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On July 21 we celebrate a date that we love: International Gazpacho Day! This dish, an icon of Andalusian gastronomy, has conquered palates around the world. In Dani Garcia Group, we are proud to present our unique and delicious versions of this cold soup, available in our restaurants Tragabuches, BiBo Tarifa and Lobito de Mar Marbella.

Cold soup

Our cherry gazpacho is a jewel on the menu: fresh, light and with the sweet and sour touch of cherries. Each dish is a work of art that reflects our passion for authentic flavors.

Cherry gazpacho becomes the perfect refreshing drink for summer. Imagine a hot day on the coast, while enjoying this unique gazpacho. It is the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, ideal to combat the heat with lots of flavor and style.

On the other hand, the thick and creamy salmorejo is made with the finest ingredients and served with shavings of Iberian ham and hard-boiled egg. It is a celebration of simplicity and perfection, paying homage to Andalusian tradition while offering a first class dining experience.

These cold soups are much more than simple dishes: they are a celebration of our heritage and our land. This July 21, International Gazpacho Day, we invite you to try these recommendations in Tragabuches, BiBo Tarifa and Lobito de Mar Marbella. Come and enjoy this Andalusian tradition, where every bite is a journey of flavor and every dish tells a story.

We are waiting for you to celebrate together and enjoy these gastronomic wonders!

Happy International Gazpacho Day!

Dani García, surprises us again with a unique proposal that promises to revolutionize the dining experience in Marbella. BiBo Supperclub join in Puente Romano. Two concepts now together in the iconic Puente Romano Hotel. This new space is not only a testament to the creativity of Dani Garcia, but also a celebration of good food, music and entertainment.

Synergy between gastronomy and entertainment

Since its opening, BiBo has stood out for its innovative global cuisine, combining flavors and techniques from around the world. With influences ranging from Andalusian to international cuisine, BiBo offers a vibrant and diverse experience. The menu is an authentic gastronomic journey that reflects Dani García’s passion for innovation and quality.

On the other hand, Supperclub has become synonymous with exclusive nights where haute cuisine merges with live entertainment. This concept has redefined the way we enjoy dinner, adding a touch of exclusivity and glamour. The atmosphere at Supperclub is unparalleled, with live performances that perfectly complement each dish, creating a multi-sensory experience.

The merger of BiBo and Supperclub in Puente Romano marks the beginning of a new era for gastronomy and entertainment in Marbella. This space will offer the best of both worlds: the gastronomic diversity of BiBo and the vibrant atmosphere of Supperclub. Imagine enjoying an exquisite dinner while experiencing amazing shows and a sophisticated atmosphere. Every visit will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Join the Experience

The opening of this new space in Puente Romano is an event not to be missed. We invite you to join us and be part of this unique experience that combines the best of gastronomy and entertainment. Whether you are a lover of good food or simply looking for a special night out, this new concept promises to exceed all your expectations.

Reserve your table and get ready for a night of extraordinary flavors and unforgettable entertainment at Puente Romano. See you there!

On the 23rd of June, BiBo Tarifa celebrated its 5th anniversary. The event, which coincided with the magical night of San Juan, was a true spectacle full of music, tradition and good vibes. With the special participation of Morochos and Mëstiza, the celebration turned into an unforgettable night for all the attendees.

A Magical Place: BiBo Tarifa

Since its opening, BiBo Tarifa has been a reference in gastronomy and entertainment in the area. Its summer atmosphere, excellent cuisine and unrivalled location have made it a summer meeting place. Celebrating five years of success was an occasion that deserved to be commemorated in style, and so we did.

Music and atmosphere for all tastes

The evening began with the energy and infectious rhythm of Morochos. This duo, known for their fusion of styles and their ability to connect with the audience, made everyone vibrate with their varied repertoire. Songs combining elements of flamenco, rumba and other genres meant that no one could resist dancing.

A little later, Las Mestiza took the stage, taking the night to another level. Their unique style, blending electronica with flamenco, captured everyone’s attention. Their magnetic stage presence created an electrifying atmosphere.

San Juan in BiBo Tarifa

The coincidence of this celebration with the night of San Juan added a special touch to the event. The night of San Juan, is known for its bonfires and rituals celebrating the arrival of the summer solstice. In BiBo Tarifa, this tradition was experienced with a unique intensity.

