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Ronqueo in BiBo Tarifa

The good weather arrives in Tarifa and brought us last 9th of May, the last ”ronqueo” of the season in BiBo Tarifa.

Our chef, Dani García, together with Gadira, gave us the opportunity to enjoy the most representative tradition of the almardraba season.

This evening, not only offered a session on the cutting of the tuna, but we could also enjoy a menu designed for the occasion.

Chef Dani García, explained to the audience his unique vision of how to transform tuna cuts into exquisite dishes that delight the senses.

Gadira, for his part, brought his knowledge of the exceptional quality of bluefin tuna. An iconic product that is prized for its incomparable flavour and texture.

Those attending the event not only enjoyed a delicious dinner, but also came away with a new appreciation for the art of ronqueo and a deep respect for the fishermen and chefs who work tirelessly to offer the best of Spanish gastronomy.

BiBo Tarifa provided the perfect setting for this unique experience. With its casual style and focus on haute cuisine, the restaurant served as the ideal setting for this event.

In short, the ronqueo event with Dani García at BiBo Tarifa was much more than a culinary demonstration; it was a tribute to Spain’s seafaring heritage and passion for gastronomy.