The chef from Da Vittorio visits Alelí | Grupo Dani García The chef from Da Vittorio visits Alelí | Grupo Dani García

Dani García welcomes the chef of Da Vittorio to Alelí, his restaurant with an Italian accent in Marbella

If there is one thing that characterizes Italy worldwide, it is its gastronomy and its people’s passion for food. So much so that even the Italians have a saying that goes: “Mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare”, in other words, you must eat to live, not live to eat. 

With this premise, Alelí, Dani García’s Italian-accented restaurant in marbella, hosted a new edition of the days that pay tribute to the gastronomy of the transalpine country with the help of the Marbella chef and other great prescribers of Italian cuisine. After the inauguration in February with Matías Perdomo, and again under the name “Dani García e Fratelli”, on 29 and 30 April they had the honors of having the chef of the three Michelin starred restaurant Da Vittorio

As Dani García proudly says: “To have one of the best restaurants in Italy in Marbella and in Alelí is a real pleasure. Also, to be able to make the Paccheri, so well-known in his restaurant, with Enrico, in my restaurant, was a pleasure and a delight for the guests”. Together with Enrico Cerea, Da Vittorio’s executive chef, he created a very homogeneous menu, interspersed with dishes from Alelí and the guest restaurant. A real festival of flavours that diners will never forget. 

This menu consisted of a torta croccante di tartufo as an aperitif, together with Aleli dishes such as vitello tonnato “al contrario” prepared especially for the occasion, as well as risotto al tartufo, porchetta di agnello and the traditional tiramisu. Da Vittorio cooked spaghetto di tono, plin carbonaro and the famous paccheri alla Vittorio. A spectacular menu that left no one indifferent.

The gastronomic proposal was accompanied by two unique pairing options: one Italian style and the other premium, by Dom Pérignon. The prestigious champagne accompanied the dinner in a special way, perfectly pairing each and every one of the dishes. 

Thus, “Dani García e Fratelli” is the result of the Marbella chef’s admiration for his counterparts in Italy, a reflection of the good work and passion for the traditional cuisine of the transalpine country. With Da Vittorio and his three stars, attendees witnessed a unique Alelí for two exclusive nights, featuring the best Italian produce and the technique of the greatest experts in this cuisine, all without leaving Marbella.