Have Hacer de Comer for lunch and make life even better!

For almost a year, Dani García has been teaching his viewers homemade recipes that are within reach of everyone. Easy recipes, in his special DG Style and with a clear goal. For everyone to be able to cook Dani García’s cuisine from home with the everyday kitchen products and utensils that we all have to hand.

Highly shared and with numerous followers on social networks, TVE’s Hacer de Comer has caused a sensation and, since its -hopefully temporary- pause in broadcasting, every household is waiting with baited breath for Dani to continue amazing us with his cuisine, recipes and kitchen tricks.

But, while we wait for his return, BIBO wants to give a nod to all the fans who are so eager to carry on learning with Dani. We have done this in a simple and quick way, since on this occasion they will not have to cook but rather eat and enjoy Hacer de Comer and BIBO at the same time. Two unique pleasures that are available to everyone and come with a special menu and an expiration date.

Try out our Hacer de Comer Menu at Bibo Madrid

Dishes inspired by the programme with a starter, main course, dessert and a unique wine list to combine what will be a unique lunch at BIBO Madrid on the Mondays and Tuesdays of the month of February.

A unique way of experiencing Hacer de Comer from the inside, because cooking definitely improves your life!