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On April 25th, we had the pleasure of enjoying the Bloom Party at LaFinca Grand Café. Spring has arrived in all its splendor, and what better way to welcome it than with a party at one of Madrid’s most exceptional venues.

LaFinca Grand Café became the epicenter of spring with its highly anticipated Bloom Party. It’s a pet-friendly space within the residential project and LaFinca Golf in Pozuelo de Alarcón, aiming to provide customers with new and unique experiences through comfort, space design, and a gastronomic offering featuring ten restaurants with different national and international cultural concepts.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, emphasized the importance of landmark projects like LaFinca Grand Café, which demonstrate that Madrid is an example of a model of economic freedom.

Lobito de Mar LaFinca Grand Café

Lobito de Mar, located on the waterfront promenade, this exclusive enclave offers a unique experience that combines elegance, nature, and great food.

Under the direction of Dani García, Lobito de Mar is an extension of his gastronomic philosophy that celebrates the fresh flavors of the sea with an innovative touch.

The restaurant’s menu reflects García’s passion for seafood, offering a wide variety of dishes that highlight the quality and freshness of the ingredients.

Lobito de Mar, strategically located in LaFinca Grand Café, added a touch of sophistication and flavor to the experience.

The event, hosted by Mónica Carrillo, featured performances by Manu Tenorio and DJ Mickey Pavón.

It was complemented by a cocktail where guests had the opportunity to sample bites from Lobito de Mar.

Lobito de Mar at LaFinca Grand Café is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary destination that combines culinary excellence with an exceptional setting. Whether for a special occasion or simply to enjoy a meal on any given day in the sun.

+Lobito de Mar offers an unparalleled gastronomic experience that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression on all its visitors.

It is no secret that the potato omelette is a divisive issue in Spain. Supporters of the onion omelette argue that it adds extra flavour and a different texture, as well as being a long-established tradition in many regions of Spain.

On the other hand, advocates of the omelette without onion insist that the pure flavour of the potato and egg should predominate.

At Tragabuches, we love to challenge the most ”great cookers” with this iconic Tragabuches recipe. We encourage everyone to try both styles and share their experiences and results with us.

Cooking is a subjective and personal art, and we are excited to see how everyone interprets and enjoys this classic Spanish recipe in their own way.

For those who love truffles, Tragabuches has put an exquisite twist on this theme with its truffled onion potato omelette, combining the best of both worlds: Spanish tradition with a touch of sophistication.

In the meantime, we invite you to join us at the Tragabuches bar, where the most authentic tapas of Andalusia await you for a unique dining experience.

Spanish omelette

Print Recipe


  • Thermomix
  • Kitchen spatule
  • Varilla 25 cm
  • Sartén antiadeherente 24 cm
  • Bol de acero mediano


  • 0,1232 Kg New Calm Potato (Rolled for tortilla) Raw:0,1438 Kg
  • 0,0308 Kg Sunflower oil
  • 0,0018 Kg Pasteurised whole egg
  • 0,1101 Gr Vinegar from Jerez 25 years
  • 0,1284 Gr Fine salt
  • 4,02 Gr Extra virgin olive oil cooking
  • 4,02 Gr Sunflower oil
  • 1 Calma free-range egg
  • 0,01 Kg EVOO mayonnaise
  • 1,25 Gr Fine salt
  • 0,0188 Kg Poached onion with onion puree


