Bluefin tuna is one of the most highly prized fish due to its flavour and texture, and traditional fishing tecnique uded. The Almadraba technique is a tradition on the Andalusian coast.

The Almadraba is a traditional fishing technique used to catch enormous quantities of bluefin tuna on their annual migration through the Mediterranean Sea. This technique consists of placing a labyrinth-shaped net in the sea, where the tuna is trapped and hoisted aboard the boats.

The Almadraba fishing season is usually in Spring, and during this time the famous “Fiesta del Atún” is held in the Andalusian towns of Barbate, Conil, Tarifa and Zahara de los Atunes, where A tribute is paid to this highly prized product.

Bluefin tuna is considered a delicacy due to its flavour and texture and is highly prized by haute cuisine chefs. This delicacy can be enjoyed in many restaurants in the area, where traditional dishes such as the tuna tartar. You can also assist the culinary ritual of the “ronqueo” of the tuna, wich consists of the cutting up of the fish and separating its different sections.

In short, bluefin tuna caught using the traditional Almadraba technique is a culinary delight that forms part of the gastronomic tradition of the Andalusian coast. Its flavour and texture are unique, and it is highly appreciated by chefs and lovers of good food.

30 tuna for 30 days

In the Dani García Group we once again pay special tribute to tuna this year with the 30 tunas for 30 days. 

In the restaurants BiBo (Marbella, Madrid and Tarifa) and Lobito de Mar (Marbella and Madrid) there is a special tuna menu with exquisite dishes from the 2nd to 31st May. 

Tasting this delicacy is a delight for everyone. 

Ronqueo BiBo Tarifa 2023

After Dani Garcia’s success in the 2022 ronqueos, this year Tarifa will have this art on the shores of the Atlantic. On the 25th of May at 18:30h Gadira will conduct a ronqueo of a wild tuna in the restaurant’s chill out area.

When it is over, Dani García will do a show cooking with parts of the tuna that you can cook at home. 

End of the evening tasting the product in a tuna-based cocktail dinner will be the finishing touch to a unique and unforgettable evening.

Malaga, Paris, and art are the three ingredients that inspired Dani García in this new concept. His goal? To establish his Andalusian roots with a view to Mediterranean cuisine, an avant-garde cuisine rooted in Spanish tradition.

Our chef embarks on an artistically oriented phase to design culinary dishes based on Picasso’s blue period. Located in the luxurious Hotel Maison Delano, in the heart of the prestigious 8th Arrondissement with a beautiful 18th century Courtyard at 4 Rue d’Anjou. Land in the French capital, La Chambre Bleue, a window to the Mediterranean Sea from Paris.

This Mediterranean restaurant refers to the artistic piece by Pablo Picasso from Malaga, a painting created during his stay in Paris in his period known as the blue period, the beginning of a phase of artistic orientation, where the artist from Malaga painted works inspired by Spain.

Can you imagine being in Paris and having each of the dishes transport you to the Mediterranean area?

This Mediterranean restaurant refers to the artistic piece by Pablo Picasso from Malaga, a painting created during his stay in Paris in his period known as the blue period, the beginning of a phase of artistic orientation, where the artist from Malaga painted works inspired by Spain.

Can you imagine being in Paris and having each of the dishes transport you to the Mediterranean area?

Pure Mediterranean essence

A menu that will offer diners in Paris a little piece of the Costa del Sol through exquisite bites in which there will be no shortage of fish and seafood, as well as rice dishes and other options that reflect the Mediterranean cuisine from an international point of view. A visit to the province of Malaga without leaving this luxurious Parisian enclave.

La Chambre Bleue comes with gastronomic references that will stand out for their strong link with the aspirational, art, desire, and dreams

Let’s talk about culinary art; a product that will transport you to the roots of our chef, where we place a lot of detail the authenticity of the product. Other dishes such as the trio tartar or my mother’s omelette, will make your senses feel as if you were in the Costa del Sol.

Discover a whole universe of dishes bathed and designed from the Mediterranean blue, stimulating the senses of our customers through flavors and feelings, making them feel right at home.


