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Months without ‘’R‘’ of Lobito de Mar

There is an old tradition that months without ‘R’ – May, June, July, August – are the best months to enjoy certain types of fish, especially sardines. This advice comes from a time when preservation and refrigeration techniques were not as advanced as they are today.

During the summer months, high temperatures caused fish to decompose more quickly, so it was recommended to consume it in months with ‘R’ in their name.

However, beyond conservation, there is a biological reason behind this tradition. Sardines, for example, are at their best in terms of flavour and texture during the months without ‘R’.

This is because during spring and summer, these fish feed on the abundant plankton in the sea, which gives them a tastier flesh richer in healthy fats.

The months without ‘R’ are back in Lobito de Mar

Lobito de Mar, the restaurant of renowned chef Dani García, has become a benchmark for lovers of fresh fish and seafood. With locations in Marbella and Madrid, this establishment celebrates seafood cuisine at its best, respecting both tradition and innovation.

During the months without ‘R’, Lobito de Mar offers a selection of dishes that stand out for their freshness and quality. The sardine skewers, one of the star dishes, are served at their optimum point of flavour. The combination of modern culinary techniques with respect for the local fishing tradition creates a unique experience for diners.

Summer menu at Lobito de Mar not only focuses on sardines, but also includes a variety of fish and seafood that are at their best during this time of year.

Lobito de Mar experience

Lobito de Mar during the non-‘R’ months is more than just a meal. With its décor that evokes the sea breeze and attention to detail that is reflected in every dish, Lobito de Mar offers an experience that captures the essence of summer.

Tradition meets innovation to offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience, referring to the Mediterranean cuisine and bringing the best of the sea to your table.

We are waiting for you at Dani García’s most outstanding bar!