The return to normality after the summer holidays marks the beginning of a gradual transition from relaxation and rest to daily routine and responsibilities. After enjoying moments of leisure, travel and disconnection, it is natural to experience a sense of adjustment as you return to everyday life.

This stage can generate mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is nostalgia for holiday days, where time seemed to stretch out and worries were put on the back burner. On the other hand, the return to routine brings with it a renewed sense of purpose and structure. The feeling of resuming regular activities can be comforting, providing a sense of order and normality in the midst of a constantly changing world.

It is important to approach the return to normality with a balanced mindset. Reflecting on the positive moments of the holidays and taking that revitalising energy with you can help you face the challenges that come with returning to work, school and daily obligations. Drawing on holiday experiences and learnings can enrich the way you approach your daily life.

Planning ahead is also essential. Organising schedules, setting goals and managing tasks efficiently can make it easier to adapt to the routine. In addition, maintaining a balance between work and personal time is essential to avoid burnout and allow for moments of relaxation even in the midst of routine.

The return to normality can be an opportunity to establish new healthy routines. Incorporating exercise habits, a balanced diet and time for self-care can help maintain a consistent sense of wellbeing, regardless of the time of year.

Ultimately, returning to normality after the summer holidays is a process of adjustment that involves combining the positive aspects of summer relaxation with everyday responsibilities. Maintaining a positive attitude, planning ahead and finding ways to balance routine with moments of enjoyment are key to successfully navigating this period and maintaining a sense of wellbeing throughout the year.

Every day we worry about getting to everything. To have the maximum amount of time in the world to enjoy what we want and what we have around us. But really, what is time? Do we live in a world with enough time to get to everything we set out to? Or… do we set out to do more than we have time for?

The RAE defines it as a noun: “A physical magnitude that allows us to order a sequence of events, establishing a past, a present and a future, and whose unit in the international system is the second”.  Does our time really allow us to put everything in order?

The answer can vary and has different connotations. It depends on the moment we are in and the value we want to give it. But the truth is that we want to do more than what our day physically allows us to do. And do we ever stop to think about how much time we waste by wasting time? 

Successful films that make reference to this physical magnitude

The seventh art has brought numerous films that have “time” as their main theme to the big screens. Many of them make us think about time and how we spend our days. 

Therefore, we cannot forget to dedicate some of our time to watch “The Tree of Life“, “In Time“, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“, “Adaline’s Secret” or “Groundhog Day“. Spend some of our time watching what time is like.

The Time of El Coleccionista 

Based on relics of Barbadillo Amontillado 150 years old, Cinzano Antica formula from the 30’s and Bitter de Angostura from 1920 we will have a slightly sweet start with a lot of sapidity in this short drink. 

El tiempo

This is how we enjoy “Tiempo” at El Coleccionista. Inspired by a walk-through time, we fell in love with this unique cocktail loaded with sensations that can only be defined as time. 

And after this reflection of time and life out loud… How do you want to spend your time?