The night of 23 June is Saint John’s Eve, or San Juan. It’s the longest day of the year, and the shortest night. Over time it’s become it’s one of the most special and magical days of the summer. All manner of traditions exist to ward off evil so good can prevail.

Bonfires in Alicante, dipping one’s feet in the sea at midnight or even immersing yourself fully as the clocks strike 12. It’s all about making your wishes come true and having new hopes for the future.

It’s also becoming more common for people to make plans of their own, creating their own unique midsummer celebrations. This is how Dani García sees it, ensuring you’ve got a range of different options available at his restaurants so you can enjoy his amazing food to the fullest.


There’s no beach, but the essence of San Juan is strong in the capital. You can hit the streets and have a bite to eat in a local restaurant. Burn your wishes at Leña. Write down your hopes and dreams, then toss them in water to send them on their way with Lobito de Mar on calle Jorge Juan. Or have you palm read at BiBo Madrid.


With the beach so close, going for a dip is one of the key plans for the night of the 23rd. However, for the best San Juan celebrations head to Lobito de Mar and Leña. Your wishes will be remain secret, and will 100% definitely come true. Babette also offers the finest feast for everyone, with Dani García’s take on French cuisine.


San Juan in Tarifa is all about the GKA Air World Championships on Valdevaqueros beach with the BiBo chill out area and with Martini Fiero, from 4pm. With the DJ spinning tunes, the best vibe around and a magician wowing you with tricks all evening. A very special and slightly different San Juan celebration.

With the arrival of almadraba fishing season, it’s high tuna season for Dani García. In conjunction with Gadira, this year the chef wanted to celebrate one of the most special times of the year by demonstrating the ronqueo technique.

This is the traditional method of breaking the fish down into the various different cuts, together with an explanation of how they’re used to get the most out of each one. Following the ronqueo, Dani García led a masterclass on all of them to demonstrate and provide ideas on how to prepare certain tuna cuts at home. 

Running alongside these special events, BiBo (Madrid and Tarifa) and Lobito de Mar (Marbella and Madrid) both included the special “15 tunas for 15 days” dishes on their menu. A unique delicacy that you can enjoy at both concepts to experience one of the most amazing products from the ocean. 

Ronqueo Marbella

On 4 May, at the Salón Andalucía of the Puente Romano hotel in Marbella, Dani’s home town and location of the group’s Leña and Babette restaurants. On this occasion and under the title of ‘Tuna, Caviar and Cocktail’, Dani García was assisted by Hervé Courtot, Corporate Chef for Nobu Hotels, to demonstrate how tuna is broken down into its various cuts, starting at 6pm. 

Following this display, guests enjoyed a light dinner that included some of the dishes that had been explained previously. A Roku-based cocktail was also served.

Ronqueo Madrid

A day later, on 5 May, “The Art of Tuna” came to Dani Brasserie at the Four Seasons hotel in Madrid, which opened the terrace season with its first demonstration of the traditional ronqueo technique. Under the name “Tuna, Caviar and Champagne”, the event featured a welcoming cocktail, a special dinner by Dani and his team, and an afterparty with live music from DJs Sandro Bianchi and Mestiza. 

The food served began with an o’toro nigiri with white soy sauce and Cádiz tuna pani puri with onion, followed by four main dishes: lean red tuna, ají amarillo chili, coriander and black olives; Nitro Tomato, green gazpacho and tuna belly tartare with Baeri caviar; smoked nape of tuna, soft wheat berries, coconut and kimchi; and tuna Wellington with matelote sauce and home-cooked truffles. Dessert consisted of yuzu sorbet with champagne, topped off with dark chocolate, gianduja and Arabica coffee ice cream.

Ronqueo Tarifa

The programme of ronqueo events around Spain was brought to a close in Tarifa, a town that is heavily involved in the almadraba method of tuna fishing. On 17 May, the BiBo Beach House restaurant in Tarifa gave ‘The Art of Tuna’ a fitting send-off. Located next to the Valdevaqueros beach dune, in an open-air setting, it was the first ronqueo event hosted at the restaurant.

As the sun set after the display, guests enjoyed a cocktail aperitif to bring this unique series of events to a close. 

From one day to the next, everyone’s dreams ground to a halt. That new job you were about to start, the trip you’d organised to that amazing city or country… When it happened, it felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown over you. Everything ground to a halt, with no way of knowing if things will ever get going again.


And any enthusiasm for all the moments and things that the future held just melted away. Everyone with an uncertain future, with no date for things to get back to normal. No specific date set for one of the happiest days of your life.


