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We missed you! In March 2023, BiBo returns to its origins in Puente Romano after a year without brioche on the Costa del Sol.

Dani García means BiBo, which was his first ”pret a porter” restaurant. In 2019, he took the well-considered decision, amidst the anger of his loved ones, to close the three Michelin-starred Dani García Restaurant, a year after achieving his third Michelin star.  

Our chef wanted to make his cuisine more accessible, for all audiences, he was tired of haute cuisine, and his aim was to grow in the world, something that four years later he could prove he had achieved.

Let’s talk a little about BiBo’s journey over the years.

BIBO Madrid

From Marbella to the world

In April 2014 it was inaugurated in Marbella. After five years, in 2019, BiBo Madrid was born, located on the border between the Chamberí and the Salamanca neighborhood, close to the American Embassy. Everything in the premises refers to the many places Dani García has visited, dominated by a hot air balloon that acts as an umbrella for the 800-metre bar.

In 2019 he travelled to Tarifa and brought out his surfing side with BiBo Beach House. The restaurant is built on a large wooden platform and has a covered and glazed area to placate the effects of the east wind. The exterior decoration gives an ecological and seafaring personality with the remains of boat sails. The central part of the room is dominated by a giant tuna hanging from the ceiling. It also has a bar and DJ booth. In addition, Dani García has created in Valdevaqueros BiBo Watersport, a water sports school.

In 2020, he took a giant step forward and took a plane to travel abroad, specifically to Doha, located in the luxury hotel St. Regis Doha, with a shorter format and a concept adapted to local customers, with the use of spices, almonds, honey and saffron, but maintaining its essence with the most classic dishes of the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant in the Qatari city is recreated through the ambience and decoration.

His last destination outside our borders was in 2021, when he landed in London, specifically at the Mondrian Shoreditch London Hotel, with his interpretation of Spanish flavor’s renewed, but maintaining the essence of a cosmopolitan restaurant. The chef’s aim was to bring together dishes that his gastronomic memory has accumulated during his trips in Spain and abroad.

BiBo Doha

Successors of BiBo

From 2014 until today, BiBo has been followed by new brands with different concepts. In 2017 Lobito de Mar was born in Marbella, a restaurant that revolves around seafood and that two years later travelled to Madrid; in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Leña Marbella opened as a ”steak house”, which a year later was welcomed by the people of Madrid

Last year, 2022, was a year of openings for Dani García in Marbella starting with Alelí, which opened in the city as the chef’s first Italian concept, followed by Kemuri, and its Japanese cuisine, and ending the year with Tragabuches in September, which brought back the chef’s roots with its Andalusian concept and KM.0 cuisine.

Kemuri Marbella

BiBo and its menu

In BiBo’s menu you can find the Russian salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and tuna belly, and naturally the famous oxtail Brioche as well as its ”Oyster & Raw Bar” section where it offers a variety of raw dishes, tatakis, tartars and oysters.

BIBO Madrid

Throughout all these years, BiBo has seen great love stories, friends who toast for what they have experienced and what is yet to come, birthdays, farewells… and is looking forward to sharing the most important moments of your lives with you again.

Are you ready?

Italy is always trendy, but if we can’t travel to Rome, Rome can come to us. It is true that everywhere you go, Pasta is a good choice.

That is the reason why here, in Alelí Marbella, we have the best lunch to satisfy that craving from Wednesday to Friday.

Alelí Marbella

Imagine a Thursday after work, after pick up your children from school or after doing whatever, and the only thing you want to do is disconnect from routine in Trastevere quarter in Rome. Aleli allows you to travel to Italy just in a few seconds which any of its delicious pasta.

Antipastis will end with that sense of routine, It will ‘’leave the fox to watch the geese’’, and at the gates of Italy, but the more you will be tasting our recipes, you will live fully the Italian experience.

What can we tell you about Alelí pizzas? Authentic napolitana recipes, that will transport you to Spaccanapoli, one of the three main streets of the old town in Naples and you must visit it if you travel there.

To put the final touch to this feast, you can imagine yourself in your favorite Italian city. It is that, according to the story, tiramisu owns its origin at the end of XVII century as an offering to the Great Duque of Toscana; on the other side, there is someone who date Tiramisu’s appearance in XIX century, even though it is said that its creation was in Venecia.

Alelí Marbella

If you don’t want to think about what to order, we facilitate you your way with ‘’Trattoria Lunch’’, a selection of the best dishes in Alelí.

All roads lead to Rome, so don’t forget booking to enjoy this travel without the need of getting a flight. Alelí is waiting for you with a smile to gain your heart… and your stomach!

Dear Wise Men, 

In 2022 we have behaved better than ever, so for this year we ask you to bring us surprises to continue improving…

Who has not gone to sleep feeling nervous about the 5th, after seeing the street parade and with the excitement of getting up the next day and finding, magically, all the gifts under the tree? 

¡The Kings are coming! and they have secretly whispered to us that they are bringing you many surprises for this 2023, and they are sure that you will enjoy them just like a child opening their gifts.

BiBo Madrid

We know that for this day it is difficult to know what to give, so we come to facilitate that job.

What better opportunity to give your friends or family experiences for their palate? So that magical night, they go to sleep on a happy stomach, or experiences to enjoy on the 6th with those around you. Any time is good to celebrate with your loved ones. We also take care of the Roscon.

We know that you win people over through their stomach, so take advantage and book your experience.

Leña Marbella

This year you must be very attentive to our networks, the kings are going to be publishing the surprises.