Dani García, awarded man of the year 2022 by Esquire magazine, is one of the most exported Spanish chefs worldwide. This year’s goal remains the same: to get down to the essence, to the deepest of flavour’s transporting you to another world and evading you from reality  in every one of our dishes. Taking the gastronomy of Malaga to the world, arriving in Paris with La Chambre Bleue to strengthen his art and pay homage to his countryman Pablo Picasso.

The international expansion of the Dani García Group has been a continuous reinvention and evolution based on the philosophy of “think local and cook global” and that has no borders because it was born to fulfill the dreams of those who tasted it. And dreams, like magic, have no limits.

Bienvenue à la cuisine méditerranéenne selon Dani García.

Every day we worry about getting to everything. To have the maximum amount of time in the world to enjoy what we want and what we have around us. But really, what is time? Do we live in a world with enough time to get to everything we set out to? Or… do we set out to do more than we have time for?

The RAE defines it as a noun: “A physical magnitude that allows us to order a sequence of events, establishing a past, a present and a future, and whose unit in the international system is the second”.  Does our time really allow us to put everything in order?

The answer can vary and has different connotations. It depends on the moment we are in and the value we want to give it. But the truth is that we want to do more than what our day physically allows us to do. And do we ever stop to think about how much time we waste by wasting time? 

Successful films that make reference to this physical magnitude

The seventh art has brought numerous films that have “time” as their main theme to the big screens. Many of them make us think about time and how we spend our days. 

Therefore, we cannot forget to dedicate some of our time to watch “The Tree of Life“, “In Time“, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“, “Adaline’s Secret” or “Groundhog Day“. Spend some of our time watching what time is like.

The Time of El Coleccionista 

Based on relics of Barbadillo Amontillado 150 years old, Cinzano Antica formula from the 30’s and Bitter de Angostura from 1920 we will have a slightly sweet start with a lot of sapidity in this short drink. 

El tiempo

This is how we enjoy “Tiempo” at El Coleccionista. Inspired by a walk-through time, we fell in love with this unique cocktail loaded with sensations that can only be defined as time. 

And after this reflection of time and life out loud… How do you want to spend your time?

What is better than waking up to been able to have breakfast in  the sun? WIth Tragabuchesbreakfast you can start the day with enough energy to get through the day. If you haven’t had time to have breakfast, don’t worry, Tragabuches has an extensive menu which will allow you to enjoy the true Andalusian kitchen from salads to desserts, through tapas.

However, if you don’t feel like thinking about what do you want to order, you can take a glimpse of the set menu, that offers the best selection of dishes. 

We bring you  good news! Once you finish immersing yourself in our culture, you can then move to our  outdoor tabletop, in the new Tragabuches Marbella Lounge terrace.

Tragabuches Marbella

Tragabuches, our ‘’Non-Stop’’ kitchen concept from 9:00 to 00:00, is the latest trendy place for celebrations for this coming 2023. Taking  into account the advantage  and privilege we have of being able to enjoy an aperative, cocktail or any other drink on the terrace with good weather in any season of the year  on the Costa del Sol.

Let me tell you! It is going to be your favorite place of celebrations in 2023, and specially in view of the summer and the ambience that Marbella attracts during this time of the year. 

Kids also have their space in the playroom, this will allow parents ro enjoy a good tabletop without needing to take care of the little members of the house. 

Tragabuches Marbella

You know where to find us, if not, on the bottom of the page, you can find our address  which will make it easy for you to come and enjoy all  we have prepared for you in Tragabuches Marbella Lounge.

Are you ready?

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Address: C. Ana de Austria, 2, 29670 Marbella, Málaga.

Five years later, Dani García returns with his Gastronomic Days ”A cuatro Manos” at Alelí Marbella. During February and March of this year, we will be able to enjoy a special menu.

Italian food which is included in the Mediterranean gastronomy. The story goes that Italian food was influenced by other countries such as Greece, Africa and Asian countries.

In Northern Italy, the most common dishes are soups, cooked pasta and meats boiled in wine and butter, and typical dishes such as carpaccio, vitello tonnato or vitel tonné and crocchette di Patate as well as risotto. Among its outstanding sauces are pesto and Bolognese.

On the other hand, in the South of Italy, the dishes are more simply prepared, with main ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables and vegetables typical of the area. The most typical dishes are pizzas, as well as spaghetti and macaroni.

