Smoked Room enters the Michelin Guide | Grupo Dani García Smoked Room enters the Michelin Guide | Grupo Dani García

Smoked Room enters the Michelin Guide

Smoked Room Dubai, the Dani García concept revolving around smoke and embers, has been awarded a star in the Michelin Guide just six months after opening.

This milestone recognises the culinary excellence and innovation of the concept and highlights Dani García’s successful international expansion.

Smoked Room, which elevates fine grilled cuisine with a unique concept in the United Arab Emirates, has been awarded a Michelin star at the third Michelin gala held in Dubai on 4 July at the prestigious One Zabeel.

Dani García’s most exclusive concept, which opened its doors in December last year at the popular St. Regis Gardens Hotel in the heart of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island, has made it into the Michelin Guide thanks to a unique proposal with smoke as the protagonist. Chef Jesús Lobato has also won the Young Chef Award.

This award not only highlights Dani García’s culinary prowess, but also his successful international expansion, consolidating his recognition on the world stage and solidifying his reputation for excellence and innovation in the gastronomic world.

Originally established in Madrid, Smoked Room quickly earned two Michelin stars within six months of opening, captivating diners with its unique “Fire Omakase” concept, where chef Dani García’s artistry and technique intertwine with smoke and embers. Now, again six months after opening its doors, the chef receives a Michelin star in the Middle East, becoming the first international one.

Achieving success

“Receiving a Michelin star for Smoked Room Dubai is a historic and exceptional achievement. Michelin has an important meaning for me, as it has been a constant presence in my career since I started my career in the kitchen at 17 and earned my first star at 22, making me the youngest chef in Spain and the only one in Andalusia to achieve this distinction at the time. To receive a star in the first six months of opening in Dubai is really extraordinary. I am very proud and happy for my team. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has made it possible and for the Michelin Guide’s continued belief in us,” says Dani García.

Head Chef Jesús Lobato, Restaurant Manager Ugo Calia, General Manager Carlyne Leffondre and the entire Smoked Room Dubai team have also been enthusiastic about this prestigious award. Their dedication to providing an unparalleled dining experience has been instrumental in achieving this recognition.

With this award, Dani García continues to reap success around the world, bringing his gastronomy to every corner of the globe and now in the heart of the Middle East he reaffirms his commitment to culinary excellence and his influence on international cuisine.