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Malaga, Paris, and art are the three ingredients that inspired Dani García in this new concept. His goal? To establish his Andalusian roots with a view to Mediterranean cuisine, an avant-garde cuisine rooted in Spanish tradition.

Our chef embarks on an artistically oriented phase to design culinary dishes based on Picasso’s blue period. Located in the luxurious Hotel Maison Delano, in the heart of the prestigious 8th Arrondissement with a beautiful 18th century Courtyard at 4 Rue d’Anjou. Land in the French capital, La Chambre Bleue, a window to the Mediterranean Sea from Paris.

This Mediterranean restaurant refers to the artistic piece by Pablo Picasso from Malaga, a painting created during his stay in Paris in his period known as the blue period, the beginning of a phase of artistic orientation, where the artist from Malaga painted works inspired by Spain.

Can you imagine being in Paris and having each of the dishes transport you to the Mediterranean area?

This Mediterranean restaurant refers to the artistic piece by Pablo Picasso from Malaga, a painting created during his stay in Paris in his period known as the blue period, the beginning of a phase of artistic orientation, where the artist from Malaga painted works inspired by Spain.

Can you imagine being in Paris and having each of the dishes transport you to the Mediterranean area?

Pure Mediterranean essence

A menu that will offer diners in Paris a little piece of the Costa del Sol through exquisite bites in which there will be no shortage of fish and seafood, as well as rice dishes and other options that reflect the Mediterranean cuisine from an international point of view. A visit to the province of Malaga without leaving this luxurious Parisian enclave.

La Chambre Bleue comes with gastronomic references that will stand out for their strong link with the aspirational, art, desire, and dreams

Let’s talk about culinary art; a product that will transport you to the roots of our chef, where we place a lot of detail the authenticity of the product. Other dishes such as the trio tartar or my mother’s omelette, will make your senses feel as if you were in the Costa del Sol.

Discover a whole universe of dishes bathed and designed from the Mediterranean blue, stimulating the senses of our customers through flavors and feelings, making them feel right at home.


Dani García, awarded man of the year 2022 by Esquire magazine, is one of the most exported Spanish chefs worldwide. This year’s goal remains the same: to get down to the essence, to the deepest of flavour’s transporting you to another world and evading you from reality  in every one of our dishes. Taking the gastronomy of Malaga to the world, arriving in Paris with La Chambre Bleue to strengthen his art and pay homage to his countryman Pablo Picasso.

The international expansion of the Dani García Group has been a continuous reinvention and evolution based on the philosophy of “think local and cook global” and that has no borders because it was born to fulfill the dreams of those who tasted it. And dreams, like magic, have no limits.

Bienvenue à la cuisine méditerranéenne selon Dani García.

“It’s addictive and that’s why I dream of everyone being able to try this sauce”. Just a few years ago, Dani García shared his impression of Bull Sauce with his community of followers, a condiment that has made some of his most emblematic dishes recognizable.

Firm in his desire to take his flavours and creations to all parts of the world, the Marbella chef has taken another step towards the democratization of his cuisine, and on this occasion, the secret is in the sauce. In collaboration with Carrefour, Dani García is bringing his Bull sauce to everyone’s fingertips for the first time. From now on, it will be available in more than200 of the companies’ supermarkets in three versions: original, gluten free and vegetarian.

Salsa Bull

Fundamental in its restaurants

Also known as Dani García’s “secret sauce”, this dressing forms part of some of the Andalusian chef’s most iconic dishes and meat bites. These include the oxtail brioche and the Bull Burger from BiBo, his most travelled concept; the burger that made sense of it all from Leña, his concept inspired by embers and smoke; or the Rossini burger from Dani Brasserie, his cosmopolitan and casual proposal at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid. 

As of a few weeks ago you can not only enjoy it in the chef’s restaurants, but also at home with this new launch.

Its tradition comes from New York and is a mix between breakfast and lunch. They turned it into brunch and all lovers of good gatherings around the table are taking it up as a fixed plan on their weekends. 

Leña Madrid, inaugurated in June 2021 in Paseo de la Castellana 57, activated this well-known and successful custom to start the weekend in the warmest way to add a lot of firewood to the fire starting early in the morning. Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 12:30h in a unique menu you will start the embers day of Dani García. Starters, main course of your choice, dessert and drink for €45 per person. 

Leña Madrid hides a secret.

The perfect decoration, dim light and the embers of Leña hide the corridor to the stars. The two Michelin Stars of Smoked Room, achieved at the same time six months after its opening in 2021. A unique space that takes you to haute cuisine in a unique omakase menu. In this space that seats fourteen diners, you just have to place yourself in the hands of the chef. The rest is up to us.

If you want to live this experience, pay attention to every fifteenth day of the month to be able to send a reservation request to be able to access to one of these places. 

The perfect gift. 

It is becoming more and more common to give intangible gifts that will offer the other person to the purest and most exciting experience. Among the world’s passions is gastronomy and Dani García’s wide-ranging offer is also available as a gift. 

For this reason, you can now purchase the perfect brunch experience for two as a gift. The beneficiary will have 12 months to redeem it from the date of purchase. When they do so, they will start the weekend in the embers of Dani García. After such a  start to your day, the rest can only get better.

Every day we worry about getting to everything. To have the maximum amount of time in the world to enjoy what we want and what we have around us. But really, what is time? Do we live in a world with enough time to get to everything we set out to? Or… do we set out to do more than we have time for?

The RAE defines it as a noun: “A physical magnitude that allows us to order a sequence of events, establishing a past, a present and a future, and whose unit in the international system is the second”.  Does our time really allow us to put everything in order?

The answer can vary and has different connotations. It depends on the moment we are in and the value we want to give it. But the truth is that we want to do more than what our day physically allows us to do. And do we ever stop to think about how much time we waste by wasting time? 

Successful films that make reference to this physical magnitude

The seventh art has brought numerous films that have “time” as their main theme to the big screens. Many of them make us think about time and how we spend our days. 

Therefore, we cannot forget to dedicate some of our time to watch “The Tree of Life“, “In Time“, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“, “Adaline’s Secret” or “Groundhog Day“. Spend some of our time watching what time is like.

The Time of El Coleccionista 

Based on relics of Barbadillo Amontillado 150 years old, Cinzano Antica formula from the 30’s and Bitter de Angostura from 1920 we will have a slightly sweet start with a lot of sapidity in this short drink. 

El tiempo

This is how we enjoy “Tiempo” at El Coleccionista. Inspired by a walk-through time, we fell in love with this unique cocktail loaded with sensations that can only be defined as time. 

And after this reflection of time and life out loud… How do you want to spend your time?