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Andalusia is a region of Spain that stands out for its rich and varied gastronomy, based on local and high quality products. Some of the most typical products of the region include olive oil, wine, fresh fish and seafood, and of course, Iberian acorn-fed ham.

Iberian acorn-fed ham is an emblematic product of Andalusian gastronomy, obtained from pigs reared free-range in dehesas and fed exclusively on acorns. The result is a juicy and tasty meat, with a unique flavour and a texture that melts in your mouth. Iberian acorn-fed ham is considered one of the best hams in the world and is an essential ingredient in many Andalusian dishes, from the classic “ham dish” to ham omelette and salmorejo. At Tragabuches we have Cinco Jotas which makes our evenings a unique and enriching experience. 

In addition to ham, Andalusia has a wide variety of local “kilometre zero” products, i.e. products that are grown and produced in the region itself, without the need to import ingredients from other parts of the world. These products include extra virgin olive oil, artisan cheeses, cold meats and fresh fish, among others.

Olive oil is one of Andalusia’s most emblematic products and is produced throughout the region. Andalusian extra virgin olive oil is known for its fruity and mild flavour and is used in many dishes in Andalusian cuisine, from salads and gazpachos to stews and fried foods.

Artisan cheeses are also very popular in Andalusia, especially in the mountain areas. Among the most typical cheeses are goat’s, sheep’s and mixed cheeses. These cheeses are made in the traditional way and are characterised by their intense flavour and creamy texture.

Summing up, Andalusian gastronomy is one of the richest and most varied in Spain, thanks to the large number of high-quality local products produced in the region. From acorn-fed Iberian ham to extra virgin olive oil and artisan cheeses, Andalusian gastronomy is a real culinary treasure that is well worth discovering.

With the same majesty with which the strokes of the Asian brush are captured on paper in Shodō, also known as the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy, Kemuri arrived in Marbella last year thanks to Dani García to offer the purity of the gastronomy of the land of the rising sun in a unique setting.

Conceived as a tribute by the Marbella chef to one of the most fascinating cuisines in the world, it has recently reopened its doors with a proposal that maintains its original essence but elevated to its highest exponent. Thus, Kemuri is today a place to savor millenary Japan without looking at the clock in search of Umami; the place of the izakaya, where you are invited to stay, and where you will find traditional Japanese cuisine combined with Mediterranean flavours. 

Using seasonal, high-quality products, the space offers a unique experience based on the omakase or trust in the chef. Thus, in the main dining area, there is a bar for 14 people, where the itamae or head chef is part of the diner’s experience. You will place yourself in the hands of the chef in order to be able to enjoy his proposal. A beautiful Japanese tradition that Dani García has wanted to maintain in Kemuri for the surprise and enjoyment of those who decide to trust him.

The Kemuri experience is complemented and taken to the highest level with a very special liquid proposal featuring two unique pairing options: Nana and Juu. In addition, the sake menu stands out, consisting of a meticulous selection of approximately 40 different sakes selected by the Sake Sommelier, Dominik Ponomarew. A journey through the different Japanese styles and prefectures with bottles as unique as Niizawa’s SANKYO SUPER 7 2021, which happens to be one of the most outstanding in Andalusia. 

With a capacity for up to 14 people, this is the first restaurant concept that Dani García has dedicated to Japanese cuisine, paying homage to friends and colleagues such as chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Cutting it short, an exclusive space designed to offer a unique experience in an incomparable setting.

Kemuri thus joins the group of restaurants that the Grupo Dani García already has in his hometown, including Bibo, Leña and Alelí, its most recent opening with an Italian accent.

Paris is known as the City of Love, but there is much more to see and do than simply strolling through its romantic streets. The French capital is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with a wide range of cultural, historical and gastronomic attractions.

One of the most iconic attractions in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, an iconic landmark that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The best way to see the Eiffel Tower is from the Trocadero esplanade, which offers stunning views of the tower and the Paris skyline.

Another must-see attraction is the Louvre Museum, one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. The museum houses over 35,000 works of art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Also worth a visit is the Musée d’Orsay, is also worth a visit, it specialises in impressionist and post-impressionist art.

Napoleon courtyard of the Louvre museum at night time, with Ieoh Ming Pei’s pyramid in the middle.

Paris is also famous for its gastronomy, and there is a wide variety of options for food lovers. From the famous French croissants and baguettes to haute cuisine, Paris has something for every taste and budget.

A unique gastronomic experience in Paris is cheese and wine tasting. At any restaurant or cheese shop in the city, you can sample different types of French cheese, ranging from mild brie to strong Roquefort, accompanied with a glass of local wine.

There are also many food markets in the city, such as the Rue Mouffetard Market, where you can find fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses, as well as regional and local products.

In short, Paris is a city full of history, culture and gastronomy. From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum, there are many attractions to see and enjoy. And when it comes to food, the city offers a variety of options that will satisfy any palate.

La Chambre Bleue Dani García

It opened its doors almost a month ago. And since that day the Mediterranean and the chef’s cuisine has been very present in the city.

