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San Juan is one of the most eagerly awaited festivities of the year. This celebration marks the summer solstice and the arrival of the shortest and most magical night of the year. In Spain, we love to gather on the beach, light bonfires, jump over them and make wishes while the waves caress the shore. This ritual is a symbol of purification and renewal, leaving behind the old and making way for the new.

San Juan and Dani García

Make your wishes to the water with Lobito de Mar

Make a wish and let the water make it come true.

If there is one restaurant that captures the essence of the sea and the beach, it is Lobito de Mar. Located in Marbella Madrid and La Finca, this restaurant is paradise for fish and seafood lovers. After dinner, strolling along the beach, feeling the sea breeze and jumping in the waves is the perfect way to complete the night of San Juan. This year we want to celebrate the magic of San Juan in Dani García Group with you.

Burn the bad and let the good happen with Firewood

Ask for what you want to leave behind and let the fire burn it.

For those who prefer intense flavours and charcoal-grilled cuisine, Leña is the ideal choice. This restaurant combines the tradition of the grill with modern techniques, offering meats of the highest quality in a sophisticated atmosphere. Celebrating San Juan at Leña means enjoying a culinary experience that enlivens all the senses. Feel the warmth of the bonfires that mark this special night.

Manifest new beginnings with Tragabuches

Plant your pot with intention and you will see the fruits of what you have sown.

Tragabuches, located in Marbella and Madrid, is a tribute to Andalusian cuisine with a touch of innovation. This restaurant is perfect for those who wish to celebrate the Noche de San Juan in a more intimate setting, but without losing the essence of the festivity. Enjoy dishes such as potato omelette or cherry gazpacho, which combine tradition with modern creativity.

Shine with BiBo

Glow with fire and make your wish this San Juan.

For those looking for a vibrant and cosmopolitan experience, BiBo is the perfect choice. This restaurant, located in Marbella, Tarifa and Madrid, offers international cuisine that fuses flavours from around the world. Imagine celebrating San Juan with a creative cocktail in hand, enjoying dishes such as oxtail brioche or sea bass ceviche, while bonfires light up the night. At BiBo, fun and gastronomy go hand in hand, creating the ideal atmosphere for a magical evening.

We want your wishes to come true, celebrate San Juan with Dani García Group.

Time flies! This month, we celebrate the third anniversary of two jewels of the capital: Leña Madrid and Smoked Room Madrid. Three years have passed since these restaurants opened their doors, offering diners a sensory journey through intense flavours, innovative techniques and a welcoming atmosphere.

Leña Madrid: A tribute to the charcoal grill

Leña Madrid has conquered the hearts of meat and grilled cuisine lovers. Founded by our chef Dani García, Leña has stood out for its focus on the grill, where each dish is prepared with impeccable precision and high quality ingredients.

Since its opening, Leña has offered a unique experience that combines traditional grilling techniques with a modern and sophisticated touch. Meat cuts, meticulously selected, are cooked to perfection, bringing out their natural flavours and the essence of the grill. Leña doesn’t stop at meat; its menu also includes fish and vegetable dishes, all infused with the unmistakable aroma and flavour of the grill.

Restaurante Dani Garcia Leña Madrid

Smoked Room Madrid: An Oasis of Smoke

Right in the heart of Leña, Smoked Room Madrid, which holds two Michelin Stars, offers a completely different experience where smoke is the protagonist in every fish, vegetable, seafood or meat dish. This restaurant has become a haven for those seeking a more intimate and experimental culinary adventure. With its focus on smoking techniques and flavour fusion, Smoked Room has redefined what it means to enjoy an exceptional meal.

In these three years, Smoked Room has proven to be a laboratory of flavours, where the main ingredient is smoke, transforming each dish into a work of art.

From Madrid to the sky

The celebration of Leña and Smoked Room’s third anniversary not only marks a milestone in its trajectory, but is also a testament to the hard work, dedication and passion of its teams. No anniversary would be complete without thanking those who have been part of this incredible journey.

As we celebrate these three years, we continue to look to the future to continue to be part of your dining experiences. Leña Madrid and Smoked Room Madrid will continue to innovate and offer gastronomic experiences that delight and surprise.

Here’s to many more years of success and incomparable flavours!

This is the perfect excuse to discover what makes Leña and Smoked Room so special, we are waiting for you to share this celebration and give you an unforgettable experience!

See you at Leña y Smoked Room Madrid!

After a period of exciting openings for Dani García, mainly focused on his hometown, the chef from Marbella now starts with a new international double opening, this time in Dubai: Smoked Room and Leña, which will be located in the exclusive hotel The St. Regis Garden, on the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island.

