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On July 21 we celebrate a date that we love: International Gazpacho Day! This dish, an icon of Andalusian gastronomy, has conquered palates around the world. In Dani Garcia Group, we are proud to present our unique and delicious versions of this cold soup, available in our restaurants Tragabuches, BiBo Tarifa and Lobito de Mar Marbella.

Cold soup

Our cherry gazpacho is a jewel on the menu: fresh, light and with the sweet and sour touch of cherries. Each dish is a work of art that reflects our passion for authentic flavors.

Cherry gazpacho becomes the perfect refreshing drink for summer. Imagine a hot day on the coast, while enjoying this unique gazpacho. It is the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, ideal to combat the heat with lots of flavor and style.

On the other hand, the thick and creamy salmorejo is made with the finest ingredients and served with shavings of Iberian ham and hard-boiled egg. It is a celebration of simplicity and perfection, paying homage to Andalusian tradition while offering a first class dining experience.

These cold soups are much more than simple dishes: they are a celebration of our heritage and our land. This July 21, International Gazpacho Day, we invite you to try these recommendations in Tragabuches, BiBo Tarifa and Lobito de Mar Marbella. Come and enjoy this Andalusian tradition, where every bite is a journey of flavor and every dish tells a story.

We are waiting for you to celebrate together and enjoy these gastronomic wonders!

Happy International Gazpacho Day!

San Juan is one of the most eagerly awaited festivities of the year. This celebration marks the summer solstice and the arrival of the shortest and most magical night of the year. In Spain, we love to gather on the beach, light bonfires, jump over them and make wishes while the waves caress the shore. This ritual is a symbol of purification and renewal, leaving behind the old and making way for the new.

San Juan and Dani García

Make your wishes to the water with Lobito de Mar

Make a wish and let the water make it come true.

If there is one restaurant that captures the essence of the sea and the beach, it is Lobito de Mar. Located in Marbella Madrid and La Finca, this restaurant is paradise for fish and seafood lovers. After dinner, strolling along the beach, feeling the sea breeze and jumping in the waves is the perfect way to complete the night of San Juan. This year we want to celebrate the magic of San Juan in Dani García Group with you.

Burn the bad and let the good happen with Firewood

Ask for what you want to leave behind and let the fire burn it.

For those who prefer intense flavours and charcoal-grilled cuisine, Leña is the ideal choice. This restaurant combines the tradition of the grill with modern techniques, offering meats of the highest quality in a sophisticated atmosphere. Celebrating San Juan at Leña means enjoying a culinary experience that enlivens all the senses. Feel the warmth of the bonfires that mark this special night.

Manifest new beginnings with Tragabuches

Plant your pot with intention and you will see the fruits of what you have sown.

Tragabuches, located in Marbella and Madrid, is a tribute to Andalusian cuisine with a touch of innovation. This restaurant is perfect for those who wish to celebrate the Noche de San Juan in a more intimate setting, but without losing the essence of the festivity. Enjoy dishes such as potato omelette or cherry gazpacho, which combine tradition with modern creativity.

Shine with BiBo

Glow with fire and make your wish this San Juan.

For those looking for a vibrant and cosmopolitan experience, BiBo is the perfect choice. This restaurant, located in Marbella, Tarifa and Madrid, offers international cuisine that fuses flavours from around the world. Imagine celebrating San Juan with a creative cocktail in hand, enjoying dishes such as oxtail brioche or sea bass ceviche, while bonfires light up the night. At BiBo, fun and gastronomy go hand in hand, creating the ideal atmosphere for a magical evening.

We want your wishes to come true, celebrate San Juan with Dani García Group.

Potato Day is celebrated on 30 May, a worldwide recognition of this tuber that has been a fundamental element in the diet of various cultures throughout history. Originally from the Andes, the potato has conquered the world with its versatility and ability to adapt to countless recipes and culinary styles. In Spain, one of the most emblematic dishes made with potato is the potato omelette, a gastronomic gem that has as many versions as there are cooks.