The moonlight illuminated the beach, creating a magical and festive atmosphere. Attendees participated in the typical rituals of the night, such as making wishes from 12:00h onwards. The combination of the vibrant music, the festive atmosphere and the traditional rituals made this night really special.

Here’s to another five years!

The fifth anniversary of BiBo Tarifa was a celebration that will remain in the memory of all who were lucky enough to attend.

BiBo Tarifa celebrates five years of history with a party to enjoy its most emblematic dishes and live music while the sun sets over the Atlantic on 23 June.

Since it first opened its doors, BiBo Tarifa has served more than 280,000 diners and around 20,000 burger bulls.

With its feet in the sand and the sunset on the horizon, BiBo Beach House, Dani García’s most travelled concept, is preparing to celebrate its fifth anniversary on the paradisiacal beach of Valdevaqueros in Tarifa.

The celebration, which coincides with the magical night of San Juan, will take place on 23 June. You will enjoy BiBo’s most emblematic dishes and live music in the middle of nature while the sun sets over the Atlantic.

Since its opening, BiBo Beach House has welcomed more than 280,000 guests and served around 20,000 of its famous burger bulls. As a tribute to these five years of success, Dani García’s most summery concept is organising this party, which will start at 1.30pm with a lunch where you can taste BiBo’s most emblematic dishes, such as its oxtail brioche.

Enjoy dancing

As the sun begins to set over the ocean at 18:30h you can enjoy the best music to the rhythm of Morochos, the group that composes songs born from the fusion of flamenco and pop as main ingredients.

A performance to savour BiBo’s most refreshing cocktails, such as the Roasted Mojito with Bacardi Carta Blanca macerated with roasted pineapple, cayenne, lime and mint.

The night will continue at around 21:00h with the session of Mëstiza, the DJs of the moment. A mix of traditional Spanish sounds to go back to the origin of flamenco in fusion with electronic music, perfect for San Juan night.

BiBo Beach House Tarifa invites you to enjoy this experience to feel that summer has only just begun and enjoy a magical night during which it will celebrate its five years of existence.


14:00h to 16:00h – DJ Hermi Session

16:00h to 18:30h – DJ Villalobos Session

18:30h to 20:00h – Morochos Concert

20:00h to 21:00h – DJ Alberto Session

21:00h to 22:30h – MËSTIZA

22:30h to 00:30h – DJ session Rubén Díaz

San Juan is one of the most eagerly awaited festivities of the year. This celebration marks the summer solstice and the arrival of the shortest and most magical night of the year. In Spain, we love to gather on the beach, light bonfires, jump over them and make wishes while the waves caress the shore. This ritual is a symbol of purification and renewal, leaving behind the old and making way for the new.

San Juan and Dani García

Make your wishes to the water with Lobito de Mar

Make a wish and let the water make it come true.

If there is one restaurant that captures the essence of the sea and the beach, it is Lobito de Mar. Located in Marbella Madrid and La Finca, this restaurant is paradise for fish and seafood lovers. After dinner, strolling along the beach, feeling the sea breeze and jumping in the waves is the perfect way to complete the night of San Juan. This year we want to celebrate the magic of San Juan in Dani García Group with you.

Burn the bad and let the good happen with Firewood

Ask for what you want to leave behind and let the fire burn it.

For those who prefer intense flavours and charcoal-grilled cuisine, Leña is the ideal choice. This restaurant combines the tradition of the grill with modern techniques, offering meats of the highest quality in a sophisticated atmosphere. Celebrating San Juan at Leña means enjoying a culinary experience that enlivens all the senses. Feel the warmth of the bonfires that mark this special night.

Manifest new beginnings with Tragabuches

Plant your pot with intention and you will see the fruits of what you have sown.

Tragabuches, located in Marbella and Madrid, is a tribute to Andalusian cuisine with a touch of innovation. This restaurant is perfect for those who wish to celebrate the Noche de San Juan in a more intimate setting, but without losing the essence of the festivity. Enjoy dishes such as potato omelette or cherry gazpacho, which combine tradition with modern creativity.

Shine with BiBo

Glow with fire and make your wish this San Juan.

