The magic of the Kings Night | Grupo Dani García The magic of the Kings Night | Grupo Dani García

The magic of the Kings Night

Dear Wise Men, 

In 2022 we have behaved better than ever, so for this year we ask you to bring us surprises to continue improving…

Who has not gone to sleep feeling nervous about the 5th, after seeing the street parade and with the excitement of getting up the next day and finding, magically, all the gifts under the tree? 

¡The Kings are coming! and they have secretly whispered to us that they are bringing you many surprises for this 2023, and they are sure that you will enjoy them just like a child opening their gifts.

BiBo Madrid

We know that for this day it is difficult to know what to give, so we come to facilitate that job.

What better opportunity to give your friends or family experiences for their palate? So that magical night, they go to sleep on a happy stomach, or experiences to enjoy on the 6th with those around you. Any time is good to celebrate with your loved ones. We also take care of the Roscon.

We know that you win people over through their stomach, so take advantage and book your experience.

Leña Marbella

This year you must be very attentive to our networks, the kings are going to be publishing the surprises.