''DesTÁPAte'' in Lobito de Mar Madrid | Grupo Dani García ''DesTÁPAte'' in Lobito de Mar Madrid | Grupo Dani García

”DesTÁPAte” in Lobito de Mar Madrid

The daily routine can be stressful, but what better way to recharge your batteries than enjoying Lobito de Mar Madrid’s bar? From the 6th of May until the 24th of May from Monday to Friday, lovers of marine flavours have an appointment at Lobito de Mar Madrid with its exclusive bar menu: ”DesTÁPAte”.

For those who need a ”break” during their working day, ”DesTÁPAte” offers the perfect option. Located in the heart of Madrid, Lobito de Mar Jorge Juan is the ideal place to enjoy a lunch that will give you the energy you need to face the rest of the day.

Enjoy and ”DesTÁPAte” in Lobito de Mar Madrid

DesTÁPAte” menu is an ode to the sea in all its grandeur. With a careful selection of dishes that highlight the best flavours and textures the ocean has to offer, every bite is a delicious adventure. From the classics to the most innovative creations, ”DesTÁPAte” caters to all tastes.

”DesTÁPAte” is a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of the sea in the heart of Madrid. From 6 May until 24 May, customers can enjoy this exclusive menu from Monday to Friday at Lobito de Mar Madrid.

You won’t need a reservation. Immerse yourself in this unique gastronomic experience, we are waiting for you at Lobito de Mar Madrid to feast on the flavours of the sea with ”DesTÁPAte”!