For those looking for a vibrant and cosmopolitan experience, BiBo is the perfect choice. This restaurant, located in Marbella, Tarifa and Madrid, offers international cuisine that fuses flavours from around the world. Imagine celebrating San Juan with a creative cocktail in hand, enjoying dishes such as oxtail brioche or sea bass ceviche, while bonfires light up the night. At BiBo, fun and gastronomy go hand in hand, creating the ideal atmosphere for a magical evening.

We want your wishes to come true, celebrate San Juan with Dani García Group.

The good weather arrives in Tarifa and brought us last 9th of May, the last ”ronqueo” of the season in BiBo Tarifa.

Our chef, Dani García, together with Gadira, gave us the opportunity to enjoy the most representative tradition of the almardraba season.

This evening, not only offered a session on the cutting of the tuna, but we could also enjoy a menu designed for the occasion.

Chef Dani García, explained to the audience his unique vision of how to transform tuna cuts into exquisite dishes that delight the senses.

Gadira, for his part, brought his knowledge of the exceptional quality of bluefin tuna. An iconic product that is prized for its incomparable flavour and texture.

Those attending the event not only enjoyed a delicious dinner, but also came away with a new appreciation for the art of ronqueo and a deep respect for the fishermen and chefs who work tirelessly to offer the best of Spanish gastronomy.

BiBo Tarifa provided the perfect setting for this unique experience. With its casual style and focus on haute cuisine, the restaurant served as the ideal setting for this event.

In short, the ronqueo event with Dani García at BiBo Tarifa was much more than a culinary demonstration; it was a tribute to Spain’s seafaring heritage and passion for gastronomy.

Dani García arrives in collaboration with Gadira, the leading brand in the commercialisation of wild bluefin tuna in Tarifa, Zahara and Conil de la Frontera.

The chef from Málaga is launching the season for another year under the concept “The Art of Tuna”.

On 19 April Lobito de Mar, located in the exclusive shopping centre LaFinca Grand Café, hosted the first tuna ronqueo of the season. BiBo Beach House, in Tarifa, will celebrate it on 9 May.

Dani García has designed different dishes for the occasion, which will be available from 18 April until 31 May at Lobito de Mar.

Each piece of Almadraba tuna tells a story of dedication and passion for the sea. Fished using the traditional Almadraba technique, this product is a culinary delight that forms part of the gastronomic tradition of the Andalusian coast.

The ”ronqueo”

The firts ”ronqueo” of the season, toke place the 19th April, Lobito de Mar La Finca Grand Café, immersed in the lake that surrounds the shopping centre.

In addition, this restaurant will offer a special menu that has been designed by the Marbella chef exclusively for the occasion.

Dishes such as tuna carpaccio, tuna tartar, sea cucumber or rice with T-bone, the chef from Marbella offers an exclusive proposal in the middle of the almadraba season.

It will be available from the 18th of April until the 31st of May at Lobito de Mar in Marbella and at its branches in Madrid, on Calle Jorge Juan and at La Finca.

In addition, on the idyllic beach of Valdevaqueros, BiBo Beach House will hold the second “ronqueo” of the season on the 9th of May. An experience with which to discover the tradition of the southern coasts and respect for the product.

Once again this year, the Dani García Group pays a very special tribute to its land, to the good product and to this delicacy from the Cadiz coasts.

That is so highly prized throughout the country under the concept “The Art of Tuna”.

BiBo Marbella, which opened its doors in 2014 as the first BiBo in the world, celebrates its tenth anniversary with a cocktail party dedicated to celebrating its trajectory and with the aim of thanking the support received during these years.

Throughout this time, more than 55,000 oxtail brioches have been cooked at BiBo Marbella, Dani García’s iconic dish that has gained popularity around the world.

In April 2014, BiBo Marbella opened its doors in the Puente Romano Hotel, becoming the first restaurant in the world with the most travelled and cosmopolitan concept of the chef from Marbella.

With the idea of celebrating its tenth anniversary, last Thursday 11th April, the Dani García Group organised a cocktail party dedicated to celebrating its trajectory and with the aim of thanking the support received throughout these years.

More BiBo than ever

BiBo landed on the Costa del Sol ten years ago as Dani García’s first ‘pret a porter restaurant, where it all began and where the Marbella chef launched himself to the rest of the world. With a menu that invited you to discover the dreams of the chef, who at the time had two Michelin stars, BiBo Marbella was born with the aim of taking Andalusian cuisine around the world – “BiBo marked a before and after in the Dani García Group and in gastronomyI think it has been a reference for many other concepts”. says Dani García.

