Summer is a great time to enjoy your free time and do a variety of fun and exciting things. Here are some ideas for activities you can do during this time of year.

A popular choice for many is going to the beach. You can spend the day in the sun, swim in the refreshing sea and relax on the sand. You can also take advantage of water sports such as surfing, paddleboarding or scuba diving, which will give you an extra dose of fun and adventure.

If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, you can organise a picnic in a nearby park or take a trip to the countryside. Enjoying the outdoors, hiking nature trails and taking in the beauty of nature can be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Amusement parks are another great attraction during the summer. These places offer thrills and entertainment for people of all ages. From roller coasters to water rides, theme parks have something for everyone. Be sure to check opening hours and pandemic restrictions before visiting.

If you love music, summer is also the perfect time to attend outdoor festivals and concerts. From local band concerts to internationally renowned festivals, there’s a wide variety of music events to enjoy. You can spend the day listening to live music, discovering new artists and enjoying the vibrant festival atmosphere.

In addition to these activities, summer is also a good time to explore new places. You can take short trips to nearby cities, visit historical sites, immerse yourself in different cultures and try the local cuisine. Exploring new destinations gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and create lasting memories.

In short, summer offers a wide range of options to make the most of the season. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, enjoying thrills at amusement parks or exploring new places, take advantage of this time to create memorable experiences and make the most of the great weather and summer fun.

Food, key to summer plans

Dani García’s restaurants are an excellent option for enjoying a delicious culinary experience during the summer. With locations in prime locations, they offer a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. Their menus are full of creativity and unique flavours, highlighting Mediterranean cuisine with innovative touches.

From refreshing and light dishes to more elaborate proposals, Dani García’s restaurants offer a variety of options to satisfy all palates. Enjoy fresh, quality ingredients in surprising combinations that will transport you to an unforgettable gastronomic journey in the middle of the summer season.

The good thing about the arrival of the good weather is that the days get longer. The outdoor get-togethers with friends begin. And the long weekends also begin, like the Easter long weekend. A perfect time to enjoy, travel and get out of the house with no curfew. 

In between plans such as going to see museums, musicals, shopping or spending a few hours on the beach, you always have to make time to eat. During these days there are many gastronomic options. Whether you are in Marbella, Madrid or Tarifa. You may fancy a pizza from Alelí, the best embers of Leña, enjoy the best Japanese cuisine at Kemuri, sail the sea at Lobito de Mar or the trips of BiBo Dani García. Cuisine and menus for all tastes and days of the week. There are no excuses, only desire. 

Tragabuches Marbella’s Andalusian late-night snack.

Togetherness is strength. And enjoying yourself with friends and family revitalizes everyone. These days of Easter with public holidays and a very special weekend, the terrace lounge of Tragabuches has prepared  the best after lunch or pre-dinner evening for you . 

Music, special atmosphere and the best company to enjoy a fun evening in Marbella. 

By the way, don’t forget that you can also have breakfast in Dani García’s most Andalusian space from 9:30am to 11:30am from Monday to Sunday. 

Thursday and Friday start the day with brunch in Madrid

Holidays are for enjoying and celebrating. Go for a walk, go to the cinema or have a drink with friends. In the Dani García Group we don’t forget the start of the day and we suggest you start the day in style, with brunch at Leña or BiBo Madrid.

The first of them inaugurated just over a month ago and with embers as a nexus of union throughout its menu. For €45 per person, enjoy Leña’s best-known starters, choose a New York-inspired main course and finish with the sweetest touch. A unique and fiery experience for an unforgettable long weekend. 

BiBo is well-known in Madrid. A success that every week makes the people of Madrid enjoy the start of the day in style. For 39€ per person, very BiBo starters, a main course to remember and the best ice cream in the world for dessert.

Dear Wise Men, 

In 2022 we have behaved better than ever, so for this year we ask you to bring us surprises to continue improving…

Who has not gone to sleep feeling nervous about the 5th, after seeing the street parade and with the excitement of getting up the next day and finding, magically, all the gifts under the tree? 