Potato: universal ingredient

The potato is more than just a simple side dish on our tables. It is an ingredient that, in its simplicity, offers a blank canvas for culinary creativity. From purées and stews to salads and stir-fries, the potato adapts to all styles and tastes. Its ability to absorb flavours and its unique texture make it indispensable in the kitchen.

Tragabuches: Innovation and Tradition

Tragabuches, located in Marbella and in the heart of Madrid, is known for its innovative and respectful approach to traditional ingredients. With a philosophy that combines the authenticity of Andalusian cuisine with modern techniques. Potato, being such a fundamental ingredient, plays a prominent role in their menu.

The potato omelette is a dish that arouses passions and debates all over Spain. The question of whether it should have onion or not has divided food lovers for generations. However, everyone agrees that the key to a good omelette lies in the quality of its ingredients and the technique of its preparation.

Tortilla de Patata con Cebolla Trufada: A Jewel of a Truffled Onion Omelette

One of Tragabuches’ specialities is its exquisite potato omelette with truffled onion. This dish is a clear example of how a simple ingredient can be transformed into a gourmet experience.


Preparation of the Potatoes and Onions: Peel and cut the potatoes into thin slices and the onions into julienne strips. Fry together in plenty of olive oil over medium heat until tender and lightly browned.

Mix with the Eggs: Beat the eggs in a large bowl and add a pinch of salt. Drain the potatoes and onions and mix with the beaten eggs. Add a dash of truffle oil to intensify the flavour.

Cooking: Pour the mixture into a frying pan with a little hot oil and cook over medium heat until the omelette is set on one side. Turn with a plate and cook on the other side until golden brown and juicy on the inside.

Finishing touch: If desired, grate some fresh truffle over the omelette before serving to add a touch of luxury and aroma.

El Día de la Patata es una oportunidad para celebrar la importancia de este tubérculo en nuestra dieta y en la cultura gastronómica mundial. Desde las cocinas más humildes hasta los restaurantes de alta cocina como Tragabuches, la patata ha demostrado ser un ingrediente imprescindible. Así que, en este día, disfrutemos de la patata en todas sus formas y celebremos su capacidad para unir tradición y modernidad en la mesa.

Ya sea en una tortilla de patata con cebolla trufada o en cualquier otra receta, la patata nos recuerda que la simplicidad y la excelencia pueden ir de la mano, creando platos que nos reconfortan y nos sorprenden. ¡Feliz Día de la Patata!

For lovers of Spanish gastronomy and culture, Cinco Jotas offers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of acorn-fed Iberian ham with its upcoming workshops. These exclusive experiences will take place on 30 May at 19:30 in Tragabuches Marbella and on 6 June at 20:00 in Tragabuches Madrid. These events promise to be a celebration of flavour, tradition and learning, led by experts in the field.

The magic of Cinco Jotas

Cinco Jotas is synonymous with quality and tradition in the world of Iberian ham. With more than 140 years of history, this brand has established itself as a world reference thanks to its commitment to excellence and respect for artisan methods. Cinco Jotas acorn-fed Iberian ham is the result of meticulous breeding, in which pure-bred Iberian pigs are fed on acorns and natural pasture in the pasture, which gives rise to its unique and incomparable flavour.

What Can You Expect from the Workshops?

Cinco Jotas workshops are not just a tasting, but a complete immersion in the world of Iberian ham. Here is a sneak preview of what you will experience:

History and Tradition: Learn about the rich history of Cinco Jotas and Iberian ham. Discover how traditional methods have been preserved and perfected over the years to guarantee a product of the highest quality.

Guided Tasting: Take part in a tasting led by experts. You will be able to taste different cuts of ham and learn to identify the characteristics that make Cinco Jotas a unique ham. From aroma to texture and flavour, each aspect will be explained in detail.

Cutting Techniques: Cutting ham is an art in itself. During the workshop, there will be knife cutting demonstrations, and participants will have the opportunity to practice under the supervision of a master slicer. You will learn how to obtain the best slices to fully appreciate the flavour and texture of the ham.

