only enjoy it in the chef’s restaurants, but also at home with this new launch.

We missed you! In March 2023, BiBo returns to its origins in Puente Romano after a year without brioche on the Costa del Sol.

Dani García means BiBo, which was his first ”pret a porter” restaurant. In 2019, he took the well-considered decision, amidst the anger of his loved ones, to close the three Michelin-starred Dani García Restaurant, a year after achieving his third Michelin star.  

Our chef wanted to make his cuisine more accessible, for all audiences, he was tired of haute cuisine, and his aim was to grow in the world, something that four years later he could prove he had achieved.

Let’s talk a little about BiBo’s journey over the years.

BIBO Madrid

From Marbella to the world

In April 2014 it was inaugurated in Marbella. After five years, in 2019, BiBo Madrid was born, located on the border between the Chamberí and the Salamanca neighborhood, close to the American Embassy. Everything in the premises refers to the many places Dani García has visited, dominated by a hot air balloon that acts as an umbrella for the 800-metre bar.

In 2019 he travelled to Tarifa and brought out his surfing side with BiBo Beach House. The restaurant is built on a large wooden platform and has a covered and glazed area to placate the effects of the east wind. The exterior decoration gives an ecological and seafaring personality with the remains of boat sails. The central part of the room is dominated by a giant tuna hanging from the ceiling. It also has a bar and DJ booth. In addition, Dani García has created in Valdevaqueros BiBo Watersport, a water sports school.

In 2020, he took a giant step forward and took a plane to travel abroad, specifically to Doha, located in the luxury hotel St. Regis Doha, with a shorter format and a concept adapted to local customers, with the use of spices, almonds, honey and saffron, but maintaining its essence with the most classic dishes of the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant in the Qatari city is recreated through the ambience and decoration.

His last destination outside our borders was in 2021, when he landed in London, specifically at the Mondrian Shoreditch London Hotel, with his interpretation of Spanish flavor’s renewed, but maintaining the essence of a cosmopolitan restaurant. The chef’s aim was to bring together dishes that his gastronomic memory has accumulated during his trips in Spain and abroad.

BiBo Doha

Successors of BiBo

From 2014 until today, BiBo has been followed by new brands with different concepts. In 2017 Lobito de Mar was born in Marbella, a restaurant that revolves around seafood and that two years later travelled to Madrid; in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Leña Marbella opened as a ”steak house”, which a year later was welcomed by the people of Madrid

Last year, 2022, was a year of openings for Dani García in Marbella starting with Alelí, which opened in the city as the chef’s first Italian concept, followed by Kemuri, and its Japanese cuisine, and ending the year with Tragabuches in September, which brought back the chef’s roots with its Andalusian concept and KM.0 cuisine.

Kemuri Marbella

BiBo and its menu

In BiBo’s menu you can find the Russian salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and tuna belly, and naturally the famous oxtail Brioche as well as its ”Oyster & Raw Bar” section where it offers a variety of raw dishes, tatakis, tartars and oysters.

BIBO Madrid

Throughout all these years, BiBo has seen great love stories, friends who toast for what they have experienced and what is yet to come, birthdays, farewells… and is looking forward to sharing the most important moments of your lives with you again.

Are you ready?