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Fall in love and celebrate life

Sometimes we strive to celebrate every day of our life with all the impetus and strength possible. It is a way of thanking those around us for the good things that happen to us or what they bring us from day to day. One way to show our true love is to do so in a special way once a year, although what is really important is to show love and support day by day. Moment by moment.
For several years, the 14th of February has been the day of lovers par excellence. But it is also known as the day of love and friendship, a holiday to celebrate between couples or friends in order to express affection for others.

This day brings with it enourmous quantities of flowers and posh dinners, leading to a night full of love and good times to remember together. But legend tells that the celebration of this day goes back to the third century, in the Italian city of Rome, where it is said that a priest challenged the orders of Emperor Claudius Aurelius Marcus Gothicus, Claudio II, who had prohibited the celebration of marriages for young people, because in his opinion single people without family were better soldiers. This priest, called Valentine, considered it unfair and secretly celebrated marriages for young lovers. That is why he was martyred and executed on the 14th of February.

Since then, we all celebrate love, affection and, possibly, the freedom to love without any impediment or obstacle.

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