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Asador O’Pazo in Smoked Room

On 25 June, haute cuisine lovers in Madrid were surprised with a unique gastronomic experience, thanks to Asador O’Pazo’s visit to Smoked Room. From Galicia, where it has established itself as a benchmark for Galician cuisine, the team brought an exquisite blend of the sophistication of Galician tradition.

From Galicia to Madrid

At Asador O’Pazo, they control the fire to cook the best products offered by the sea and the land of Galicia, choosing only the highest quality, and always as close and fresh as possible. They are Óscar and Manuel Vidal, two brothers who grew up in a family dedicated to the hotel business within the Scala Hotel Group. They have spent more than a decade perfecting their own project full of personality, the steakhouse ‘O Pazo’ (1 Sol Repsol Guide), located in the heart of Galicia, in Padrón, 25 kilometres from Santiago.

Fusion as art

Asador O’Pazo’s visit to Smoked Room was not only a showcase of our country’s talent, but also a celebration of gastronomic fusion as an art form. In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to combine different cultures in a harmonious way is an invaluable asset.