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Alelí Dani García, the most romantic and passionate Italian, has conquered hearts in Marbella with his charm and charisma. His plans for celebrating love as a couple are legendary, and today we invite you to immerse yourself in a world of romance and passion through his words.

Without leaving the city of the Costa del Sol, you can feel the picturesque cobbled streets of Florence, Alelí will take you on an unforgettable journey. What could be more romantic than a sunset stroll through the Piazza della Signoria? As the sun sets behind Michelangelo’s statue of David, he will take you by the hand and lead you to a cosy local restaurant. There, you will enjoy the exquisite flavours of authentic Tuscan cuisine, with wines that honour the Italian land.

After a dinner that awakens the senses, Aleli will guide you to a secret viewpoint with panoramic views of the city. There, under a starry sky, she will spread out a blanket and bring out a box of chocolates and chocolate dipped strawberries. Together, they will share sweet kisses and laughter as they gaze at the twinkling lights of Florence.

But the night is not over. Alelí has prepared one more surprise. She will take you on a small candlelit gondola that will sail through the canals of Venice. While the gondolier sings serenades, he will recite verses of Italian poetry that will touch your heart. The water will reflect the magic of the night, and you will feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Aleli’s romantic adventure is not limited to Italy. If you prefer a more tropical atmosphere, she will take you to the shores of the Amalfi Coast. There, you will enjoy crystal clear beaches and picturesque villages. You will discover hidden gems and get lost in narrow alleys where only love can be found.

Whether in the hills of Tuscany, the streets of Florence, the canals of Venice or the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, Alelí Dani García will prove to you that Italian romance is an experience that will take your breath away. Her couple’s plans are a testament to the love and passion that Italy has to offer. So let yourself be swept away by the magic of Aleli and experience a romance you will never forget.

Italy awaits you in Marbella.

Brugal rum and renowned chef Dani García have joined forces to create a unique culinary experience at Leña restaurant, where the magic of Brugal rum and the chef’s cuisine merge in an exceptional dessert.

The Brugal rum house, with its rich Dominican heritage dating back to 1888, has been a benchmark in the world of premium distillates. Its rum is distilled and aged in the Dominican Republic, under ideal conditions for maximum quality and flavour. The Brugal distillery uses traditional methods and a blend of copper and oak stills to create exceptional rums with a smooth and complex character.

Leña restaurant, run by renowned Spanish chef Dani Garcia, is known for its focus on charcoal-grilled cuisine and creative use of local ingredients. Its menu is a celebration of bold flavours and innovative culinary techniques.

The collaboration between Brugal and Dani Garcia at Leña focuses on the Savarin dessert that pays homage to Ducasse with Brugal 1888 rum. Initially it was made at the Babá al Ron de Leña made at the table. The combination of flavours is a symphony of sweetness and notes of oak and spices that blend harmoniously on the palate.

To complement this dessert, Leña offers a selection of creative cocktails made with Brugal rum that you can also pair with this dessert for even more flavour potential. 

The union of Brugal rum and Dani García in Leña is a culinary and cocktail experience that combines Brugal’s distilling expertise with Dani García’s culinary creativity.This dessert with Brugal rum is a showcase of the passion for haute cuisine and this benchmark, and is a testament to how flavours can converge to create something truly exceptional.

Lobito de Mar, chef Dani García’s bar, which has already conquered cities such as Marbella and Madrid and has even crossed borders as far as Doha, will open its doors in the new LaFinca Grand Café shopping centre on Thursday 14 September.

This restaurant, whose first space saw the light of day in 2017 in an emblematic location in the heart of the Costa del Sol’s Golden Mile, landed in Madrid in 2019 and, shortly after, became a haven of the Mediterranean Sea in the capital, due to its gastronomic proposal focused on the flavour of the sea. Three years later, Lobito de Mar opened its first location outside Spain, taking the essence of the concept to the capital of Qatar, with the aim of transmitting the cuisine of the chef from Marbella beyond our borders.

Now, after several years of success, the iconic restaurant is inaugurating its second location in Madrid with the opening of Lobito de Mar in the LaFinca Grand Café shopping centre, a space where quality, safety and design have come together to create a unique atmosphere.

This new Lobito de Mar, which is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, in a residential area and close to La Finca Business Park, has a capacity for 206 people, a restaurant divided into different spaces so that diners can enjoy a unique dining experience that adapts to every occasion.

The interior area includes an impressive bar that invites diners to share delicious portions and enjoy the gastronomic proposal in a more informal way. To enjoy the experience in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, the main dining room is the ideal space. On the other hand, its large outdoor area offers a variety of atmospheres to suit every occasion. From exclusive reserved areas to a cosy outdoor bar and a terrace with a pergola, which allows you to enjoy the experience all year round.

