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Chef Dani García, a 3-star Michelin chef from Spain, and one of the highly acclaimed Andalusian chefs in the world, will be launching a special Paella Fashion Weekend menu from 5 to 7 February at his recently opened at The St. Regis Hotel.

Chef Dani Garcia, along with his award-winning executive chefs will be joining BiBo Doha guests firsthand to present this unique experience. Spending many weekends making Paellas for his family in Marbella, Garcia is known to have accumulated his own secrets of how to make this perfect Spanish dish.

This once off Paella menu will offer a choice of paella, such as the Paella de Pollo Coquelette served with Cornfed baby chicken Paella, Paella de Chuleta de Wagyu, and Paella de Bogavante served with Lobster saffron.

The three-course set menu includes signature shared starters such as the traditional salad dish in Russian cuisine, ensaladilla rusa, and the potato omelet Tortilla de patata Brava, a traditional dish from Spain, as well as BiBo’s signature desserts such as the famous Cheesecake, and the Fruta Fresca, served with fresh fruit, frozen tropical meringue, nitro popcorn and hibiscus granita.

“I am very excited to introduce our customers to my version of this historic Spanish dish that was famous in the rural areas of Valencia between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. My versions are ones that I am confident will appeal to the refined taste of the people of Qatar. I look forward to welcoming everyone during the weekend to try this exclusive offering,” said Dani Garcia, founder of Bibo.

Paella is a rice dish made from autochthonous short-grain rice called Bomba o Calasparra. It is prepared with a rich stock in a flat pan called Paella, and it is considered to be one of the most iconic dishes in Spanish cuisine.

With rice and saffron being just some of the ingredients introduced by the Moors, Paella has strong influences from the old Moorish kingdom of Al-Ándalus. It is a representation of Spanish kitchen, however, with time it has found its way to world cuisine becoming more international, with variants of meat, seafood, fish, and vegetables.

Chef Dani explores different types of Paellas from thin style Alicantino Paellas – a thin layer of rice with a choice of topping, to creamy meloso rice and Paellas made on open flames with vine leaves, providing his fans with many options to experience this unique Spanish signature dish. In BiBo, guests will taste Paella that uses Bomba rice, harvested from three different villages- Sollana, Silla and Sueca- and known to increase three times in size when cooked, locking in flavours and aromas.

Chef Dani Garcia is famous for combining dishes that his gastronomic memory has been accumulating during his travels inside and outside of Spain. BiBo is a culinary travel guide created to enjoy a global cuisine fused with Garcia’s roots and origins.

Enjoy The Paella Fashion Weekend at Bibo Doha

The Paella Fashion Weekend Set Menu prices range from 375 QAR to 475 QAR per person.  To book, please contact: +974 4424 4870 or on the link bellow, spaces are limited.


The menu is available only from 5 to 7 February.

What began as a historical event with the visit of Alfonso XIII to Cádiz and the glass of Jerez that he drank with his entourage, has now become one of the classic nights out around the world.
According to the Royal Spanish Academy, tapa is defined as a “small portion of food that is served as an accompaniment to a drink.” In many municipalities, it is traditional to automatically receive the tapa with the accompanying drink, creating the custom of “tapear”.
Another of the acts this tradition carries with it is “going out for tapas”. This means touring various establishments in town to try the various tapas.


It usually takes place at the bar counter, standing and not sitting. But, little by little, this has been changed, and now there are bars with all sorts of tables or arrangements.

In many spaces, even the restaurant menu differs from the bar menu. The latter is usually a bit more informal, as is the case at Lobito de Mar, both in Madrid and Marbella. The food normally consists of cold dishes such as Russian salad or montaditos that are eaten in one or two bites in order to be quick and without the risk of staining, accompanied by a small beer, a soda or a glass of wine.

A gastronomic tradition initiated in Spain, which enchants everyone who visits us and allows them to taste the greatest number of dishes and flavors in the country.

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Try our “Despáte” menu at Grupo Dani García

Enjoy at Lobito de Mar from January 15 to February 14 a menu based only and exclusively of the best tapas that are served in our bar or if you prefer you can give it as present buying in advance the “Destápate” menú voucher.

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Available until February 14tn