Kemuri is now a reality, Dani García’s “Izakaya” arrives in his hometown, Marbella. This opening took place at the Hotel Puente Romano, last Friday 29th July. The day came when the chef materialised his goal of having a Japanese restaurant in the group, and moreover, in the capital of the Costa del Sol. 

Japanese gastronomy arrives at the Dani García Group

This tavern is a step into the millenary Japanese gastronomy, a combination of Mediterranean flavours with this traditional Japanese cuisine. This concept will be transformed into “Kurai” in the evenings, a clandestine cocktail bar where you can enjoy a signature menu with exclusive cocktails inspired by the history of Japan’s Five National Treasures. Only you will be lucky enough to get to know the best kept treasures of Japanese culture. 

Where does the Kemuri concept originate?

In the etymological origin of its own name, which means smoke in Japanese, it has a space designed based on the typical color contrast of Japanese architecture. A trip to Asia without leaving the coast of Malaga. A clever interplay of light and shadow forms an enveloping environment, where stone, rough stucco and dark-toned wood combine with other elements such as shoji, traditional sliding doors of translucent paper and wooden frames typical of Japan.

Kemuri’s culinary offer is complemented by a very special liquid proposal where the sake menu stands out, consisting of a meticulous selection of approximately 40 different sakes selected by the Sake Sommelier, Dominik Ponomarew.


At 00:00, this Japanese tavern transforms into Kurai Nights, a cocktail bar and invites all the curious to enter a clandestine and unique space, where you can live the most unique nights of Marbella, this refers to “dark” in Japanese. A cocktail bar with a signature menu signed by Dani García and directed by Manu Valenciano, Bar Manager of the Group and the bar team. They are inspired by the history behind the so-called Five National Treasures of Japan, and will put the cherry on top of the Marbella night in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

With a capacity for up to 45 people, this is the first restaurant concept that Dani García has dedicated to Japanese cuisine, paying homage to friends such as chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Kemuri thus joins the group of restaurants that the Dani García Group already has in his hometown, including Babette, Leña and Alelí, his most recent opening with an Italian accent.