Perfect Pairing: Discover how to pair Iberian ham with other gourmet products and select wines. This section of the workshop will teach you how to enhance the flavours of ham with exquisite combinations that will delight your palate.

The spot

Tragabuches Marbella and Tragabuches Madrid are the perfect setting for these events. Both restaurants are renowned for their traditional gastronomy and cosy atmosphere, ideal to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

  • Tragabuches Marbella: Located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, this restaurant combines traditional Andalusian cuisine with a modern twist. The workshop in Marbella will be on 30 May at 19:30.
  • Tragabuches Madrid: Located in the heart of the capital, this place is known for its tradition and dedication to quality products. The date in Madrid is 6 June at 20:00.

The Cinco Jotas workshops at Tragabuches Marbella and Madrid are the perfect opportunity for foodies to discover the secrets of Iberian acorn-fed ham. Not only will you enjoy an exceptional tasting, but you will also learn techniques and knowledge that will enrich your appreciation of this Spanish delicacy. Book your place and get ready for a night full of flavour and tradition – we’re waiting for you!

Ready for a journey that awakens your senses and takes you deep into the Andalusian tradition? Welcome to Tragabuches, where the passion for food meets the warmth of southern Spain! With locations in both Marbella and Madrid, this restaurant is the perfect destination for lovers of good food, unique experiences coupled with tradition.

Marbella and its Andalusian soul

Tragabuches Marbella, stands as a gastronomic oasis, where the authentic flavours of Andalusia come alive in every dish. From gazpacho to the most typical Andalusian stews in winter, every bite transports you to the sunny streets of southern Spain.

But the experience goes beyond the food. Here, the youngest members of the family also have their special place thanks to the Kids Club, where they can have fun while the adults enjoy a palate-pleasing meal.

Tragabuches Madrid, a place for all occasions

In the heart of the capital, Tragabuches Madrid offers something for everyone. As well as a menu that celebrates Spain’s gastronomic richness, the restaurant has several spaces ideal for meetings and special events.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place for a business lunch or an intimate celebration with friends, Tragabuches Madrid has the ideal setting for every occasion. Immerse yourself in the modern elegance of its dining rooms and let the magic of Spanish gastronomy do the rest.

The charm of Tragabuches

Tragabuches is a celebration of life, friendship and Spanish culture. With its focus on Andalusian flavours in Marbella and its versatility in Madrid, this restaurant captivates all who have the pleasure of visiting.

Are you ready to be swept away by the charm of Tragabuches?

It is no secret that the potato omelette is a divisive issue in Spain. Supporters of the onion omelette argue that it adds extra flavour and a different texture, as well as being a long-established tradition in many regions of Spain.

On the other hand, advocates of the omelette without onion insist that the pure flavour of the potato and egg should predominate.

At Tragabuches, we love to challenge the most ”great cookers” with this iconic Tragabuches recipe. We encourage everyone to try both styles and share their experiences and results with us.

Cooking is a subjective and personal art, and we are excited to see how everyone interprets and enjoys this classic Spanish recipe in their own way.

For those who love truffles, Tragabuches has put an exquisite twist on this theme with its truffled onion potato omelette, combining the best of both worlds: Spanish tradition with a touch of sophistication.

In the meantime, we invite you to join us at the Tragabuches bar, where the most authentic tapas of Andalusia await you for a unique dining experience.

Spanish omelette

Print Recipe


  • Thermomix
  • Kitchen spatule
  • Varilla 25 cm
  • Sartén antiadeherente 24 cm
  • Bol de acero mediano


  • 0,1232 Kg New Calm Potato (Rolled for tortilla) Raw:0,1438 Kg
  • 0,0308 Kg Sunflower oil
  • 0,0018 Kg Pasteurised whole egg
  • 0,1101 Gr Vinegar from Jerez 25 years
  • 0,1284 Gr Fine salt
  • 4,02 Gr Extra virgin olive oil cooking
  • 4,02 Gr Sunflower oil
  • 1 Calma free-range egg
  • 0,01 Kg EVOO mayonnaise
  • 1,25 Gr Fine salt
  • 0,0188 Kg Poached onion with onion puree


