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Summer plans in Madrid

Summer plans in Madrid have arrived. You have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wide gastronomic offer of the city. This year, Dani García Group invites you to immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience in each of its restaurants. From haute cuisine to the most traditional and innovative tapas, there is something for everyone. Join us on this tour of our restaurants and discover what makes each one a special destination for this summer!

BiBo Madrid: Fun Made Flavourful

In the heart of Madrid, BiBo awaits you with a gastronomic proposal that fuses tradition and the avant-garde. With its casual atmosphere and a menu full of flavours from around the world, BiBo is the perfect place for a summer dinner with friends. Don’t miss its iconic oxtail brioche or the red tuna tartar, perfect for sharing and enjoying in good company.

Lobito de Mar: A Taste of the Sea in the City

For those looking for a seafood experience without leaving Madrid, Lobito de Mar is the ideal choice. This restaurant brings the best of Mediterranean cuisine with a special touch of Andalusia. From its seafood bar to its grilled fish, every dish is a celebration of the sea. This summer, let Lobito de Mar‘s sea breeze transport you to the coast while you enjoy their exquisite fried fish and a glass of chilled white wine.

Leña: The Passion for Embers

If you’re a meat lover, Leña is the place to visit this summer. With its focus on charcoal-grilled cuisine, this restaurant offers prime cuts of meat prepared to perfection. Leña’s warm and rustic atmosphere will make you feel right at home, as you enjoy dishes such as the Galician blonde beef chuletón or the Iberian pork ribs. Pair with a good red wine for a complete culinary experience.

Smoked Room: Innovation and Creativity

For those looking for a unique and surprising gastronomic experience, Smoked Room is the hidden gem of the Dani García Group. This restaurant, awarded with two Michelin stars, offers a tasting menu where smoke and embers are the protagonists. Each dish is a unique creation that challenges the limits of traditional gastronomy. This summer, let the Smoked Room team take you on an unforgettable culinary journey, full of surprises and unique flavours.

Tragabuches: The Renewed Tradition

To close this gastronomic tour, we cannot forget Tragabuches. This restaurant pays homage to Andalusian flavours with a modern and sophisticated touch. At Tragabuches, each dish tells a story that connects the culinary tradition of southern Spain with contemporary innovation. This summer, let yourself be surprised by their reinterpretation of gazpacho or the delicious suckling goat from Malaga. Every bite at Tragabuches is a journey to the heart of Andalusia.