Its name refers to a painting by Pablo Picasso from Malaga. Its menu offers a little piece of the Costa del Sol through exquisite bites. A visit to the province of Malaga without leaving this luxury Parisian enclave.

All this and much more awaits you in Paris and at La Chambre Bleue Dani García.

The good thing about the arrival of the good weather is that the days get longer. The outdoor get-togethers with friends begin. And the long weekends also begin, like the Easter long weekend. A perfect time to enjoy, travel and get out of the house with no curfew. 

In between plans such as going to see museums, musicals, shopping or spending a few hours on the beach, you always have to make time to eat. During these days there are many gastronomic options. Whether you are in Marbella, Madrid or Tarifa. You may fancy a pizza from Alelí, the best embers of Leña, enjoy the best Japanese cuisine at Kemuri, sail the sea at Lobito de Mar or the trips of BiBo Dani García. Cuisine and menus for all tastes and days of the week. There are no excuses, only desire. 

Tragabuches Marbella’s Andalusian late-night snack.

Togetherness is strength. And enjoying yourself with friends and family revitalizes everyone. These days of Easter with public holidays and a very special weekend, the terrace lounge of Tragabuches has prepared  the best after lunch or pre-dinner evening for you . 

Music, special atmosphere and the best company to enjoy a fun evening in Marbella. 

By the way, don’t forget that you can also have breakfast in Dani García’s most Andalusian space from 9:30am to 11:30am from Monday to Sunday. 

Thursday and Friday start the day with brunch in Madrid

Holidays are for enjoying and celebrating. Go for a walk, go to the cinema or have a drink with friends. In the Dani García Group we don’t forget the start of the day and we suggest you start the day in style, with brunch at Leña or BiBo Madrid.

The first of them inaugurated just over a month ago and with embers as a nexus of union throughout its menu. For €45 per person, enjoy Leña’s best-known starters, choose a New York-inspired main course and finish with the sweetest touch. A unique and fiery experience for an unforgettable long weekend. 

BiBo is well-known in Madrid. A success that every week makes the people of Madrid enjoy the start of the day in style. For 39€ per person, very BiBo starters, a main course to remember and the best ice cream in the world for dessert.

In spring the leaves sprout, the temperatures rise, and the flowers open tinting the atmosphere of colour and joy. Likewise, BiBo has returned to Marbella treading hard and eager to create a magical atmosphere on the Costa del Sol. The most travelled and cosmopolitan concept of the Marbella chef has returned to the place where he was born; the emblematic brand of the chef, who has managed to get the heart of different cities, including Madrid, London or Doha, has returned to its premises of Puente Romano with a proposal of a more exquisite elaboration, but maintaining as always, its seal.

The coast of Marbella, which dreamed of BiBo’s return, can finally enjoy its cuisine from Saturday, April 1 with the successful restaurant that launches new image and some change in menu. As a main novelty, the concept will also be present in the epicentre of Puente Romano; diners can settle into La Plaza de Puente Romano while tasting the BiBo universe through a menu with some of the most emblematic bites of the Marbella chef. In a magical place located next to the Mediterranean and a lively atmosphere, this proposal will be available from Monday to Sunday from 19:30 until midnight.

Dani García also renews BiBo with a novel formula that maintains its essence thanks to a menu that offers a wide variety of cuisine. Elaborations that are the fruit of their trips and that are inspired by different culinary cultures such as the pulled bull tail brioche with sheets of mushrooms, arugula and the famous DG sauce; Robuchon crispy prawns from Sanlúcar wrapped in fresh basil or Nutella to die, a dessert made from Nutella ice cream covered in popcorn and hazelnuts with creamy caramel, coconut cake and lemon jam. Also, creations such as the three fillets of La Cónsula with its three sauces, consisting of Iberian acorn tenderloin with pepper sauce, venison with Malaga wine and veal roasted with mustard, or rigatoni stuffed with chicken, truffle, and foie. The chef wanted to bring together in this way his most adventurous creations in a new menu that discovers the most special flavours and defends the essence of the concept.

In parallel, on the coast of Cadiz, where the smells of nature and the sea are mixed with a fun atmosphere, a new season begins the summer version of the Marbella chef, BiBo Beach House in Tarifa, which also comes with some new features. The beach of Valdevaqueros will welcome again the proposal of BiBo, which will put rhythm and flavour to the days of beach and heat from the beginning of April to September so that visitors can enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere while watching the sun set over the Atlantic.

To top it off, in this paradisiacal environment BiBo Beach House offers the possibility to practice water sports at the Ion Club BiBo Tarifa School, located next to the restaurant. It is a water  sports school in which its customers can start in typical water sports of the area such as surfing. The ideal option to complete a day at the beach on the coast of Tarifa with good food, relaxation and sport. 

Dani García’s projects continue to sprout and transform, just as flowers do in spring. It is a reality that BiBo has become the most international concept of the Andalusian chef, the proposal that has replicas in other cities has managed to bring around the world a level of dining experience with a relaxed and traveling style that is reflected in the most unexpected and unique flavours and products.