  • For 0,0625 Kg of poached potato for omelette
    0,1232 Kg New Calm Potato (Rolled for omelette) Raw:0,1438 Kg0,0308 Kg Sunflower oil
    1. Cut the potato into 3mm slices with the Japanese mandolin, set aside.
    2.Poach the potatoes when the sunflower oil reaches 110oc , it will cook for about 7-8 minutes, until the outside is a little dry, golden brown and the inside is still creamy.
    3.With the help of a cooking spider we take the potatoes and let them drain of oil, we will mix them with the still hot egg.
  • For 0,01 Kg of EVOO Mayonnaise
    0,0018 Kg Pasteurised whole egg0,1101 gr Sherry vinegar 25 years0,1284 gr Fine salt4,02 gr Extra virgin olive oil cooking 4,02 gr Sunflower oil
    1.In the thermomix mixing bowl, add all the ingredients except the oils.
    2. Set the speed to 3 and add the oils little by little (increase the speed if the preparation requires it).
    3. Once the mayonnaise is ready, taste, adjust the salt if necessary and store in a Tupperware until ready to use.
  • For 0,1325 Kg of potato omelette base
    1 free range egg Calma0,01 Kg Mayonnaise AOVE1,25 gr Fine salt
    1.In a large bowl, break the eggs and beat for 30 seconds with a whisk.
    2.Add the freshly made potatoes, the EVOO mayonnaise and beat for 15 seconds (mashing the potato), leave the mixture to rest for 15 minutes.Add salt if necessary.
  • For 0,125 Uni (1 Rac, 2 Tapa) of Potato Omelette
    0,0188 Kg Poached onion with onion purée
    Omelette curd
    Heat the butter in the omelette pan over a low heat, add the omelette base and cook over a low heat for 4-5 minutes on the same side, then leave to stand for 2 minutes off the heat. Turn it over and cook for another 4-5 minutes over low heat, remove again and leave to stand for 2 minutes off the heat.
    Always pay attention to the temperature of the frying pan, because if it is too hot, it could toast the omelette. The omelette should be white and semi-smooth.
  • Rest
    Once finished, remove to a plate and leave it to stand at room temperature (NEVER cover it, as we would cook it with its own heat).
    Cut the omelette into eight equal parts.
    Serve one piece on a plate.


If you are a truffle lover, you can add 0.625 gr Black truffle melanosporum (laminated).

Reviving the seafaring tradition! El Ronqueo with Dani García in Lobito de Mar

On the 19th of April, our chef, Dani García, brought a unique experience to Madrid. The first ”Ronqueo” of the season at Lobito de Mar LaFinca Grand Café. This event, not only offered a session on the cutting of tuna, but also celebrated the Spanish seafaring tradition in an exceptional way.

”Ronqueo” is a traditional Spanish art that consists of cutting up a tuna, showing the skill and dexterity necessary to treat this magnificent fish. During this event, Dani García guided the attendees through the cutting process. From the selection of the fresh tuna to the necessary steps to take advantage of each part of the fish.

Dani García explained the importance of working with fresh and local products, highlighting the relationship between the sea and the table in the Spanish culinary culture.

Lobito de Mar, best known for its tuna carpaccio, offered a cocktail after the “ronqueo” where tuna was the protagonist. Diners enjoyed delicacies from the sea prepared by the kitchen team, highlighting authentic and creative flavours that capture the essence of the coast.

Madrid’s Finca Gran Café provided the perfect setting for this unique experience. With its modern elegance and focus on haute cuisine, the restaurant served as the ideal setting for this celebration of contemporary Spanish cuisine.

In short, the ”ronqueo” event with Dani García at Lobito de Mar was much more than a culinary demonstration; it was a tribute to Spain’s seafaring heritage and passion for gastronomy.

Dani García arrives in collaboration with Gadira, the leading brand in the commercialisation of wild bluefin tuna in Tarifa, Zahara and Conil de la Frontera.

The chef from Málaga is launching the season for another year under the concept “The Art of Tuna”.

On 19 April Lobito de Mar, located in the exclusive shopping centre LaFinca Grand Café, hosted the first tuna ronqueo of the season. BiBo Beach House, in Tarifa, will celebrate it on 9 May.

Dani García has designed different dishes for the occasion, which will be available from 18 April until 31 May at Lobito de Mar.

Each piece of Almadraba tuna tells a story of dedication and passion for the sea. Fished using the traditional Almadraba technique, this product is a culinary delight that forms part of the gastronomic tradition of the Andalusian coast.

