October 2022 | Grupo Dani Garcia October 2022 | Grupo Dani Garcia

The scariest day of the year has arrived. Frights, blood and the walking dead will hit the streets on Monday, October 31. For years it is more fashionable event in the city and plans are diverse. In addition, the public holiday of  on the 1st November  assures that the party and fun  is more than guaranteed. 

In BiBo Madrid, it  is clear. Food, cocktail, lights and action. The days in the capital do not stop and you have to keep up your strength with the most international menu of Dani Garcia. But, the day begins early. That’s why we have an ideal plan for the weekend and the long weekend. BiBo Halloween brunch with Chandon Garde Spritz. 

Uniquely and only this weekend, Moët’s new appetizer will welcome you on our most famous brunch menu in Madrid. In addition, only this weekend we also have brunch available on Monday and Tuesday. 

Book your table now to enjoy Chandon Garden Spritz, brunch, Halloween and BiBo Madrid. 

A perfect plan to give away

Halloween, Madrid has the perfect plan. Everything is possible. But the agendas may not be as synchronized as Chanel’s new theme. Therefore, you can always choose the option to give it as a gift and enjoy it on the weekend that best fits your schedule. You will have up to 12 months from the date of purchase,  for two people.

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The most international menu

In addition to our brunch, remember that you can enjoy our menu from Monday to Sunday during lunch and dinner. Different sections divide a special and traveling menu with dishes for all tastes.

A new restaurant arrives on the shores of Marbella. In this case, it is an old acquaintance. Dani García returns to his origins with Tragabuches, which opened its doors on Saturday 24 September.

It was in 1998 when Tragabuches opened in Ronda, a restaurant in which Dani García would be at the head of the kitchen. A Km. 0 restaurant, avant-garde and multi-awarded, where the product and the process were the main protagonists in this concept. Today, 24 years later, Tragabuches opens its doors in the chef’s hometown, Marbella.

Tragabuches is described as pure Andalusian cuisine, culture and product. A refuge to enjoy the flavours of Andalusia with the family. This philosophy is identified in the space, being calm and without artifice. This space will be well differentiated in two, a lounge with a menu which will include a section dedicated to Andalusian Iberian ham, Andalusian cheeses, vegetables, cured meats, eggs… On the other hand we find the bar, which will have tapas, and other dishes that will be exclusive there.


For the first time in the history of the Dani García Group, it will offer breakfasts. Therefore, Tragabuches is a “Non-Stop” kitchen model, starting from 9:00 with these breakfasts, until closing (00:00), passing through the bar area and arriving until the opening of the dining room. In these breakfasts, you will be able to enjoy the breakfasts that all Andalusians have come to enjoy.


At Tragabuches we serve dishes that we have eaten all our lives. Each product will have a name and surname, as it will come from a specific crop and a special farmer. Vegetables, eggs, rice, fish…

Tragabuches is to savour Andalusia from all the “costaos” along with a liquid proposal with a historical journey through well-known Spanish wines such as Marqués de Murrietas del Castillo Ygay1925 or CVNE Imperial gran reserva 1928, also offering some more recent ones such as Alión 1991.


A place for the whole family, where children have a special space for themselves. In this way, parents can enjoy a good meal while the children enjoy themselves in the playroom. A children’s area equipped with amenities and designed for children’s entertainment.

After this opening, the Dani García Group increases the gastronomic offer in the city of Marbella. This time, Andalusian cuisine awaits you.

Address: C. Ana de Austria, 2, 29670 Marbella, Málaga.