“El Coleccionista” is born, a new concept of cocktails hidden within BiBo Madrid. | Grupo Dani García “El Coleccionista” is born, a new concept of cocktails hidden within BiBo Madrid. | Grupo Dani García

“El Coleccionista” is born, a new concept of cocktails hidden within BiBo Madrid.

Picasso once said, “Everything that can be imagined is real”. Under this same premise, the Dani García Group brings to Madrid its first cocktail bar, a multi-sensory space inspired by art galleries and antique collections, and which is hidden in the bowels of the BiBo restaurant of the capital. 

El Coleccionista” is a place where art comes to life through its exceptional liquid offers, in a space where sophistication and casualness coexist. In it, past, present, and future come together to create a unique experience that allows you to enjoy the efficiency of time, all with a purely artistic approach that offers the possibility not only of drinking authentic works of art but also of acquiring collectible items. 

Its proposal is based on a gastronomic cocktail where technology and research are in harmony with creativity and imagination. In this way, up to a hundred techniques are used from the elite of the gastronomic avant-garde worldwide, applied in the search of flavour.

El Coleccionista Madrid

The liquid menu is the undisputed protagonist of “El Coleccionista.” Consisting of twelve alcohol cocktails, made with techniques ranging from redistillations to fermentations, through fat-washes, centrifuges, ultrasounds, dealcoholisation, illusions, or textures. Highlights include drinks such as “Oil on canvas”, in which both the bartender and the customer will paint this work of drinking art together choosing from a special selection of ingredients; or “Ymanyá”, inspired by the goddess of the sailors and sea crossings. Made from an ultrasound extraction of white rum in nettles from the Mediterranean Sea with an extraction of generous hibiscus flower from the Red Sea, spices from the Black Sea and balanced with a touch of smoked dates from the Persian Sea. Finally, it incorporates a tuile of pistachios from the Arabian Sea, a fake coffee caviar, garum from the Caspian Sea and a bergamot gel from the Adriatic Sea.

On the other hand, there are three limited edition cocktails, which complement the proposal of the space as if it were a private collection. They will be available until the end of stock and incorporate distillates and vintage products that will delight a lucky few.

Like any good collection room, this space also has a unique and unrepeatable repertoire only available for ten people worldwide. With the name “The club of 10”, a cocktail will be created from irretrievable bottles that will be auctioned; once the bid is closed, the customer will define the price of the ten only units available, and his initials will be written on the Collector’s letter with the bid date and the name of the cocktail. Another aspect that makes the difference is that the whole cocktail menu is also available in its non-alcoholic version, maintaining the same organoleptic properties.

El Coleccionista Madrid

The culinary proposal has a complementary role in “El Coleccionista” formed by a small selection that includes some of the most iconic dishes and snacks of chef Dani Garcia. Among them, its emblematic brioches, starters such as grilled edamame and a couple of sweet options. In parallel, there is also room for coffee, and during the first hour of opening, the space will feature two fun versions of coffee accompanied by some special mignardises.

With a capacity of up to twenty-eight diners, “El Coleccionista” thus becomes the new space of the Malaga chef in the capital, after its opening last September of the restaurant Tragabuches in Marbella.