Dani García: 3 Michelin Star Chef | Grupo Dani García




The chef Dani García is positioned as one of the Andalusian chefs with the greatest international projection to this day. Dani defines himself as an ‘artisan of flavor’ who manages to combine the products of his land together with the techniques and ingredients of the most international cuisine.

The story began to be written in 1998 to 2004, achieving the first Michelin star in the family project Tragabuches, where he develops a kitchen full of intention, youth and color. It will be in Calima from 2005 to 2013 where he reaches maturity as a chef, masters the technique and becomes the first two star chef in Andalusia. A stage that supposes a great evolution and learning since it develops a kitchen full of imagination, where the technique is at the service of the flavor. It is in November 2018 when he receives his third Michelin star at Dani García Restaurant and, with almost 20 years of experience in the kitchen, the story continues to be written.

  • 2000

    First Michelin star to Restaurante Tragabuches

  • 2002

    Perigueux Award (France) to the book Tragabuches for the best editorial design

  • 2002

    Best chef of the year. Recognition of the Malaga Gastronomic Academy

  • 2005

    Technical Award of the Year to Dani García and Raimundo García del Moral for their work with liquid nitrogen and gellan gum

  • 2006

    Chef L`Avenir (chef of the future) award granted by the International Academy of Gastronomy

  • 2007

    First Michelin star to Restaurante Calima

  • 2007

    2 Repsol Suns from the Repsol Guide to Calima

  • 2008

    3 Repsol Suns from the Repsol Guide to Calima

  • 2009

    National Award of Gastronomy by the Royal Spanish Academy

  • 2010

    Award for Excellence in Management to the Gastronomic Project of the Ministry of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía

  • 2010

    Second Michelin star to Calima

  • 2011

    Medal of Andalusia delivered by the Government Council of the Junta de Andalucía

  • 2012

    “Exploring Spain” Madrid Fusion

  • 2013

    Marbellero de Honor

  • 2014

    Revalidates the 2 * Michelin star in Dani García Restaurant at the Hotel Puente Romano

  • 2015

    Andalusia Award for Gastronomy 2015 to Dani García

  • 2016

    Bib Gourmand to BiBo Marbella

  • 2016

    "Sánchez Cotán" Award from the Royal Academy of Gastronomy for the Best Menu Design for BiBo Marbella & Madrid

  • 2017

    Prix Versalles Prize for the design of the best restaurant in Europe

  • 2018

    Third Michelin star to Dani García Restaurante

  • 2019

    Repsol Suns from the Repsol Guide to Lobito de Mar Mabella

  • 2020

    Favourite Son of Andalusia



Within our gastronomy, the quality of the products, tradition, innovation and excellence all stand out. Here you will find a committed gastronomy where tradition and innovation are embraced in our proposal.

Currently the group includes the gastronomic restaurant Dani García, the concepts BiBo and Lobito de Mar, the Catering, Eventos Dani García, which operates in national territory and finally, Atelier, the chef’s ideas laboratory in Marbella and space for events.


Dani García Foundation is a non for profit organization with a lasting impact on its heritage, using promotion, research, education and dissemination of dietary habits as an instrument for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood medical conditions.