A perfect summer´s day in Tarifa | Grupo Dani Garcia A perfect summer´s day in Tarifa | Grupo Dani Garcia

A perfect summer´s day in Tarifa

Tarifa, in the south of Cádiz province. A town of light and charm that seduces all who visit. The most idyllic beaches in Andalusia, with fine sand, crystal-clear water and a reputation as the best in Spain. Perfect for spending a day in the sun or enjoying water sports with other devotees – surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, etc.

Tarifa is a town where it’s easy to make all kinds of plans to ensure you make the most of its culture, food and entertainment options. Your day might start with a good Mediterranean breakfast of toast, coffee and orange juice, so you’ll be all set for a wander round the town, which should always include a visit to the Guzmán El Bueno castle, one of the best preserved fortresses in Andalusia. It was built in 960 by the caliph, Abd-ar-Rahman III, though it bears the name of the Christian governor, Guzmán El Bueno, who defended the city during the Christian invasion of 1294.

You’ll then be free to take stroll around the town’s shops and bars, and enjoy an aperitif and a wonderful bite of net-caught tuna from Barbate, another charming town that’s not far from Tarifa.

If you’re a water sports lover, there are plenty of surf schools that can provide whatever gear you need, or get you started with individual lessons in surfing or kitesurfing, among others.

All of this comes before experiencing the most magical sunset on the dunes at Valdevaqueros. They’re the kind of sunsets you remember for the rest of the year and think of every chilly winter’s evening as you listen to some chill-out. Don’t forget to grab a selfie with the sunset in the background – when the winter cold starts to bite, you’ll thank us for this bit of influencer advice.

The day draws to a close with good times among family and friends – a culinary evening that will continue to take you on your travels, this time around the world, with the tastes and flavours of cities and cultures that the chef, Dani García, has discovered in the different parts of the world he’s been to. BiBo Beach House, better known as BiBo Tarifa, will take you to each and every one of them through its carefully curated menu, adapted to the Tarifa style, with exclusive dishes to match its particular Cádiz brasserie style, together with some truly fabulous cocktails.