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Italy is always trendy, but if we can’t travel to Rome, Rome can come to us. It is true that everywhere you go, Pasta is a good choice.

That is the reason why here, in Alelí Marbella, we have the best lunch to satisfy that craving from Wednesday to Friday.

Alelí Marbella

Imagine a Thursday after work, after pick up your children from school or after doing whatever, and the only thing you want to do is disconnect from routine in Trastevere quarter in Rome. Aleli allows you to travel to Italy just in a few seconds which any of its delicious pasta.

Antipastis will end with that sense of routine, It will ‘’leave the fox to watch the geese’’, and at the gates of Italy, but the more you will be tasting our recipes, you will live fully the Italian experience.

What can we tell you about Alelí pizzas? Authentic napolitana recipes, that will transport you to Spaccanapoli, one of the three main streets of the old town in Naples and you must visit it if you travel there.

To put the final touch to this feast, you can imagine yourself in your favorite Italian city. It is that, according to the story, tiramisu owns its origin at the end of XVII century as an offering to the Great Duque of Toscana; on the other side, there is someone who date Tiramisu’s appearance in XIX century, even though it is said that its creation was in Venecia.

Alelí Marbella

If you don’t want to think about what to order, we facilitate you your way with ‘’Trattoria Lunch’’, a selection of the best dishes in Alelí.

All roads lead to Rome, so don’t forget booking to enjoy this travel without the need of getting a flight. Alelí is waiting for you with a smile to gain your heart… and your stomach!