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Looking for a place where you can relax with a cold beer, enjoy an aperitif before lunch, or spend a fun afternoon with friends? The pantoon terrace at Lobito de Mar La Finca is the ideal place. Open from Thursday to Sunday from 13:00, this terrace offers a complete experience for all the senses.

A Space for Every Moment

The pantoon terrace adapts to your needs, whether you prefer a moment of relaxation before a meal, an after-dinner chat or simply enjoying a drink in good company.

Imagine arriving at the pantoon terrace and being greeted by a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. The drinks menu includes a selection of beers, wines and refreshing cocktails, ideal to accompany you while you enjoy the views and the relaxed atmosphere.

Lobito de Mar La Finca also offers a wide variety of dishes, highlighting the flavours of the Mediterranean with a modern twist.

The perfect after-dinner drink

After a good lunch, the terrace once again takes centre stage. It is the ideal place for a quiet after-dinner drink, where you can continue to enjoy the company and the good atmosphere. Why not finish with a coffee, a digestive liqueur, or even a cocktail prepared on the spot?

The pontoon terrace is also the ideal place to spend a relaxed afternoon or evening with friends or family. Whether it’s to have a beer after work, enjoy a wine at sunset, or share a few cocktails in the evening, the terrace offers an unrivalled setting.

This summer, make Lobito de Mar La Finca’s Pantalán Terrace a favourite meeting point with your friends!

Whether for an aperitif before lunch, a relaxed after-dinner drink, or simply to enjoy a drink in good company, the terrace awaits you from Thursday to Sunday from 13:00. Come and discover why it’s the favourite place for so many to enjoy the good life – we’re waiting for you!

Reviving the seafaring tradition! El Ronqueo with Dani García in Lobito de Mar

On the 19th of April, our chef, Dani García, brought a unique experience to Madrid. The first ”Ronqueo” of the season at Lobito de Mar LaFinca Grand Café. This event, not only offered a session on the cutting of tuna, but also celebrated the Spanish seafaring tradition in an exceptional way.

”Ronqueo” is a traditional Spanish art that consists of cutting up a tuna, showing the skill and dexterity necessary to treat this magnificent fish. During this event, Dani García guided the attendees through the cutting process. From the selection of the fresh tuna to the necessary steps to take advantage of each part of the fish.

Dani García explained the importance of working with fresh and local products, highlighting the relationship between the sea and the table in the Spanish culinary culture.

Lobito de Mar, best known for its tuna carpaccio, offered a cocktail after the “ronqueo” where tuna was the protagonist. Diners enjoyed delicacies from the sea prepared by the kitchen team, highlighting authentic and creative flavours that capture the essence of the coast.

Madrid’s Finca Gran Café provided the perfect setting for this unique experience. With its modern elegance and focus on haute cuisine, the restaurant served as the ideal setting for this celebration of contemporary Spanish cuisine.

In short, the ”ronqueo” event with Dani García at Lobito de Mar was much more than a culinary demonstration; it was a tribute to Spain’s seafaring heritage and passion for gastronomy.

Dani García arrives in collaboration with Gadira, the leading brand in the commercialisation of wild bluefin tuna in Tarifa, Zahara and Conil de la Frontera.

The chef from Málaga is launching the season for another year under the concept “The Art of Tuna”.

On 19 April Lobito de Mar, located in the exclusive shopping centre LaFinca Grand Café, hosted the first tuna ronqueo of the season. BiBo Beach House, in Tarifa, will celebrate it on 9 May.

Dani García has designed different dishes for the occasion, which will be available from 18 April until 31 May at Lobito de Mar.

Each piece of Almadraba tuna tells a story of dedication and passion for the sea. Fished using the traditional Almadraba technique, this product is a culinary delight that forms part of the gastronomic tradition of the Andalusian coast.

The ”ronqueo”

The firts ”ronqueo” of the season, toke place the 19th April, Lobito de Mar La Finca Grand Café, immersed in the lake that surrounds the shopping centre.

In addition, this restaurant will offer a special menu that has been designed by the Marbella chef exclusively for the occasion.

Dishes such as tuna carpaccio, tuna tartar, sea cucumber or rice with T-bone, the chef from Marbella offers an exclusive proposal in the middle of the almadraba season.

It will be available from the 18th of April until the 31st of May at Lobito de Mar in Marbella and at its branches in Madrid, on Calle Jorge Juan and at La Finca.

In addition, on the idyllic beach of Valdevaqueros, BiBo Beach House will hold the second “ronqueo” of the season on the 9th of May. An experience with which to discover the tradition of the southern coasts and respect for the product.

Once again this year, the Dani García Group pays a very special tribute to its land, to the good product and to this delicacy from the Cadiz coasts.

That is so highly prized throughout the country under the concept “The Art of Tuna”.

Lobito de Mar La Finca is a culinary gem that merges the essence of the sea with gastronomic tradition in a charming setting. Located in La Finca Grand Café, this restaurant offers a unique experience where fresh flavors and the quality of marine products blend with the elegance and welcoming atmosphere of La Finca.

La Finca Grand Café, situated in the heart of the city, is renowned for its refined gastronomic proposal and commitment to excellence. Lobito de Mar complements this concept by offering a menu inspired by the fruits of the sea, highlighting the freshness of the products and creativity in each dish. The chef, with culinary expertise, transforms ingredients into masterpieces that delight diners.

The tapas bar area at Lobito de Mar La Finca is a vibrant corner inviting you to enjoy small marine delights in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The freshness of seafood is reflected in each tapa, creating a unique gastronomic experience. From classic garlic shrimp to innovative ceviche creations, the variety of options at the tapas bar satisfies the most discerning palates.

The atmosphere at the bar area is lively, with customers enjoying a glass of wine and the delicious tapas served with care. The carefully selected wines and cocktails complement the culinary offerings, elevating the experience to another level.

In addition to culinary excellence, Lobito de Mar La Finca stands out for its impeccable service and personalized attention. The staff, knowledgeable about the gastronomic proposal, is always ready to guide diners through the menu and recommend pairings that enhance the gastronomic experience.

Lobito de Mar La Finca at La Finca Grand Café is more than a restaurant; it is a culinary destination that combines the freshness of the sea with the elegance of La Finca. Whether enjoying a full meal in the elegant dining area or savoring tapas in the lively bar area, each visit promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Special Bar Menu for €25 from Monday to Friday

The Lobito de Mar bar in Pozuelo de Alarcón has recently introduced a special bar menu where you can savor the most maritime tapas from Monday to Friday for €25 per person.

“Destápate” embodies the essence of a menu where the product reigns supreme, prepared with the finest techniques.