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‘’They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true.’’- Big Fish (2003). 

According to Psychology, it is said that we have three kinds of love. Sometimes we live the three of them with the same person at the time we develop as a couple.

  • Idealistic love, fairy-tale love, love that we believe will last a lifetime.
  • Love out of necessity, out of doubt, the ups and downs of falling in love, the need to be loved.
  • Unexpected love, out of the blue, more mature, we accept the other person as they are.

This is why love must be celebrated, with that person who came and changed our life ” Che confusione, sarà perché ti amo”. 

So, this Valentine’s Day, give the gift of an experience to remember which will tell you ‘’I remember that night better than some of the years of my life” Before Midnight (2004). 

Alelí Marbella


We will help you to prepare the experiences. You know that in BiBo ‘’We love you so brunch’’, and this day couldn’t be as (Roma)ntic, without an Italian diner, so present them with the gift of Alelí Flowers.

If you prefer something more sparkling, let the flame of love be noticed, add Leña to the fire!

Also, you can show your ‘’resalao’’ side in Lobito de Mar; or if you believe in the Japanese legend of the red thread, in Kemuri you can live an oriental experience.

Kemuri Marbella


Of course, besides St. Valentine’s Day, you have something special to celebrate, let us know and we will do the magic.

So don’t forget to book your experience in your favorite restaurant, dedicate quality time to your partner and let us form a part of it, by mentioning us in your social networks. 

‘’ Isn’t everything we do in our lives in order to be loved a little more?’’ Before Sunrise (2004)