  • For 0,0625 Kg of poached potato for omelette
    0,1232 Kg New Calm Potato (Rolled for omelette) Raw:0,1438 Kg0,0308 Kg Sunflower oil
    1. Cut the potato into 3mm slices with the Japanese mandolin, set aside.
    2.Poach the potatoes when the sunflower oil reaches 110oc , it will cook for about 7-8 minutes, until the outside is a little dry, golden brown and the inside is still creamy.
    3.With the help of a cooking spider we take the potatoes and let them drain of oil, we will mix them with the still hot egg.
  • For 0,01 Kg of EVOO Mayonnaise
    0,0018 Kg Pasteurised whole egg0,1101 gr Sherry vinegar 25 years0,1284 gr Fine salt4,02 gr Extra virgin olive oil cooking 4,02 gr Sunflower oil
    1.In the thermomix mixing bowl, add all the ingredients except the oils.
    2. Set the speed to 3 and add the oils little by little (increase the speed if the preparation requires it).
    3. Once the mayonnaise is ready, taste, adjust the salt if necessary and store in a Tupperware until ready to use.
  • For 0,1325 Kg of potato omelette base
    1 free range egg Calma0,01 Kg Mayonnaise AOVE1,25 gr Fine salt
    1.In a large bowl, break the eggs and beat for 30 seconds with a whisk.
    2.Add the freshly made potatoes, the EVOO mayonnaise and beat for 15 seconds (mashing the potato), leave the mixture to rest for 15 minutes.Add salt if necessary.
  • For 0,125 Uni (1 Rac, 2 Tapa) of Potato Omelette
    0,0188 Kg Poached onion with onion purée
    Omelette curd
    Heat the butter in the omelette pan over a low heat, add the omelette base and cook over a low heat for 4-5 minutes on the same side, then leave to stand for 2 minutes off the heat. Turn it over and cook for another 4-5 minutes over low heat, remove again and leave to stand for 2 minutes off the heat.
    Always pay attention to the temperature of the frying pan, because if it is too hot, it could toast the omelette. The omelette should be white and semi-smooth.
  • Rest
    Once finished, remove to a plate and leave it to stand at room temperature (NEVER cover it, as we would cook it with its own heat).
    Cut the omelette into eight equal parts.
    Serve one piece on a plate.


If you are a truffle lover, you can add 0.625 gr Black truffle melanosporum (laminated).

Located in the heart of Marbella and Madrid, Tragabuches is much more than a restaurant; it is a culinary experience that revolves around the Andalusian gastronomic tradition. With an innovative concept while committed to the local product, this fusion offers lunches that surprise both locals and visitors.

Tragabuches opens its doors from 9:00 am, to welcome you and make you enjoy a lunch full of authenticity and flavor. Its non-stop cooking philosophy ensures that there is always a tempting option available, whatever the time of day.

What makes lunches at Tragabuches so special is their focus on zero kilometer products. Andalusian cuisine prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients, and Tragabuches takes this tradition to the next level by working closely with local producers to source the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


The culinary experience at Tragabuches goes beyond the food. Andalusian hospitality combines to create a warm atmosphere where diners feel at home. Whether you’re enjoying a quick lunch between meetings or taking your time to savor each dish at your leisure, you’ll always feel welcome at Tragabuches.

Tragabuches’ menu will make you experience an explosion of typical flavors of the land. From gazpacho to exquisite tapas such as ensaladilla rusa and croquettes, each dish is carefully prepared to highlight local ingredients and celebrate the rich culinary diversity of the region.

Fish lovers will find a wide selection of fresh fish from Mediterranean waters. From sea bass to ventresca, each bite is an ode to the taste of the sea.

Tragabuches adapts to all tastes and palates, the most carnivores also have their place in our menu, from lamb to Iberian prey.

