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Anniversary of Leña and Smoked Room Madrid

Time flies! This month, we celebrate the third anniversary of two jewels of the capital: Leña Madrid and Smoked Room Madrid. Three years have passed since these restaurants opened their doors, offering diners a sensory journey through intense flavours, innovative techniques and a welcoming atmosphere.

Leña Madrid: A tribute to the charcoal grill

Leña Madrid has conquered the hearts of meat and grilled cuisine lovers. Founded by our chef Dani García, Leña has stood out for its focus on the grill, where each dish is prepared with impeccable precision and high quality ingredients.

Since its opening, Leña has offered a unique experience that combines traditional grilling techniques with a modern and sophisticated touch. Meat cuts, meticulously selected, are cooked to perfection, bringing out their natural flavours and the essence of the grill. Leña doesn’t stop at meat; its menu also includes fish and vegetable dishes, all infused with the unmistakable aroma and flavour of the grill.

Restaurante Dani Garcia Leña Madrid

Smoked Room Madrid: An Oasis of Smoke

Right in the heart of Leña, Smoked Room Madrid, which holds two Michelin Stars, offers a completely different experience where smoke is the protagonist in every fish, vegetable, seafood or meat dish. This restaurant has become a haven for those seeking a more intimate and experimental culinary adventure. With its focus on smoking techniques and flavour fusion, Smoked Room has redefined what it means to enjoy an exceptional meal.

In these three years, Smoked Room has proven to be a laboratory of flavours, where the main ingredient is smoke, transforming each dish into a work of art.

From Madrid to the sky

The celebration of Leña and Smoked Room’s third anniversary not only marks a milestone in its trajectory, but is also a testament to the hard work, dedication and passion of its teams. No anniversary would be complete without thanking those who have been part of this incredible journey.

As we celebrate these three years, we continue to look to the future to continue to be part of your dining experiences. Leña Madrid and Smoked Room Madrid will continue to innovate and offer gastronomic experiences that delight and surprise.

Here’s to many more years of success and incomparable flavours!

This is the perfect excuse to discover what makes Leña and Smoked Room so special, we are waiting for you to share this celebration and give you an unforgettable experience!

See you at Leña y Smoked Room Madrid!