Dani García’s potato omelette (without onions)

Tortilla de patatas is one of the most emblematic dishes in Spanish gastronomy, and every chef has his own special version. Renowned chef Dani García, known for his creative approach to cooking, has managed to reinvent this culinary classic in a unique and delicious way.

Dani García’s potato omelette stands out for its uniqueness: he prepares it without onion, because “that way it doesn’t give it sweetness” and retains an exceptional flavour. The absence of onion allows the flavour of the potatoes to take centre stage, achieving a smooth texture on the inside that is perfectly complemented by the egg.

The key to Dani García’s potato omelette lies in its preparation. The chef selects quality potato varieties, ensuring that they are tender and have a sweet, earthy flavour. These potatoes are thinly sliced and slowly cooked in olive oil, allowing them to brown gently and develop a deep, caramelised flavour.

In addition to the potatoes, another fundamental ingredient in Dani García’s potato omelette is the egg. The eggs are carefully beaten and added to the cooked potatoes, creating a smooth, creamy mixture that will be cooked over a low heat. The chef pays special attention to the doneness of the omelette, making sure it is juicy on the inside. The star ingredient is butter, which he adds a little before making the omelette. 

The result is tasty and comforting, bringing out the essence of the main ingredients. The combination of caramelised potatoes and egg creates a harmony of flavours that will delight the palate of diners.

Dani García’s potato omelette can be enjoyed in his restaurant Tragabuches or in establishments where his culinary creations are served, such as BiBo Londres. Every bite of this delicious omelette transports us to the essence of Spanish cuisine, with its perfect combination of simple but tasty ingredients.

In conclusion, chef Dani Garcia’s onion-less yet flavoursome tortilla de patatas is a unique and delicious interpretation of this classic Spanish dish. The carefully selected potatoes and García’s culinary technique make this tortilla an exceptional gastronomic experience. If you have the opportunity to try it, don’t hesitate to do so and enjoy an innovative and tasty version of this iconic dish.