Besides, the carefully selected wine list offers the perfect pairing for each dish, with a variety of local and international options that perfectly complement the flavors of Andalusian cuisine.

Lunches at Tragabuches are much more than just a meal; they are a celebration of Andalusia’s rich gastronomic tradition and a tribute to local product. Children also have their space. Tragabuches and its playroom are the perfect place for the little ones to enjoy.

Live the Tragabuches experience and wrap yourself in an Andalusian atmosphere.

The Spanish potato omelette recipe is an iconic dish that has generated more controversy than you would expect from a simple egg and potato dish. The dispute centres mainly on the presence of onion. Some defend the traditional version, which includes onion and consider it essential for texture and flavor, while others argue that onion ruins the omelette, with the version without it being the only correct one.

The version with onion is considered the “authentic” one and is usually the most widespread. The onion, when fried with the potatoes, contributes a unique flavor and sweetness that complements the egg. Additionally, it is said that the onion gives the omelette a juicier and creamier texture, something that onion omelette lovers greatly appreciate.

On the other hand, defenders of the onion-less omelette, including Dani García, argue that the classic version tends to be too cloying, preferring a drier and more compact omelette. They believe that onion brings a dominant flavor that masks the other ingredients, and that the natural flavor of potato and egg should be enough to delight palates.

Some restaurants in Spain offer both versions, and there are even those who have gone further and created modern and creative versions, such as the potato omelette stuffed with caramelized onion, which combines the best of both worlds.

Regardless of the preferred version, what is undeniable is that the Spanish omelette is a culinary masterpiece. It may be simple, but its simplicity is precisely what makes it so special. Whether it has onion or not, it is a dish that ignites passions and sparks debates, and will continue to be an inseparable part of Spanish culinary culture.

At Tragabuches, we want it with onion…truffled.

Although Dani García has always been a staunch advocate of the onion-less omelette above all else. He arrived in Dubai, made an omelette for the team and… added onion. This has sparked a rebellion among his entire team, leading to the official addition of the onion omelette, but…truffled, at Tragabuches.

Since March 9, Tortilla Day, Dani García’s sales have featured this exquisite bite that delights omelette lovers to the point of forgetting whether they preferred it without onion before.

You know, if you’re a fan of bars and omelettes, you must try the new addition to the menu from Monday to Sunday in Marbella and Madrid.

It commemorates the 1980 referendum in which the Andalusian people approved the autonomy process of Andalusia. Since then, this southern Spanish region celebrates its day with special events and activities.

The referendum on February 28, 1980, was a crucial step towards Andalusia’s autonomy. 99.02% of the voters approved the Andalusian Autonomy Statute, which came into force in 1982 and granted this community wide autonomy to manage its internal affairs in areas such as education, health, culture, and economy.

The Day of Andalusia is an occasion to celebrate the rich history, culture, and traditions of this region. Andalusians dress in traditional attire, fly the Andalusian flag, and participate in events such as concerts, parades, fairs, and flamenco shows. Additionally, educational activities are organized in schools to teach children about the history and significance of this holiday.

Andalusian gastronomy is also an important part of the celebration. Typical dishes like gazpacho, salmorejo, pescaíto frito, and jamón ibérico are served in many Andalusian restaurants and homes during the Day of Andalusia. Also, tapas contests and wine tastings are organized to promote regional cuisine.

The Day of Andalusia is an occasion for Andalusians to celebrate their cultural identity and autonomy. It is a day to remember and honor the struggle of past generations who worked hard to give Andalusia its own voice and decision-making ability in the political and administrative sphere.

Celebrate Andalusia Day at Tragabuches by Dani García.

Enjoying the holiday in Andalusia at Tragabuches by Dani García is an unparalleled experience. Its special tasting menu offers a selection of the region’s most emblematic dishes with Dani García’s essence, such as salmorejo, chivo, or cherry gazpacho, reinterpreted with the chef’s talent and creativity.

