We´ll be back to celebrating love | Grupo Dani García We´ll be back to celebrating love | Grupo Dani García

Everything will pass and we´ll be back to celebrating love

From one day to the next, everyone’s dreams ground to a halt. That new job you were about to start, the trip you’d organised to that amazing city or country… When it happened, it felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown over you. Everything ground to a halt, with no way of knowing if things will ever get going again.


And any enthusiasm for all the moments and things that the future held just melted away. Everyone with an uncertain future, with no date for things to get back to normal. No specific date set for one of the happiest days of your life.


If you’re reading this, you may be one of those couples who were suddenly forced to cancel your happiest day. Maybe you went to pick up that dress that you looked so gorgeous in, only to hang it up in your wardrobe without knowing when you would get to wear it. Maybe you’ve had to tell that catering company that was going to cook up a storm that the day is no longer on. And you’ve ended up telling the DJ that because of the situation there’ll be no music until further notice.


Everything came crashing down. And yet, there was one thing that remained, and which will always be there, no matter what, and that’s love – love for your special someone, for eternal happiness and for having a wonderful time. Nobody said this would be an easy time, but we have to give thanks every day for still having that lust for life and for getting back to all those plans that were put on hold.


Getting back to reorganising and to celebrating love and friendship. In our case, we can’t wait to bear witness to all those moments. To ensure you regain that excitement and see your smiles and that sparkle in your eyes.


Everything will pass – and when it does, we’ll all get back to living and celebrating love in the best possible way, and doing what we’re passionate about. Back to doing our thing with the same enthusiasm as ever, with the same love as ever – and that’s something that no pandemic can ever defeat.