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El caviar and Dani García

Riofrío caviar, with its prestigious organic certification and unrivalled flavour, has found in Dani García’s restaurants the perfect setting to shine.

This delicacy, produced in Andalusian waters, is sublimely integrated into Dani García’s creations, offering an experience that combines luxury, innovation and the richness of Andalusian gastronomy.

Caviar from Ríofrío in Dani García’s cuisine becomes an essential ingredient that enhances and transforms dishes.

The marine delicacy

Caviar from Ríofrío elevates the dishes in Dani García’s kitchen. Its delicate flavour and unique texture are integrated to perfection, from the grills at Leña to the elegant seafood dishes at Lobito de Mar, from the more casual but sophisticated ambience of BiBo to the exclusivity of Smoked Room.

In each of these restaurants, Riofrío caviar shines not only for its exceptional quality, but also for the creativity with which it is incorporated into the dishes. Every visit to one of these restaurants is an opportunity to rediscover this exquisite ingredient.

Riofrío caviar and Dani García’s cuisine form a perfect pair that celebrates tradition and innovation, offering diners a culinary experience that is as memorable as it is delicious. This pairing not only elevates the dining experience, but also highlights the importance of sustainability and respect for high quality ingredients. The organic certification of Riofrío caviar guarantees that it is produced sustainably, respecting the environment and ensuring the highest quality.