Diners can enjoy these Andalusian delights in a cozy and elegant atmosphere that blends tradition with innovation. A toast with Jerez wine or a cocktail with local flavors completes this unique gastronomic celebration in the heart of Marbella and Madrid, a place that pays homage to Andalusia’s rich culture and cuisine.

After winning over the city where he was born with a proposal featuring local products and authentic Andalusian flavors, Dani García is now bringing Tragabuches to the heart of Madrid. This new restaurant will open its doors on January 4th at 40 José Ortega y Gasset Street, in the central Salamanca neighborhood.

It was the summer of 1998 when Tragabuches was born in Ronda, with a young Dani García, just 22 years old, at the helm of its kitchen. It wasn’t a avant-garde and award-winning restaurant, but the first “kilometer zero” establishment, with Andalusia as the undisputed protagonist of its proposal.

After conquering Marbella, Tragabuches opens its doors on January 4th in the Salamanca district of Madrid.

Twenty-five years later, Tragabuches opened its doors in Marbella, the chef’s hometown. Thus, pure Andalusian cuisine, culture, and products reached the shores of the sea, becoming a haven to once again enjoy the flavors of Andalusia with family. With Tragabuches came, for the first time in the history of the Dani García Group, breakfasts—an exceptional experience with innovative and traditional dishes, all with authentic flavors that stimulate the senses from early in the morning. Today, under the same essence, the Marbellí chef has recovered and updated that first restaurant that paved the way in the culinary universe and now brings it to the capital.

In this way, Dani García cooks his land again, showcasing its culture and products, with raw materials that completely identify with the Andalusian territory but also pay special attention to Madrid’s products. The menu includes traditional dishes and recipes brought to the present moment, all under the Dani García seal as a guarantee of the highest quality.

With a capacity for 180 people, the space has three floors and three well-defined areas: the bar, the lounge, and four private rooms, available at any time the restaurant is open, operating as a non-stop kitchen.

With the non-stop kitchen model, Tragabuches offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As for the lounge, its menu includes a wide variety of options that combine new dishes with reinvented ones from the original Tragabuches. Among them are cold dishes like seafood salpicón or foie gras and goat cheese milhojas from Ronda with caramelized green apple (1998), and hot dishes like stewed and shredded bull tail wrapped in ravioli (1998). Classic bites with free-range eggs, such as traditional potato omelette or zurrapa, and a selection of Andalusian stews like creamy rice with Ronda blood sausage and razor clams (1999), are also on the menu.

Other relevant sections on the Tragabuches menu include the fish and meat boutique from Andalusia grilled, featuring a selection of the best catches of the day from the Mediterranean and the Andalusian Atlantic, as well as the best pieces of roasted Malaga goat and meat at its optimum maturation point.

With a non-stop kitchen model, the restaurant starts its activity in the morning offering breakfasts, and its kitchen remains open until the end of the day for dinner. The breakfast menu includes a wide variety of sandwiches and rolls such as the zurrapa de lomo blanco, different types of eggs, including Benedictines with carne mechá, and specialties such as the mixed sandwich with French butter. After breakfast, the bar and its menu take center stage until the lounge opens around noon and remains open in the afternoon until the restaurant reopens for dinner, offering options for every moment of the day.

Tragabuches‘ culinary proposal is complemented by an exceptional drink menu, with a wine list defined by excellent producers, outstanding vintages, a wide geographical variety, and an important selection of Champagne and Burgundy. Similarly, its particular nod to Andalusian wines, both Tranquil Whites and Sherries, is noteworthy. With approximately 600 references, it’s a wine cellar to be enjoyed among unique bottles and good company.

This opening is the seventh in the capital.

Dani García thus returns to the origin of everything, with a gastronomic proposal that tastes like his homeland and focuses on the product. In short, a place designed to be enjoyed with family or friends and to live a unique experience in a distinctive setting.

With its arrival in the capital, Tragabuches joins the set of restaurants and spaces that the Dani García Group has in Madrid, including BiBo, El Coleccionista, Lobito de Mar (Barrio de Salamanca and La Finca), Dani Brasserie at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, Leña, and Smoked Room.