The ”ronqueo”

The firts ”ronqueo” of the season, toke place the 19th April, Lobito de Mar La Finca Grand Café, immersed in the lake that surrounds the shopping centre.

In addition, this restaurant will offer a special menu that has been designed by the Marbella chef exclusively for the occasion.

Dishes such as tuna carpaccio, tuna tartar, sea cucumber or rice with T-bone, the chef from Marbella offers an exclusive proposal in the middle of the almadraba season.

It will be available from the 18th of April until the 31st of May at Lobito de Mar in Marbella and at its branches in Madrid, on Calle Jorge Juan and at La Finca.

In addition, on the idyllic beach of Valdevaqueros, BiBo Beach House will hold the second “ronqueo” of the season on the 9th of May. An experience with which to discover the tradition of the southern coasts and respect for the product.

Once again this year, the Dani García Group pays a very special tribute to its land, to the good product and to this delicacy from the Cadiz coasts.

That is so highly prized throughout the country under the concept “The Art of Tuna”.

BiBo Marbella, which opened its doors in 2014 as the first BiBo in the world, celebrates its tenth anniversary with a cocktail party dedicated to celebrating its trajectory and with the aim of thanking the support received during these years.

Throughout this time, more than 55,000 oxtail brioches have been cooked at BiBo Marbella, Dani García’s iconic dish that has gained popularity around the world.

In April 2014, BiBo Marbella opened its doors in the Puente Romano Hotel, becoming the first restaurant in the world with the most travelled and cosmopolitan concept of the chef from Marbella.

With the idea of celebrating its tenth anniversary, last Thursday 11th April, the Dani García Group organised a cocktail party dedicated to celebrating its trajectory and with the aim of thanking the support received throughout these years.

More BiBo than ever

BiBo landed on the Costa del Sol ten years ago as Dani García’s first ‘pret a porter restaurant, where it all began and where the Marbella chef launched himself to the rest of the world. With a menu that invited you to discover the dreams of the chef, who at the time had two Michelin stars, BiBo Marbella was born with the aim of taking Andalusian cuisine around the world – “BiBo marked a before and after in the Dani García Group and in gastronomyI think it has been a reference for many other concepts”. says Dani García.

Since its opening in 2014, BiBo offers a journey through the cuisines of the world as a result of the Marbella chef’s travels.

Thanks to its authentic cuisine and cosmopolitan essence, the restaurant celebrates ten years of trajectory, which have allowed it to witness great love stories, magical birthdays and friends who toast to good times.

More than 653 thousand people have been able to enjoy during this time a gastronomic journey that begins visually, thanks to an eclectic decoration and continues through the palate with dishes such as its legendary oxtail brioche. Besides, this is one of Dani García’s most popular dishes that has been cooked in the BiBo Marbella kitchens on more than 55 thousand occasions.

Today, BiBo has branches in Tarifa and Madrid and beyond our borders in Doha, which was the first international opening of the concept, and in London, bringing the cuisine of Andalusia to the world.

El Coleccionista ‘s liquid art and the works of Pablo Ozo, arrive to captivate the public this April.


Galician artist, Pablo Ozo and innate passion for art from an early age. It led him to obtain a grant from the European Union in 2021. A turning point in his artistic career. His style, Inspired by cubism and the avant-garde, Ozo’s style is distinguished by the explosion of vibrant colours and the emotionality conveyed by his figures.

It was during the difficult times of the pandemic that Pablo Ozo decided to explore new frontiers, taking his art beyond the traditional canvas. He ventured into creating his own brand and began to capture his art on textiles and fashion accessories, and it was his success on social media and his wide reach, which later prompted him to create his own canvases.

This month arrives to show us his new collection ”Cronos” in our cocktail bar, where you can enjoy a hundred techniques from the elite of the world’s gastronomic avant-garde, in a cosy atmosphere thanks to the works of our artist.