The highlight of the experience in this new enclave is its second terrace, which stands out as a unique space. With two tables immersed in the lake that surrounds the shopping centre, this terrace adds a touch of magic to the experience. An ideal space to enjoy signature cocktails in a pleasant atmosphere and which offers the possibility of holding special events and presentations, making it a versatile and charming space.

The interior design of this wonderful space is inspired by the sea. Thus, its colours and textures are present in every corner of Lobito de Mar. This design reveals the essence of the restaurant through a palette of blue colours and striped patterns, reminiscent of the Malaga coastline. The crackled textures inspired by salt, a fundamental element of the sea, as well as the sculptures that simulate the movement of water, create a dynamic rhythm that transports diners to a maritime universe.

Its gastronomic proposal, centred on offering the freshness of the sea that arrives from the best fish markets, presents a range of flavours that are revealed in a menu based on shellfish, crustaceans, national molluscs, Andalusian fried foods and espetos. Particularly noteworthy are the rice dishes in the pure Alicante style, with options such as the sweet lobster rice with trumpets of death or Iberian pork ribs and mushrooms, the daily fish market, which includes dishes prepared with the catch of the day and its ode to bluefin tuna, which offers raw, tapas, stews and grilled tuna accompanied by potatoes “a la roteña”.

For those who want to enjoy a more informal dining experience, the bar offers the option of enjoying half portions of these delicious dishes, allowing you to savour the proposal in a more relaxed way.

Thus, Lobito de Mar continues its expansion with the opening of its second location in the capital, which will be located in one of the most prestigious areas of Madrid, and becomes one of the most innovative restaurants to open its doors in the LaFinca Grand Café shopping centre.

The mood in Madrid is permeated with excitement and anticipation as the anniversary of Lobito de Mar, the prestigious restaurant of renowned chef Dani García, approaches. With each passing year, this iconic venue has become a landmark for gastronomy and seafood lovers in the Spanish capital.

Since its opening several years ago, Lobito de Mar has delighted diners with an incomparable culinary experience that combines the freshness of the sea with the gastronomic creativity of Dani García. The restaurant has been praised by critics and gourmets alike.

Lobito de Mar’s anniversary is a special moment, not only for Dani García and his team, but also for the diners who have had the pleasure of enjoying his innovative and delicious dishes. The celebration promises to be an unforgettable event, with a special menu on the evening of 7 September designed by Dani García and a unique pairing. Lobito highlights the freshest and tastiest ingredients from the sea. From oysters to lobster, every bite will be an explosion of flavour and culinary creativity.

But Lobito de Mar’s anniversary is more than just an occasion to enjoy exceptional food. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the impact Dani García has had on the gastronomic scene in Madrid and throughout Spain. His focus on excellence and innovation has inspired a generation of chefs and raised the standard of cuisine in the country.

Moreover, the restaurant not only stands out for its exceptional food, but also for its welcoming atmosphere and impeccable service. Every visit to Lobito de Mar is a complete experience that goes beyond the food and leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of diners.

Lobito de Mar’s anniversary is a moment to celebrate not only Dani García’s culinary excellence, but also his contribution to Madrid’s gastronomic scene and his ability to create unforgettable experiences for all who have the privilege of visiting his restaurant. This year will undoubtedly be a celebration that will remain etched in the memory of all those present. 

Happy anniversary sailors!

The return to normality after the summer holidays marks the beginning of a gradual transition from relaxation and rest to daily routine and responsibilities. After enjoying moments of leisure, travel and disconnection, it is natural to experience a sense of adjustment as you return to everyday life.

This stage can generate mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is nostalgia for holiday days, where time seemed to stretch out and worries were put on the back burner. On the other hand, the return to routine brings with it a renewed sense of purpose and structure. The feeling of resuming regular activities can be comforting, providing a sense of order and normality in the midst of a constantly changing world.

It is important to approach the return to normality with a balanced mindset. Reflecting on the positive moments of the holidays and taking that revitalising energy with you can help you face the challenges that come with returning to work, school and daily obligations. Drawing on holiday experiences and learnings can enrich the way you approach your daily life.

Planning ahead is also essential. Organising schedules, setting goals and managing tasks efficiently can make it easier to adapt to the routine. In addition, maintaining a balance between work and personal time is essential to avoid burnout and allow for moments of relaxation even in the midst of routine.

The return to normality can be an opportunity to establish new healthy routines. Incorporating exercise habits, a balanced diet and time for self-care can help maintain a consistent sense of wellbeing, regardless of the time of year.

Ultimately, returning to normality after the summer holidays is a process of adjustment that involves combining the positive aspects of summer relaxation with everyday responsibilities. Maintaining a positive attitude, planning ahead and finding ways to balance routine with moments of enjoyment are key to successfully navigating this period and maintaining a sense of wellbeing throughout the year.