Since its opening in 2014, BiBo offers a journey through the cuisines of the world as a result of the Marbella chef’s travels.

Thanks to its authentic cuisine and cosmopolitan essence, the restaurant celebrates ten years of trajectory, which have allowed it to witness great love stories, magical birthdays and friends who toast to good times.

More than 653 thousand people have been able to enjoy during this time a gastronomic journey that begins visually, thanks to an eclectic decoration and continues through the palate with dishes such as its legendary oxtail brioche. Besides, this is one of Dani García’s most popular dishes that has been cooked in the BiBo Marbella kitchens on more than 55 thousand occasions.

Today, BiBo has branches in Tarifa and Madrid and beyond our borders in Doha, which was the first international opening of the concept, and in London, bringing the cuisine of Andalusia to the world.

BiBo Beach House Tarifa welcomes the 2024 season with an irresistible proposition: beach, cocktails, and brioche, a combination that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the offering. Located on the idyllic Valdevaqueros Beach in Tarifa, Dani García’s most travel-inspired concept will once again open its doors on March 23rd, offering a musical entertainment program that will set the rhythm for afternoons on the Cadiz coast.

Under the Tarifa sun, amidst the scent of the sea and nature, BiBo invites you to indulge in the most summery pleasures: the sandy beach, refreshing cocktails, and a menu offering the most international cuisine from the Marbella chef, inspired by his travels around the world. Thus, in its fifth season, BiBo Beach House will bring rhythm to the afternoons on the Cadiz coast with live music and a gastronomic proposal that includes the chef’s most iconic dishes.

A very BiBo menu in Valdevaqueros

From its popular cherry gazpacho, through its BiBo Style guacamole with edamame or its brioches, including the legendary oxtail or its preparation of tuna belly with quail egg; to its ode to tuna with dishes like grilled red almadraba tuna steak or its tuna tartare trio; to its popular crispy Robuchon prawns that stand out among its Andalusian fried dishes. Thus, its menu, reflecting the fresh and summery spirit of the concept, offers a wide variety of dishes that perfectly complement its cocktail proposal.

BiBo Beach House, the place to be in the summer, welcomes once again the good weather while maintaining its laid-back and travel-inspired style, stepping firmly and eager to create a magical atmosphere on the Cadiz Coast.

Located in the heart of the luxurious coastal city of Marbella, Andalusia, Dani García’s BiBo Marbella is a culinary gem that offers an unforgettable experience for food lovers. Situated in La Plaza de Puente Romano, one of the most exclusive and vibrant destinations on the Costa del Sol, this restaurant takes Dani García’s most travel-inspired concept to its fullest potential.

Led by the acclaimed Spanish chef Dani García, BiBo Marbella blends Spanish culinary traditions with modern techniques and exquisite presentation. In an elegant and relaxed setting, diners are treated to a gastronomic offering that ranges from classic BiBo dishes to new additions that are unique to Marbella. The elegant and refined decor envelops you in a unique universe to experience BiBo in every sense.

Dinner is at BiBo Marbella

BiBo Marbella offers a selection of dishes perfect for dinner, from starters like cuttlefish croquettes, Iberian ham croquettes, or Russian salad with quail eggs, to options of fresh fish and high-quality meat such as salmon tartare, grilled sirloin, or the famous and successful braised oxtail brioche. The carefully selected wine list complements the flavors of the dishes perfectly, with options ranging from local wines to the finest international labels.

One of the highlights of BiBo Marbella is the live kitchen show, where diners can watch expert chefs in action as they prepare and present the dishes. This additional touch of entertainment adds an interactive and exciting element to the gastronomic experience.

The braised oxtail brioche is heavenly

BiBo Dani García’s braised oxtail brioche is a delicious fusion of Spanish flavors in one bite. With Chef Dani García’s distinctive touch, this dish combines the softness of the brioche with the intensity and tenderness of the braised oxtail. Every bite is a burst of flavors that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Since its creation in New York, it has traveled the world and, in addition to Marbella, Madrid, and Tarifa, it can also be enjoyed in London and Doha.

BiBo Marbella by Dani García offers a perfect combination of exquisite food, elegant ambiance, and privileged location, making it a must-visit destination for gastronomy lovers visiting the Costa del Sol.