In El Coleccionista, time becomes a precious liquid, ephemeral but full of meaning. Here, the present is enjoyed with intensity, without forgetting the most endearing and happy moments of the past, but always looking to the future with hope and vision.

This month, we invite you to be part of history at El Coleccionista, where art and life meet in perfect harmony. We are waiting for you to share moments of inspiration with Pablo Ozo.

El Coleccionista offers you not only a unique sensory experience, but also an atmosphere enriched by the presence of the works of this talented artist, which will transport you to a world of creativity and emotion.

Come and enjoy liquid art accompanied by Pablo Ozo’s Cronos collection!

En Lobito de Mar, nos preparamos para la temporada más importante del atún. Llega la primavera y viene de la mano de una tradición culinaria única y emocionante: La Almadraba. 


Almadraba is a traditional fishing method handed down from generation to generation, which involves catching migratory bluefin tuna as it passes through Mediterranean waters. This technique stands out for its 3,000 years of history on the coast of Cádiz.

Every year, as spring arrives, the local fishermen prepare their boats and nets for the almadraba season. This is a fixed fishing net, made up of mazes of nets and structures, strategically placed in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar to intercept the passage of the tuna on their spring migration.


Despite its age, the almadraba fishery has adapted to modern times, incorporating sustainable practices to ensure the conservation of tuna stocks.

From the use of selective fishing techniques to the implementation of closed fishing periods, fishermen strive to maintain a balance between tradition and conservation.

Once the fishing is done, the ”levantá” takes place, they select the adult tuna and release the rest of the fish alive into the sea.


Before reaching Lobito de Mar, the technique of “ronqueo” is carried out; cutting up the tuna with a knife in a manual and artisan way. Experience this tradition live with us and enjoy exquisite recipes from our chef.

This is the process of cutting up a bluefin tuna. The ”ronqueo” requires skill and dexterity on the part of the ”ronqueador”, who carefully cuts the tuna into different parts: the head, the tail, the loins and the belly.

This process is not only a culinary technique, but also a ritual passed down through generations in fishing communities. The ”ronqueadores” are experts who know the anatomy of the tuna perfectly and know how to make the best use of each part.

See you at sea!

Located in the heart of Marbella and Madrid, Tragabuches is much more than a restaurant; it is a culinary experience that revolves around the Andalusian gastronomic tradition. With an innovative concept while committed to the local product, this fusion offers lunches that surprise both locals and visitors.

Tragabuches opens its doors from 9:00 am, to welcome you and make you enjoy a lunch full of authenticity and flavor. Its non-stop cooking philosophy ensures that there is always a tempting option available, whatever the time of day.

What makes lunches at Tragabuches so special is their focus on zero kilometer products. Andalusian cuisine prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients, and Tragabuches takes this tradition to the next level by working closely with local producers to source the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


The culinary experience at Tragabuches goes beyond the food. Andalusian hospitality combines to create a warm atmosphere where diners feel at home. Whether you’re enjoying a quick lunch between meetings or taking your time to savor each dish at your leisure, you’ll always feel welcome at Tragabuches.

Tragabuches’ menu will make you experience an explosion of typical flavors of the land. From gazpacho to exquisite tapas such as ensaladilla rusa and croquettes, each dish is carefully prepared to highlight local ingredients and celebrate the rich culinary diversity of the region.

Fish lovers will find a wide selection of fresh fish from Mediterranean waters. From sea bass to ventresca, each bite is an ode to the taste of the sea.

Tragabuches adapts to all tastes and palates, the most carnivores also have their place in our menu, from lamb to Iberian prey.

Besides, the carefully selected wine list offers the perfect pairing for each dish, with a variety of local and international options that perfectly complement the flavors of Andalusian cuisine.

Lunches at Tragabuches are much more than just a meal; they are a celebration of Andalusia’s rich gastronomic tradition and a tribute to local product. Children also have their space. Tragabuches and its playroom are the perfect place for the little ones to enjoy.

Live the Tragabuches experience and wrap yourself in an Andalusian atmosphere.