If you’re reading this, you may be one of those couples who were suddenly forced to cancel your happiest day. Maybe you went to pick up that dress that you looked so gorgeous in, only to hang it up in your wardrobe without knowing when you would get to wear it. Maybe you’ve had to tell that catering company that was going to cook up a storm that the day is no longer on. And you’ve ended up telling the DJ that because of the situation there’ll be no music until further notice.


Everything came crashing down. And yet, there was one thing that remained, and which will always be there, no matter what, and that’s love – love for your special someone, for eternal happiness and for having a wonderful time. Nobody said this would be an easy time, but we have to give thanks every day for still having that lust for life and for getting back to all those plans that were put on hold.


Getting back to reorganising and to celebrating love and friendship. In our case, we can’t wait to bear witness to all those moments. To ensure you regain that excitement and see your smiles and that sparkle in your eyes.


Everything will pass – and when it does, we’ll all get back to living and celebrating love in the best possible way, and doing what we’re passionate about. Back to doing our thing with the same enthusiasm as ever, with the same love as ever – and that’s something that no pandemic can ever defeat.

Tarifa, in the south of Cádiz province. A town of light and charm that seduces all who visit. The most idyllic beaches in Andalusia, with fine sand, crystal-clear water and a reputation as the best in Spain. Perfect for spending a day in the sun or enjoying water sports with other devotees – surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, etc.


Tarifa is a town where it’s easy to make all kinds of plans to ensure you make the most of its culture, food and entertainment options. Your day might start with a good Mediterranean breakfast of toast, coffee and orange juice, so you’ll be all set for a wander round the town, which should always include a visit to the Guzmán El Bueno castle, one of the best preserved fortresses in Andalusia. It was built in 960 by the caliph, Abd-ar-Rahman III, though it bears the name of the Christian governor, Guzmán El Bueno, who defended the city during the Christian invasion of 1294.


You’ll then be free to take stroll around the town’s shops and bars, and enjoy an aperitif and a wonderful bite of net-caught tuna from Barbate, another charming town that’s not far from Tarifa.


If you’re a water sports lover, there are plenty of surf schools that can provide whatever gear you need, or get you started with individual lessons in surfing or kitesurfing, among others.


All of this comes before experiencing the most magical sunset on the dunes at Valdevaqueros. They’re the kind of sunsets you remember for the rest of the year and think of every chilly winter’s evening as you listen to some chill-out. Don’t forget to grab a selfie with the sunset in the background – when the winter cold starts to bite, you’ll thank us for this bit of influencer advice.


The day draws to a close with good times among family and friends – a culinary evening that will continue to take you on your travels, this time around the world, with the tastes and flavours of cities and cultures that the chef, Dani García, has discovered in the different parts of the world he’s been to. BiBo Beach House, better known as BiBo Tarifa, will take you to each and every one of them through its carefully curated menu, adapted to the Tarifa style, with exclusive dishes to match its particular Cádiz brasserie style, together with some truly fabulous cocktails.

  • As part of the Dani García Group’s international expansion, the Marbella chef’s new grill house LEÑA signals a departure from the usual steakhouse stereotypes by combining tradition and innovation with the very best produce.


  • On the site of the former Dani García Restaurante, warm tones feature strongly in the design of this new project of a steakhouse that’s unlike any you’ve been to before.


  • The LEÑA menu includes dishes such as the iconic chef’s burger, smoked brisket, surf&turf and the crunchy roast-beef tart, and there’s a nod to the chef’s roots with charcoal-grilled meat and vegetable ‘espetos’ in true Dani García style.


Following the change in direction for Dani García Restaurante, and located on the very same site, after many months of design work and hard graft the Málaga chef is finally ready to open the doors to Leña –a new kind of steakhouse that’s all set to light a fire under the grilling world in Marbella. Leña forms part of Dani’s ongoing dream to bring his recipes to everyone everywhere, this time through a concept he’s been cooking up for a long, long time – a grill house that signals a departure from any stereotypes by combining tradition, innovation and produce in a way that only he can do.


It comes as no surprise to learn that, as a steakhouse, Leña is going one step beyond and opening its doors on the Costa del Sol to serve up an irresistible duality for its guests – the balance between Dani García’s technique and his sense of honesty and respect for great produce. This means a menu that’s all about the raw materials and the different ways they can be grilled, but with a highly personal touch and a strong international influence, born of the chef’s travels and experiences around the world.