There are also differences with the centre of the country, where ingredients such as olive oil, pecorino, vegetables and sausages are used. The most typical dishes are Bisteca allá Fiorentina, Zuppa di farro, pollo in potacchio and Mazzarelle.

Finally, in Sicily and Sardinia, we also find differences with the rest of Italy, such as rice balls in batter with peas, meat, cheese or macaroni with raggout, a sauce made with minced meat.

Alelí Marbella

Dani García

The chef from Marbella organised in his restaurant with three Michelin stars a conference with renowned chefs from all over the world.

In 2014, our chef was already starting out in this field of the A Cuatro Manos Gastronomic Days, together with Joan Roca, Quique Dacosta, Ángel León and Andoni Luis Aduriz, which was held at the Dani García Restaurant in the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella.

In 2015, they were they were once again in the Dani García Restaurant, together with 12 national and international Michelin-starred chefs, where they held four exclusive dinners.

In 2016, 71 Michelin stars gathered in Restaurant Dani García (Marbella) to pay tribute to French chef Jöel Robuchon.

In 2017, Dani García celebrated these days again, together with his chef friends to pay tribute to a great chef, Nobu Marsuhisa.

In 2018 was the last year that the gastronomic days ”A Cuatro Manos” were held at the Dani García Restaurant in the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella. In which a new menu for the season was presented and in which a score of great chefs paid tribute to one of the progenitors of Basque cuisine, Juan Mari Arzak.

The last meeting was held in 2019 on the occasion of the closure of the three-star Dani García. The Last Supper brought together renowned figures in the city to bid farewell to the well-known restaurant that later gave rise to Leña Marbella.

Matías Perdomo

This year we bring you Dani García together with Matías Perdomo, a chef of Uruguayan origin who moved to Italy twenty years ago, on the 22nd and 23rd of February. He is at the helm of Contrast restaurant in Milan, his Michelin-starred temple of creativity opened in 2015. The chef considers three fundamental factors in his cuisine: the product, the game and the memory of taste.

Matías Perdomo, with his South American influence on Italian cuisine, is coming to revolutionize Alelí alongside our Chef Dani García for two unique and exclusive nights with a special menu.

Alelí Marbella

If you don’t want to miss these special menus during these ”A cuatro manos” days

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Here you have the address, so you don’t miss out!

Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 29602 Marbella (Málaga)

‘’They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true.’’- Big Fish (2003). 

According to Psychology, it is said that we have three kinds of love. Sometimes we live the three of them with the same person at the time we develop as a couple.

  • Idealistic love, fairy-tale love, love that we believe will last a lifetime.
  • Love out of necessity, out of doubt, the ups and downs of falling in love, the need to be loved.
  • Unexpected love, out of the blue, more mature, we accept the other person as they are.

This is why love must be celebrated, with that person who came and changed our life ” Che confusione, sarà perché ti amo”. 

So, this Valentine’s Day, give the gift of an experience to remember which will tell you ‘’I remember that night better than some of the years of my life” Before Midnight (2004). 

Alelí Marbella


We will help you to prepare the experiences. You know that in BiBo ‘’We love you so brunch’’, and this day couldn’t be as (Roma)ntic, without an Italian diner, so present them with the gift of Alelí Flowers.

If you prefer something more sparkling, let the flame of love be noticed, add Leña to the fire!

Also, you can show your ‘’resalao’’ side in Lobito de Mar; or if you believe in the Japanese legend of the red thread, in Kemuri you can live an oriental experience.

Kemuri Marbella


Of course, besides St. Valentine’s Day, you have something special to celebrate, let us know and we will do the magic.

So don’t forget to book your experience in your favorite restaurant, dedicate quality time to your partner and let us form a part of it, by mentioning us in your social networks. 

‘’ Isn’t everything we do in our lives in order to be loved a little more?’’ Before Sunrise (2004)

Pizza with or without pineapple? This famous controversial which splits the pizza lovers, is the reason why six years ago, 9 February was declared World Pizza Day. On this same day, but in 2017, the president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, opened this debate on twitter. It became popular to the point that UNESCO decided that pizza should be Intangible Heritage of Humanity (which is hardly surprising).

Alelí Marbella

How this wonder arose?

Pizza’s origin, flatbread made with flour, egg, yeast, olive oil and salt, dates back to the 1830´s in the Italian city of Naples where ‘Port’Alba’ (‘white door’), the world’s first pizzeria, opened its doors.