This exclusive enclave will host two new concepts signed by the Andalusian chef who, after his time in Doha, where he has the restaurants BiBo and Lobito de Mar, is once again betting on the Middle East as a destination to take Spanish gastronomy beyond its borders, now with Leña and Smoked Room. Thus, the Dani García Group’s expansion and growth process continues with the aim of promoting Spanish brand cuisine around the world.

These two proposals, although markedly different, have the same common thread: smoke. Thus, Leña, which will open its doors on December 18, and Smoked Room, which will open a few days later, will share location, but not space or equipment, and will be located in Al Nakheel Mall, connected through a green esplanade with the St. Regis Gardens Hotel, in the heart of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai.

Leña, the redefinition of grilling

On the other hand, and as in Marbella and Madrid, Leña Dubai will be a steakhouse that goes a step further and comes to offer locals and visitors an irresistible duality: the balance between Dani Garcia’s technique and honesty and respect for the product. Thus, it proposes a menu very focused on the raw material and its versatility in front of the embers, but with a very personal touch and a marked international influence, the result of the chef’s travels and experiences around the world.

His gastronomic offer has fire, embers and smoked flavor as a common thread. Thus, the menu of Leña Dubai will maintain dishes that have gained popularity around the world as the Burger bull, meatball yakipincho, Burgos lamb roasted with fine herbs, grilled lobster with sherry beurre blanc and fries with caviar, roasted leek with gribiche sauce and hazelnuts with black truffle or his famous foie gras in the form of apple with grilled garlic and lemon. Among the novelties, Dani García will present elaborations such as his famous grilled avocado from Málaga, this time with coriander pesto and feta cheese splash, 300 g of juicy grilled picaña or A5 Japanese wagyu loin tomahawk. To finish, sweet bites such as the new chocolate donut, mille-feuille with diplomatic cream or its emblematic tarte di rose.

Firewood in Dubai features an impressive bar and lounge area, a spacious indoor dining room for 150 guests and a stunning terrace overlooking Palm Jumeirah. In addition, its outdoor terrace seats 140 guests, with an additional 40 seats at the bar.

Smoked Room, elevating haute cuisine on the grill

Only a few months after its opening in Madrid, Smoked Room managed to enter the prestigious Michelin Guide directly with two stars. With this space, Dani García translates his passion for haute cuisine, embers and hospitality into an exclusive space with embers and smoke as the main pillars of the proposal. Thus, the technique becomes an indispensable part of each dish, turning the smoke into a dressing and a unique touch of each fish, vegetable, seafood or meat.

In this space, Smoked Room will offer the Fire Omakase tasting menu, a proposal that consists of letting yourself be carried away by the chef and enjoy, and will change according to the products of the season. As with the Madrid restaurant, the Dubai restaurant will have only 14 seats in a unique space where you can enjoy an unparalleled culinary spectacle in an incomparable location.

In this exclusive setting, the chef invites you to welcome the year with the New Year’s Eve experience, which promises an unforgettable evening in a cozy atmosphere, offering an exclusive and personalized culinary journey. Dinner will begin at 8:00 pm with a special “Fire Omakase” menu and will end at 11:30 pm with a delicious dessert that will mark the transition to the outdoor terrace. As the clock approaches midnight, diners will enjoy a reserved space on the terrace with breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis The Palm. Strategically located, this area offers the best panoramic views of the city and is the perfect place to witness the mesmerizing New Year’s Eve fireworks display over Atlantis The Palm.

Thus, with the exciting launch of Leña y Smoked Room in Dubai, chef Dani García takes another step forward in his mission to bring Spanish cuisine to all parts of the world and captivate palates through the flavors of his homeland.

NYE, Leña Dubai

Brugal rum and renowned chef Dani García have joined forces to create a unique culinary experience at Leña restaurant, where the magic of Brugal rum and the chef’s cuisine merge in an exceptional dessert.

The Brugal rum house, with its rich Dominican heritage dating back to 1888, has been a benchmark in the world of premium distillates. Its rum is distilled and aged in the Dominican Republic, under ideal conditions for maximum quality and flavour. The Brugal distillery uses traditional methods and a blend of copper and oak stills to create exceptional rums with a smooth and complex character.

Leña restaurant, run by renowned Spanish chef Dani Garcia, is known for its focus on charcoal-grilled cuisine and creative use of local ingredients. Its menu is a celebration of bold flavours and innovative culinary techniques.

