The hottest brunch of Dani García | Grupo Dani García The hottest brunch of Dani García | Grupo Dani García

The hottest brunch of Dani García

Its tradition comes from New York and is a mix between breakfast and lunch. They turned it into brunch and all lovers of good gatherings around the table are taking it up as a fixed plan on their weekends. 

Leña Madrid, inaugurated in June 2021 in Paseo de la Castellana 57, activated this well-known and successful custom to start the weekend in the warmest way to add a lot of firewood to the fire starting early in the morning. Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 12:30h in a unique menu you will start the embers day of Dani García. Starters, main course of your choice, dessert and drink for €45 per person. 

Leña Madrid hides a secret.

The perfect decoration, dim light and the embers of Leña hide the corridor to the stars. The two Michelin Stars of Smoked Room, achieved at the same time six months after its opening in 2021. A unique space that takes you to haute cuisine in a unique omakase menu. In this space that seats fourteen diners, you just have to place yourself in the hands of the chef. The rest is up to us.

If you want to live this experience, pay attention to every fifteenth day of the month to be able to send a reservation request to be able to access to one of these places. 

The perfect gift. 

It is becoming more and more common to give intangible gifts that will offer the other person to the purest and most exciting experience. Among the world’s passions is gastronomy and Dani García’s wide-ranging offer is also available as a gift. 

For this reason, you can now purchase the perfect brunch experience for two as a gift. The beneficiary will have 12 months to redeem it from the date of purchase. When they do so, they will start the weekend in the embers of Dani García. After such a  start to your day, the rest can only get better.