Another story tells of the birth of pizza in 1889, date in which the chef Raffaele Esposito made the Margherita pizza to honor of the then Queen of Italy, Margarita de Saboya. This pizza is the most classic with ingredients such as tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, oregano, and olive oil, the colours of the Italian flag, which is also the one that opened the door for the rest of the pizzas. Let’s look at the most famous pizzas.

Plenty of options to go crazy about

The four-cheese pizza, one of the most popular in the world. The four cheeses used has the Protected Designation of Origin certification: fontina cheese, gorgonzola cheese, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese; Neapolitan or Roman, the second most traditional in Italy. What distinguishes this pizza from the previous ones is its soft and spongy dough, slightly thicker than the orthodox Italian one, with thicker edges, as well as its ingredients: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, anchovies, oregano, capers and olive oil.

We also have the Diávola pizza, which is distinguished by the spicy flavour of its sauce, with ingredients such as chorizo, salami, even chilly; the barbecue pizza with barbecue sauce, as its name suggests, and minced meat, born in the United States; the pizza carbonara, which has no tomato on its base, with ingredients such as egg, bacon, onion, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper; finally, the calzone, a special pizza because it hides its ingredients inside (cheese, meat, tuna, vegetables, etc.), as it is covered with another pizza topping (cheese, meat, tuna, vegetables, etc.). It is covered by another dough of the same size as the base, in the shape of a pie.

Alelí Marbella

International Pizza Day in Aleli

In Grupo Dani García, we love pizza that’s why our restaurant Alelí, arrived this last summer to get us addicted to their wooded oven pizzas, which are baked live in the traditional Neapolitan style, with a 48-hour fermentation.

A trip through the alpine country without having to leave Marbella, with its decoration inspired on the most authentic Italy with references such as ‘’ La dolce vita’’ by Federico Fellini or ‘’ The great beauty’’ by Paolo Sorrentino. You can enjoy  iconic dishes from the Italian kitchen, with the stamp of our chef, Dani García.

That’s why to celebrate this special day, between the week of 8th and 17th of February during  lunch from Wednesday to Friday ( 8th, 9th , 10th ,15th ,16th and 17th  of February), we bring you a special menu, 25€ per person, with aperitive Viejo Negroni, pizza to choose, desserts and drink which will allow you to enjoy the most spectacular place in Alelí, in its open-air terrace.

Imagine the good weather in Marbella, with tables among the orange and lemon trees… you will be transported to the Campania region, in particular Sorrento, which is located on the famous Gulf of Naples. It is known as ”Land of color’s, of mermaids, city of gardens’‘; or the Amalfi Coast with its hilltop villages, such as Positano, of which the painter Paul Klee said that it is the only vertical village in the world as it rises above a cliff, and a the deep blue sea.

So, if you are a pizza addict, come to Alelí Marbella and enjoy our special menu to celebrate this day.

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We missed you! In March 2023, BiBo returns to its origins in Puente Romano after a year without brioche on the Costa del Sol.

Dani García means BiBo, which was his first ”pret a porter” restaurant. In 2019, he took the well-considered decision, amidst the anger of his loved ones, to close the three Michelin-starred Dani García Restaurant, a year after achieving his third Michelin star.  

Our chef wanted to make his cuisine more accessible, for all audiences, he was tired of haute cuisine, and his aim was to grow in the world, something that four years later he could prove he had achieved.

Let’s talk a little about BiBo’s journey over the years.

BIBO Madrid

From Marbella to the world

In April 2014 it was inaugurated in Marbella. After five years, in 2019, BiBo Madrid was born, located on the border between the Chamberí and the Salamanca neighborhood, close to the American Embassy. Everything in the premises refers to the many places Dani García has visited, dominated by a hot air balloon that acts as an umbrella for the 800-metre bar.

In 2019 he travelled to Tarifa and brought out his surfing side with BiBo Beach House. The restaurant is built on a large wooden platform and has a covered and glazed area to placate the effects of the east wind. The exterior decoration gives an ecological and seafaring personality with the remains of boat sails. The central part of the room is dominated by a giant tuna hanging from the ceiling. It also has a bar and DJ booth. In addition, Dani García has created in Valdevaqueros BiBo Watersport, a water sports school.