¡The Kings are coming! and they have secretly whispered to us that they are bringing you many surprises for this 2023, and they are sure that you will enjoy them just like a child opening their gifts.

BiBo Madrid

We know that for this day it is difficult to know what to give, so we come to facilitate that job.

What better opportunity to give your friends or family experiences for their palate? So that magical night, they go to sleep on a happy stomach, or experiences to enjoy on the 6th with those around you. Any time is good to celebrate with your loved ones. We also take care of the Roscon.

We know that you win people over through their stomach, so take advantage and book your experience.

Leña Marbella

This year you must be very attentive to our networks, the kings are going to be publishing the surprises.

Begin the countdown to 2023 and leave behind the memories of this 2022 that has flown by thanks to so many joyous and happy moments… Hand in hand with these memories come the famous resolutions that we promise ourselves every year that we will fulfil and leave most  of those memories  in the memory trunk, but this year we will make them all come true (or most  of them at least) will come true.

¡Surprises are coming in 2023! But first, let us take a walk down memory lane and look back at all the events that we have experienced in this past year thanks to you…

BiBo Madrid

We started 2022 with Dani Garcia’s debut in New York with Casa Dani and Pollo Verde, which are two ”Typical Spanish” in the middle of the Big Apple.

We begin the summer with the inauguration of Alelí in Marbella. A trip to Italy through the Italian cuisine of Dani García.

We continue with Kemuri, the Asian cuisine of Dani Garcia reached your palates to stay at the Puente Romano Hotel

The most famous brioche in the history of the Brioches, celebrates its first anniversary with Bibo, in Madrid and in Shoreditch (London).

We end the year with Tragabuches Marbella, to soak up the gastronomy of our Andalusian land.

So, in these next 12 months, we hope to enjoy what is to come together with you.

Tragabuches Madrid

Are you ready for all the promises for next year? 

The Dani Garcia Group wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year!

It is time! Finally, Christmas has arrived, the most magical time of the year and that we all look forward to so much, it is a time of lights, music and celebration along with the famous ”All I want for Christmas is you’… we for Christmas want you to enjoy yourself, and that you will be filled with the Christmas spirit.

At Grupo Dani García, we are clear about our plans for these festive dates, and you?

For example, seeing the Christmas lighting, which we will be able to enjoy until January 6. Madrid has pulled itself together this year and from Sol, we can see this year´s giant Christmas ball that lights up and flashes to the sound of music. Of course, we cannot forget the Plaza Mayor and its flea markets. 

Lobito de Mar

We do not have to go to Madrid to enjoy the Christmas plans, in Marbella you can also count on the plus that the Costa del Sol allows you to enjoy the mild weather at any time of the year. Do not worry, your search to find a place to eat, we will take care of it. 

And to recharge, here we leave you the latest trendy restaurants. Do not forget to book!

Alelí Marbella

Company lunches or dinners are also a typical Christmas event problem for these dates to book and choose menus. Do not worry, we bring the solution to your problems, we have activated Christmas menus for groups, but Book!

The Dani Garcia Group wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Picasso once said, “Everything that can be imagined is real”. Under this same premise, the Dani García Group brings to Madrid its first cocktail bar, a multi-sensory space inspired by art galleries and antique collections, and which is hidden in the bowels of the BiBo restaurant of the capital. 

El Coleccionista” is a place where art comes to life through its exceptional liquid offers, in a space where sophistication and casualness coexist. In it, past, present, and future come together to create a unique experience that allows you to enjoy the efficiency of time, all with a purely artistic approach that offers the possibility not only of drinking authentic works of art but also of acquiring collectible items. 

Its proposal is based on a gastronomic cocktail where technology and research are in harmony with creativity and imagination. In this way, up to a hundred techniques are used from the elite of the gastronomic avant-garde worldwide, applied in the search of flavour.