The collaboration between Brugal and Dani Garcia at Leña focuses on the Savarin dessert that pays homage to Ducasse with Brugal 1888 rum. Initially it was made at the Babá al Ron de Leña made at the table. The combination of flavours is a symphony of sweetness and notes of oak and spices that blend harmoniously on the palate.

To complement this dessert, Leña offers a selection of creative cocktails made with Brugal rum that you can also pair with this dessert for even more flavour potential. 

The union of Brugal rum and Dani García in Leña is a culinary and cocktail experience that combines Brugal’s distilling expertise with Dani García’s culinary creativity.This dessert with Brugal rum is a showcase of the passion for haute cuisine and this benchmark, and is a testament to how flavours can converge to create something truly exceptional.

The good thing about the arrival of the good weather is that the days get longer. The outdoor get-togethers with friends begin. And the long weekends also begin, like the Easter long weekend. A perfect time to enjoy, travel and get out of the house with no curfew. 

In between plans such as going to see museums, musicals, shopping or spending a few hours on the beach, you always have to make time to eat. During these days there are many gastronomic options. Whether you are in Marbella, Madrid or Tarifa. You may fancy a pizza from Alelí, the best embers of Leña, enjoy the best Japanese cuisine at Kemuri, sail the sea at Lobito de Mar or the trips of BiBo Dani García. Cuisine and menus for all tastes and days of the week. There are no excuses, only desire. 

Tragabuches Marbella’s Andalusian late-night snack.

Togetherness is strength. And enjoying yourself with friends and family revitalizes everyone. These days of Easter with public holidays and a very special weekend, the terrace lounge of Tragabuches has prepared  the best after lunch or pre-dinner evening for you . 

Music, special atmosphere and the best company to enjoy a fun evening in Marbella. 

By the way, don’t forget that you can also have breakfast in Dani García’s most Andalusian space from 9:30am to 11:30am from Monday to Sunday. 

Thursday and Friday start the day with brunch in Madrid

Holidays are for enjoying and celebrating. Go for a walk, go to the cinema or have a drink with friends. In the Dani García Group we don’t forget the start of the day and we suggest you start the day in style, with brunch at Leña or BiBo Madrid.

The first of them inaugurated just over a month ago and with embers as a nexus of union throughout its menu. For €45 per person, enjoy Leña’s best-known starters, choose a New York-inspired main course and finish with the sweetest touch. A unique and fiery experience for an unforgettable long weekend. 

BiBo is well-known in Madrid. A success that every week makes the people of Madrid enjoy the start of the day in style. For 39€ per person, very BiBo starters, a main course to remember and the best ice cream in the world for dessert.

Its tradition comes from New York and is a mix between breakfast and lunch. They turned it into brunch and all lovers of good gatherings around the table are taking it up as a fixed plan on their weekends. 

Leña Madrid, inaugurated in June 2021 in Paseo de la Castellana 57, activated this well-known and successful custom to start the weekend in the warmest way to add a lot of firewood to the fire starting early in the morning. Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 12:30h in a unique menu you will start the embers day of Dani García. Starters, main course of your choice, dessert and drink for €45 per person. 

Leña Madrid hides a secret.

The perfect decoration, dim light and the embers of Leña hide the corridor to the stars. The two Michelin Stars of Smoked Room, achieved at the same time six months after its opening in 2021. A unique space that takes you to haute cuisine in a unique omakase menu. In this space that seats fourteen diners, you just have to place yourself in the hands of the chef. The rest is up to us.

If you want to live this experience, pay attention to every fifteenth day of the month to be able to send a reservation request to be able to access to one of these places. 

The perfect gift. 

It is becoming more and more common to give intangible gifts that will offer the other person to the purest and most exciting experience. Among the world’s passions is gastronomy and Dani García’s wide-ranging offer is also available as a gift. 

For this reason, you can now purchase the perfect brunch experience for two as a gift. The beneficiary will have 12 months to redeem it from the date of purchase. When they do so, they will start the weekend in the embers of Dani García. After such a  start to your day, the rest can only get better.

  • As part of the Dani García Group’s international expansion, the Marbella chef’s new grill house LEÑA signals a departure from the usual steakhouse stereotypes by combining tradition and innovation with the very best produce.


  • On the site of the former Dani García Restaurante, warm tones feature strongly in the design of this new project of a steakhouse that’s unlike any you’ve been to before.


  • The LEÑA menu includes dishes such as the iconic chef’s burger, smoked brisket, surf&turf and the crunchy roast-beef tart, and there’s a nod to the chef’s roots with charcoal-grilled meat and vegetable ‘espetos’ in true Dani García style.