In 2020, he took a giant step forward and took a plane to travel abroad, specifically to Doha, located in the luxury hotel St. Regis Doha, with a shorter format and a concept adapted to local customers, with the use of spices, almonds, honey and saffron, but maintaining its essence with the most classic dishes of the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant in the Qatari city is recreated through the ambience and decoration.

His last destination outside our borders was in 2021, when he landed in London, specifically at the Mondrian Shoreditch London Hotel, with his interpretation of Spanish flavor’s renewed, but maintaining the essence of a cosmopolitan restaurant. The chef’s aim was to bring together dishes that his gastronomic memory has accumulated during his trips in Spain and abroad.

BiBo Doha

Successors of BiBo

From 2014 until today, BiBo has been followed by new brands with different concepts. In 2017 Lobito de Mar was born in Marbella, a restaurant that revolves around seafood and that two years later travelled to Madrid; in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Leña Marbella opened as a ”steak house”, which a year later was welcomed by the people of Madrid

Last year, 2022, was a year of openings for Dani García in Marbella starting with Alelí, which opened in the city as the chef’s first Italian concept, followed by Kemuri, and its Japanese cuisine, and ending the year with Tragabuches in September, which brought back the chef’s roots with its Andalusian concept and KM.0 cuisine.

Kemuri Marbella

BiBo and its menu

In BiBo’s menu you can find the Russian salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and tuna belly, and naturally the famous oxtail Brioche as well as its ”Oyster & Raw Bar” section where it offers a variety of raw dishes, tatakis, tartars and oysters.

BIBO Madrid

Throughout all these years, BiBo has seen great love stories, friends who toast for what they have experienced and what is yet to come, birthdays, farewells… and is looking forward to sharing the most important moments of your lives with you again.

Are you ready?

Begin the countdown to 2023 and leave behind the memories of this 2022 that has flown by thanks to so many joyous and happy moments… Hand in hand with these memories come the famous resolutions that we promise ourselves every year that we will fulfil and leave most  of those memories  in the memory trunk, but this year we will make them all come true (or most  of them at least) will come true.

¡Surprises are coming in 2023! But first, let us take a walk down memory lane and look back at all the events that we have experienced in this past year thanks to you…

BiBo Madrid

We started 2022 with Dani Garcia’s debut in New York with Casa Dani and Pollo Verde, which are two ”Typical Spanish” in the middle of the Big Apple.

We begin the summer with the inauguration of Alelí in Marbella. A trip to Italy through the Italian cuisine of Dani García.

We continue with Kemuri, the Asian cuisine of Dani Garcia reached your palates to stay at the Puente Romano Hotel

The most famous brioche in the history of the Brioches, celebrates its first anniversary with Bibo, in Madrid and in Shoreditch (London).

We end the year with Tragabuches Marbella, to soak up the gastronomy of our Andalusian land.

So, in these next 12 months, we hope to enjoy what is to come together with you.

Tragabuches Madrid

Are you ready for all the promises for next year? 

The Dani Garcia Group wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year!

It is time! Finally, Christmas has arrived, the most magical time of the year and that we all look forward to so much, it is a time of lights, music and celebration along with the famous ”All I want for Christmas is you’… we for Christmas want you to enjoy yourself, and that you will be filled with the Christmas spirit.

At Grupo Dani García, we are clear about our plans for these festive dates, and you?

For example, seeing the Christmas lighting, which we will be able to enjoy until January 6. Madrid has pulled itself together this year and from Sol, we can see this year´s giant Christmas ball that lights up and flashes to the sound of music. Of course, we cannot forget the Plaza Mayor and its flea markets. 

Lobito de Mar

We do not have to go to Madrid to enjoy the Christmas plans, in Marbella you can also count on the plus that the Costa del Sol allows you to enjoy the mild weather at any time of the year. Do not worry, your search to find a place to eat, we will take care of it. 

And to recharge, here we leave you the latest trendy restaurants. Do not forget to book!

Alelí Marbella

Company lunches or dinners are also a typical Christmas event problem for these dates to book and choose menus. Do not worry, we bring the solution to your problems, we have activated Christmas menus for groups, but Book!

The Dani Garcia Group wishes you a Merry Christmas!