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Matías Perdomo in Smoked Room

Fusion of flavours at Smoked Room: Matías Perdomo from Milan to Madrid

On 3 June, haute cuisine lovers in Madrid were treated to a unique dining experience, thanks to the visit of renowned Uruguayan chef Matías Perdomo to Smoked Room. From Milan, where he has consolidated his reputation as the first Uruguayan chef to receive a Michelin star, Perdomo brought with him an exquisite blend of the sophistication of Italian haute cuisine and the authenticity of South American traditions.

From Milan to Madrid

Matías Perdomo is a leading figure in the international culinary world. With his talent for fusing different culinary traditions, he has achieved recognition that transcends borders. In his restaurant in Milan, Perdomo has managed to combine the elegance of Italian cuisine with the intense and authentic flavours of Uruguayan parrillada, creating dishes that surprise and delight the most demanding diners.

Matias Perdomo’s arrival at Smoked Room was a long awaited event for many. This restaurant, known for its intimate atmosphere where smoke is the main ingredient, was the perfect setting for Perdomo to showcase his art. During his visit, diners had the opportunity to enjoy a special menu that combined the best of both cultures.

Fusion as art

Matias Perdomo’s visit to Smoked Room was not only a showcase of his culinary talent, but also a celebration of fusion as an art form. In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to combine different traditions and cultures in a harmonious way is an invaluable asset. Perdomo, with his work, reminds us that cooking is a universal language that can unite and surprise.