Following the change in direction for Dani García Restaurante, and located on the very same site, after many months of design work and hard graft the Málaga chef is finally ready to open the doors to Leña –a new kind of steakhouse that’s all set to light a fire under the grilling world in Marbella. Leña forms part of Dani’s ongoing dream to bring his recipes to everyone everywhere, this time through a concept he’s been cooking up for a long, long time – a grill house that signals a departure from any stereotypes by combining tradition, innovation and produce in a way that only he can do.


It comes as no surprise to learn that, as a steakhouse, Leña is going one step beyond and opening its doors on the Costa del Sol to serve up an irresistible duality for its guests – the balance between Dani García’s technique and his sense of honesty and respect for great produce. This means a menu that’s all about the raw materials and the different ways they can be grilled, but with a highly personal touch and a strong international influence, born of the chef’s travels and experiences around the world.


Following on from the success of the fabulous Lobito de Mar chiringuito in Madrid and the beginnings of his international expansion with the opening of his furthest outpost, BIBO Doha, Dani García is making another of his dreams come true by turning his own particular vision of a steakhouse into reality. This new restaurant marks a real departure from the other projects the chef is already heading up, and forms part of the Dani García Group’s strategy for expansion in 2020.


With a unique approach, the chef’s vision and technique run through every part of the LEÑA menu. From the most traditional charcoal-grilled pieces to the most iconic international recipes, a whole world of preparations with Dani García’s signature style. The menu begins, therefore, with vegetarian starters such as baba ganoush, made from mashed charcoal-grilled aubergine with extra virgin olive oil and pitta bread for dipping, smoked burrata caprese salad, and charcoal-grilled avocado. The charcoal-grilled starter section includes dishes such as smoked brisket, crunchy roast-beef tart and fried chicken “oysters”, as well as a nod to the chef’s roots with charcoal-grilled meat and vegetable “espetos” in true Dani García style.


The real star of the show at Leña is, of course, the meat, with some wonderful offerings that include Yakitori chicken skewers, kebabs and sausage varieties such as sobrasada cooked on the grill. However, the chef gives full flight to his imagination with recipes such as his surf&turf, featuring both meat and lobster as a version of the famous American classic. Other meat dishes on the menu include the now legendary burger, which appears as “The Burger that made it all make sense”. This dish is served tableside live and direct, and in keeping with tradition it comes with the famous (and secret) bull sauce. This adapted version brings the memories flooding back of one of Dani’s most talked-about dishes.


And there’s a fantastic range of different cuts of meat for charcoal grilling in the ‘All the wood on the fire’ section of the menu, with grilled dishes such as old beef ribeye steak, bone-in 600g charcoal-grilled ribeye steak, 1.3kg charcoal-grilled young beef tomahawk steak and the charcoal-grilled T-bone beef steak, paying homage to the traditional grill houses of San Sebastián.


In terms of the setting for this new culinary venture, the design by the Astet studio design for the restaurant combines a primitive essence, one of flames, hot embers and natural materials such as stone and wood, an aesthetic that inspires the interior design as well as forming the basis of the culinary proposals on offer.


Leña is a steakhouse where meat is very much the star of the show, and where the different ways of preparing it, such as smoking and charcoal grilling, bring flavour and establish the concept of the restaurant in terms of its overall design. Wood, firewood and the different textures, how the passing of time leaves its mark and the organic transformation involved all form the mood board for this project. Using wood and tree trunks in the design creates a completely different environment and a unique sensory experience.


The dominant colour is black, and it’s everywhere – walls, ceilings, floors and furnishings. Subtle nuances are created using a palette range that can add brightness or subdue the tones as required. Different textures and contrasts help display the huge range of variables that can be seen at Leña through the use of black.


“The Group was clear about what we wanted to do with this project. The idea was to freshen up the concepts we like so much and instil them with the essence of the Dani García Group,” the Andalusian chef explains. “Unlike Lobito de Mar, where we’ve been much more respectful of the sea and the Andalusian way of doing things, at Leña – which has more in common with BIBO, it’s about stepping into the world of charcoal grilling. So based on our travels around the world, discovering yakitori and American grills and smokers, we’ve come up with dishes where it’s all about technique and truly great produce,” Dani adds.


With this highly anticipated opening, the Málaga chef is putting his feet to the fire with a sophisticated menu featuring dishes that go beyond the concept of a traditional grill house. He’s making his dream of opening a truly unique steakhouse come true.