Following on from the success of the fabulous Lobito de Mar chiringuito in Madrid and the beginnings of his international expansion with the opening of his furthest outpost, BIBO Doha, Dani García is making another of his dreams come true by turning his own particular vision of a steakhouse into reality. This new restaurant marks a real departure from the other projects the chef is already heading up, and forms part of the Dani García Group’s strategy for expansion in 2020.


With a unique approach, the chef’s vision and technique run through every part of the LEÑA menu. From the most traditional charcoal-grilled pieces to the most iconic international recipes, a whole world of preparations with Dani García’s signature style. The menu begins, therefore, with vegetarian starters such as baba ganoush, made from mashed charcoal-grilled aubergine with extra virgin olive oil and pitta bread for dipping, smoked burrata caprese salad, and charcoal-grilled avocado. The charcoal-grilled starter section includes dishes such as smoked brisket, crunchy roast-beef tart and fried chicken “oysters”, as well as a nod to the chef’s roots with charcoal-grilled meat and vegetable “espetos” in true Dani García style.


The real star of the show at Leña is, of course, the meat, with some wonderful offerings that include Yakitori chicken skewers, kebabs and sausage varieties such as sobrasada cooked on the grill. However, the chef gives full flight to his imagination with recipes such as his surf&turf, featuring both meat and lobster as a version of the famous American classic. Other meat dishes on the menu include the now legendary burger, which appears as “The Burger that made it all make sense”. This dish is served tableside live and direct, and in keeping with tradition it comes with the famous (and secret) bull sauce. This adapted version brings the memories flooding back of one of Dani’s most talked-about dishes.


And there’s a fantastic range of different cuts of meat for charcoal grilling in the ‘All the wood on the fire’ section of the menu, with grilled dishes such as old beef ribeye steak, bone-in 600g charcoal-grilled ribeye steak, 1.3kg charcoal-grilled young beef tomahawk steak and the charcoal-grilled T-bone beef steak, paying homage to the traditional grill houses of San Sebastián.


In terms of the setting for this new culinary venture, the design by the Astet studio design for the restaurant combines a primitive essence, one of flames, hot embers and natural materials such as stone and wood, an aesthetic that inspires the interior design as well as forming the basis of the culinary proposals on offer.


Leña is a steakhouse where meat is very much the star of the show, and where the different ways of preparing it, such as smoking and charcoal grilling, bring flavour and establish the concept of the restaurant in terms of its overall design. Wood, firewood and the different textures, how the passing of time leaves its mark and the organic transformation involved all form the mood board for this project. Using wood and tree trunks in the design creates a completely different environment and a unique sensory experience.


The dominant colour is black, and it’s everywhere – walls, ceilings, floors and furnishings. Subtle nuances are created using a palette range that can add brightness or subdue the tones as required. Different textures and contrasts help display the huge range of variables that can be seen at Leña through the use of black.


“The Group was clear about what we wanted to do with this project. The idea was to freshen up the concepts we like so much and instil them with the essence of the Dani García Group,” the Andalusian chef explains. “Unlike Lobito de Mar, where we’ve been much more respectful of the sea and the Andalusian way of doing things, at Leña – which has more in common with BIBO, it’s about stepping into the world of charcoal grilling. So based on our travels around the world, discovering yakitori and American grills and smokers, we’ve come up with dishes where it’s all about technique and truly great produce,” Dani adds.


With this highly anticipated opening, the Málaga chef is putting his feet to the fire with a sophisticated menu featuring dishes that go beyond the concept of a traditional grill house. He’s making his dream of opening a truly unique steakhouse come true.



Sam Nazarian’s Revolutionary Platform, C3, A Cutting-Edge Food and Beverage Ecosystem, To Develop with García Full-Service and Quick Service Culinary Mediterranean Concepts with a Spanish Flair, First Outpost to open at C3’s the Citizens New York Food Hall and Virtual Kitchens Located at Manhattan West



C3 (Creating Culinary Communities), a revolutionary food and beverage platform recently launched by Sam Nazarian, has announced that it has signed an agreement with internationally acclaimed Chef Dani García to open two culinary concepts by the end of 2020: Casa Dani by Dani García, a full-service dining concept, and Minük by Dani García, a fast casual concept, both with Mediterranean flavor with a Spanish flair.  Led by Chef García and Javier Gutierrez, Grupo Dani García has helmed several successful restaurants across Spain and the Middle East, including three-Michelin-star Restaurant Dani García.  García and C3 plan to open an additional 15 full-service dining Casa Dani by Dani García and up to 100 quick service Minük by Dani García globally in the next five years. All of the food concepts will be developed in close collaboration with C3 Chief Culinary Officer Martin Heierling. C3 is planning to open 200 virtual kitchens by the end of 2020 including Umami Burger, Sam’s Crispy Chicken, Krispy Rice, recently launched Plant Nation and EllaMia, and more. C3 will focus on restaurant concepts made up of an array of limited service culinary brands that are both new developments and evolutions of established, highly successful full-service sbe restaurants.