El Coleccionista Madrid

The liquid menu is the undisputed protagonist of “El Coleccionista.” Consisting of twelve alcohol cocktails, made with techniques ranging from redistillations to fermentations, through fat-washes, centrifuges, ultrasounds, dealcoholisation, illusions, or textures. Highlights include drinks such as “Oil on canvas”, in which both the bartender and the customer will paint this work of drinking art together choosing from a special selection of ingredients; or “Ymanyá”, inspired by the goddess of the sailors and sea crossings. Made from an ultrasound extraction of white rum in nettles from the Mediterranean Sea with an extraction of generous hibiscus flower from the Red Sea, spices from the Black Sea and balanced with a touch of smoked dates from the Persian Sea. Finally, it incorporates a tuile of pistachios from the Arabian Sea, a fake coffee caviar, garum from the Caspian Sea and a bergamot gel from the Adriatic Sea.

On the other hand, there are three limited edition cocktails, which complement the proposal of the space as if it were a private collection. They will be available until the end of stock and incorporate distillates and vintage products that will delight a lucky few.

Like any good collection room, this space also has a unique and unrepeatable repertoire only available for ten people worldwide. With the name “The club of 10”, a cocktail will be created from irretrievable bottles that will be auctioned; once the bid is closed, the customer will define the price of the ten only units available, and his initials will be written on the Collector’s letter with the bid date and the name of the cocktail. Another aspect that makes the difference is that the whole cocktail menu is also available in its non-alcoholic version, maintaining the same organoleptic properties.

El Coleccionista Madrid

The culinary proposal has a complementary role in “El Coleccionista” formed by a small selection that includes some of the most iconic dishes and snacks of chef Dani Garcia. Among them, its emblematic brioches, starters such as grilled edamame and a couple of sweet options. In parallel, there is also room for coffee, and during the first hour of opening, the space will feature two fun versions of coffee accompanied by some special mignardises.

With a capacity of up to twenty-eight diners, “El Coleccionista” thus becomes the new space of the Malaga chef in the capital, after its opening last September of the restaurant Tragabuches in Marbella.

The December holiday returns, a few days of rest in the middle of the routine, and with it the pre-Christmas plans in family or with friends, Christmas lights, trips, lunch, and dinner… We bring you our list of favourite plans for these days in Spain or for more travel lovers.

The Spanish have again chosen the big cities of Europe for a pre-Christmas getaway, Madrid, Malaga, London, Budapest, Dublin… are some of the best bets for this long weekend for the Christmas atmosphere that inspire, in addition to the lighting itself for the occasion.

Alelí Marbella

Let us start with the capital, Madrid, and the wide variety of plans it offers:

Visit the market of the Plaza Mayor, Ice skating (Plaza de España, in Matadero, in the Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles or in the Plaza de Colón) but… ¡ Huston, we have a problem! We need to recharge to face all these plans… we have the solution to make your belly smile again with meat, fish, tapas, sushi, Whatever you want!

We continue in Malaga with its characteristic lighting of Calle Larios; and since we are on the Costa del Sol, we cannot leave without visiting Marbella, with its Christmas lighting and its historic centre, Christmas markets… What better opportunity to enjoy Christmas and at the same time as the Andalusian cuisine, than in our restaurant Tragabuches, we also have options if you fancy meat, firewood, or fish? Lobito de Mar… although if you are more international, you can also travel to Italy with Alelí or Asia with Kemuri.

BiBO London

On the other hand, and for the more travel lovers London is another great bet for this long weekend, with its characteristic flea markets and its streets illuminated for the occasion. In London you cannot miss Winter Wonderland, a giant Christmas fair in Hyde Park, with attractions, ice skating rink, Christmas markets… Are you nostalgic or tired of so many fish & chips? Do not worry be happy, in BiBo Londres we are waiting for you to teleport to Spain.

Obviously, we cannot forget to support ”La Roja” in Qatar. For all those who have travelled to the Qatari capital to enjoy this world cup, we have the solution to make them feel at home, do you fancy meat? Firewood, you fancy a more sea breeze, Lobito de Mar and if you prefer something more tapas style, BiBo Doha.