“By partnering with culinary genius and entrepreneur Dani García, we are now able to bring his 3-star Michelin experience to the American palate with our “Phone to Table” philosophy under $30, in under 30 minutes. The future of dining is casual, mobile and experiential,” said sbe and C3 CEO and Founder Sam Nazarian. “Dani is a globally renowned chef and a true culinary innovator. He and his team are an exciting complement to C3 and together we look forward to creating a new food and beverage paradigm.  I cannot wait to launch our incredible concepts in the core of Manhattan at our Citizens location.”


García said, “The collaboration with sbe, Simon, and Accor will be a great step for Grupo Dani García. Together with Sam Nazarian and his team, we have found the best possible partnership, as we share similar business philosophies on how to maximize synergies between lifestyle and elevated dining experiences. Our respective visions are acutely aligned, and we are committed to developing a revolutionary culinary culture that will adapt sbe/C3’s lifestyle concepts with our food brands.”


Casa Dani by Dani García, a Mediterranean full-service dining concept with Spanish flair to open as part of this collaboration, will arrive in 2020 in C3’s recently announced hospitality project Citizens.  This 40,000-square-foot culinary destination by award-winning designer David Rockwell is being developed by Brookfield Properties at Manhattan West in Manhattan.


The second concept, Minük by Dani García, a quick-service Mediterranean concept with Spanish flair, also slated for launch in Q4 2020 at Citizens, will be available in various C3 ghost kitchens across the United States. These undertakings will mark the first time Grupo Dani García has brought Chef Garcia’s world-renowned culinary style to the United States.


García, the celebrated Andalusian chef at the helm of multiple Michelin-starred restaurants is a leader in Spanish cuisine. After opening his first informal concept restaurant within the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella, he launched his groundbreaking and democratic concept-driven restaurants BiBo Madrid and Marbella-based Lobito de Mar. In the middle of 2019, García jumped from his restaurant kitchen to the stoves of the Spanish TV program Hacer de Comer, fulfilling his dream of bringing his cuisine to households all over Spain. Delivering on an ambitious growth strategy, he has since opened BiBo Beach House in Tarifa, his most travel-inspired concept, adapted to the Valdevaqueros beach, and he has carried the gastronomical experience of Lobito de Mar to Madrid.  On June 18, Leña, a casual dining steak house that applies fresh and modern tastes to classic culinary traditions, will open at the previous location of the three-star Michelin Dani García Restaurant.


Uniting established and new proprietary brands, C3 and Grupo Dani García will leverage complementary expertise to address the rapidly changing F&B landscape, with an emphasis on experiential, globally minded culinary offerings. In addition to a full-service establishment, the two partners will also open a quick service restaurant, initially within Citizens, capitalizing on the evolution of consumer preferences toward casual and mobile culinary moments.

Sometimes we strive to celebrate every day of our life with all the impetus and strength possible. It is a way of thanking those around us for the good things that happen to us or what they bring us from day to day. One way to show our true love is to do so in a special way once a year, although what is really important is to show love and support day by day. Moment by moment.
For several years, the 14th of February has been the day of lovers par excellence. But it is also known as the day of love and friendship, a holiday to celebrate between couples or friends in order to express affection for others.

This day brings with it enourmous quantities of flowers and posh dinners, leading to a night full of love and good times to remember together. But legend tells that the celebration of this day goes back to the third century, in the Italian city of Rome, where it is said that a priest challenged the orders of Emperor Claudius Aurelius Marcus Gothicus, Claudio II, who had prohibited the celebration of marriages for young people, because in his opinion single people without family were better soldiers. This priest, called Valentine, considered it unfair and secretly celebrated marriages for young lovers. That is why he was martyred and executed on the 14th of February.

Since then, we all celebrate love, affection and, possibly, the freedom to love without any impediment or obstacle.

What to buy for Valentine’s Day?

If you are looking for an original present, we have the perfect solution for you: why not buy an experience? A selection of romantic and unique plans to enjoy on Valentine’s Day or whenever you want.